Nana Sano

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Nana Sano
Biographical information



February 23, 1987


Parents, Sano Edar (husband), Kai (SIL)


sales clerk at Floral Heaven

Physical description




Hair color

dark brown/black

Eye color





Floral Heaven, Lupa

Nana Sano (nee Anzai) is the full time counter clerk at Floral Heaven and has lately become the wife of Edar Sano. Although she was born in Toyama, her parents moved to California when she was little for her father's work, and then back to Japan the summer before she entered high school. After graduation, she moved to Tokyo to follow some of her favorite music groups, and after a few temp jobs was hired at Floral Heaven and has been there ever since.

Nana is a fan of groups like the Black Stones, Trapnest, and Blind Guardian, and of singers like Anna Tsuchiya. Her punk style is heavily influenced by this genre, and she enjoys going to clubs and concerts to see bands and artists perform.

Edar and Nana met when he moved to Tokyo and stayed with Eiry, and although they didn't talk all that much at first, they grew to like each other very much. Their relationship has been quiet but strong, and they finally married on December 12, 2009. It was a small ceremony attended only by their close friends. Edar moved in with her, and they are enjoying beginning their life together.

Nana also gets along well with Kai, her sister in law, and most of the people she works with. She had met Lupa before in the US, and therefore was not surprised when Edar finally told her about it. She was, however, a bit nervous to be so involved with one. Although she is now absolutely ok with it, she has not yet contemplated whether she will eventually take the Change. Although not Lupa herself, she is considered part of The Tokyo Lupa due to her marriage and close association with the group.

As for her own abilities, Nana speaks both fluent English and Japanese, is a pretty good conversationalist, and can imitate many of her favorite singers. Since working at Floral Heaven, she's also gained a good familiarity with plants and the Victorian flower language.