Mugen Acadamy Class C

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Mugen Acadamy Class C is a class found at Mugen Gakuen, a prestigious private school. The current class size is 16.

Homeroom Teacher

  • Middle School: Mr. Kohaku Oshiro
  • High School: Ms. Kimi Kishi


Matsumi Shin


Name: Matsumi Shin

Age: 15

Clubs: Sailor Senshi Club, Theater Club

Favorite Subject: Litarature

Least Favorite Subject: Math

A newly arrived transfer student to the academy, Matsumi Shin is not well known around the academy and yet seems to have a strange grasp of all the ins and outs of the school. She is also the president of the Sailor Senshi club, of which at the moment there are only three members. She also has a love of theater which has attracted a few other people to her. Even though she has settled better into the school, some still wonder what secret she might be hiding...

Masaki O`Cain


Name: Masaki O`Cain

Age: 15

Clubs: Sailor Senshi Club, Judo Club

Favorite Subject: Gym

Least Favorite Subject: Biology

A tough and rather aggressive girl, Masaki has proclaimed herself the new "boss" of Mugen. Though seen by some as being a near delinquent, she is very close friends with Matsumi Shin and Saki Suminaka. She excels at almost any sport that she takes part in and is one of three members of the Sailor Senshi Club, as well as the Judo Club. She also turns down almost any show of affection towards her, both male and female for reasons unknown.

Saki Suminaka


Name: Saki Suminaka

Age: 15

Clubs: Sailor Senshi Club

Favorite Subject: Lunch!

Least Favorite Subject: Math

The daughter of the enigmatic Daisuke Suminaka, head of Suminaka Inc, one of the largest companies in Japan, Saki is a bit of a strange girl. At times a complete idiot and at others just short of a genius, Saki has a happy go lucky personality that just can't help but make others smile. Good friends with Matsumi Shin and Masaki O'Cain, Suminaka is a member of the Sailor Senshi Club. While at first glance she seems like a typical teenager, there are times when her behavior suggests a greater amount of knowledge then should be possible for her age.

Rin Sansho


Name: Rin Sansho

Age: 15

Clubs: None

Favorite Subject: History

Least Favorite Subject: Gym

Born into a family that owns a line of fashion shops across Japan, Rin is a pleasant and kind girl. Though never truely popular, she has never run into a problem she can't solve by helping out others. Due to this, she felt an instant rapport with newely transferred student Matsumi Shin and quickly became one of her best friends. While she has never joined in any club, she has a love of history, especially when it comes to fashion and hopes to run her parents business someday.

Kiku Hinashi


Name: Kiku Hinashi

Age: 15

Clubs: Photography Club

Favorite Subject: Creative Writing

Least Favorite Subject: History

Kiku Hinashi is the daughter of Tokyo's police chief and thus has a natural inquisitive streak. Nicknamed the detective by her fellow students, most see her as at times being too curious and try to avoid her, especially when she comes out of a photography club meeting. Due to this, she tends to hide her loneliness by searching for ever more mysteries to solve around the school. Currently she has begun an investigation into fellow classmate Matsumi Shin, certain that she is hiding some secret and determined to uncover no matter what!

Mai Sariko


Name: Mai Sariko

Age: 16

Clubs: Flower Arrangement Club, Tea Club

Favorite Subject: Japanese

Least Favorite Subject: English

Haughty and arrogant, Mai Sariko sees herself not only as the "queen of class c" but also of the entire school. However, this is merely a cover for a deeply insecure individual, born in a large family and expected to keep up appearances. As a result, she tends to surround herself with admirers and is on the constant look out for those who would threaten her position. Her latest target is Matsumi Shin, who's first appearance managed to grab the eye of a few of the class and thus could undermine her popularity in the academy.

Hiromi Ueda


Name: Hiromi Ueda

Age: 16

Clubs: Cooking Club, Gymnastic team

Favorite Subject: Home Ed.

Least Favorite Subject: World History

A somewhat energetic and perky girl, Hiromi has a love of baking that is second to none. Not one of the most popular girls in class, Hiromi none the less does her best to keep a smile going in the hardest of times. A member of the cooking club, Hiromi is also naturally athletic and is one of the more notable members of the school gymnastic team. Out of all the girls in the class, she is one of the few who does not have any interest in the mysterious transfer students but simply sees them as another set of classmates.

Asha Chada


Name: Asha Chada

Age: 16

Clubs: Tea Club

Favorite Subject: Biology

Least Favorite Subject: Japanese

The daughter of a businessman and former diplomat, Asha attends Mugen with her brother Sanjit, who is also her classmate in Class C, as well as the target of her gentle teasing. One of Mai's closest friends, she is one of the few who can see past the arrogant and proud exterior to the much more insecure girl underneath. As a result, she often is much kinder to those who her friend bullies, acting in such a way as to lessen the damage. She has a great love of tea and has become quite an expert in the subject as a result.

Kailey Sunrise


Name: Kailey Sunrise

Age: 16

Clubs: None atm

Favorite Subject: Gym

Least Favorite Subject: Math

The daughter of an alternative version of Dr Xadium and Geminine, Kailey finds herself on an Earth that's not quite her own and at a school which is very familiar yet different. Surrounded by people who she knew as friends but now don't know of her existence, she comes across as fairly distant to her fellow students, something which Matsumi hopes to change. She has transferred out of Mugen for unknown reasons.


Kunio Kimura


Name: Kunio Kimura

Age: 15

Clubs: Art Club

Favorite Subject: Art

Least Favorite Subject: Creative Writing

A quiet and aloof student, Kunio belives fully in the world of the artist and thus can often be seen sketching in between classes. Somewhat introverted, Kunio does not make friends easily and often does not attempt to, but can be friendly to others when he needs to. He is a great fan of the artist Michiru Kaioh, believing her to understand the soul of the world and so often attempts to emulate her art style in his works.

Daisuke Akiyama


Name: Daisuke Akiyama

Age: 15

Clubs: Baseball team, track team, basketball team

Favorite Subject: Gym

Least Favorite Subject: History

One of the star athletes in Mugen, he is second only to Katsu Saito in sheer talent. Due to this he is very popular with the female students, though he always takes things with a humble viewpoint. This humbleness is often mistaken for arrogance by other members of the student body, however, and so often results in his "entourage" performing actions he otherwise does not approve of. Mai often dreams of being his girlfriend and so hate anyone who catches his attention.

Goro Tsukuda


Name: Goro Tsukuda

Age: 16

Clubs: Science Club

Favorite Subject: Math

Least Favorite Subject: Literature

A self-described "man of science", Goro is a near genius when it comes to the creation of mechanical devices. He often wears a lab coat as well as a large lens over one of his eyes which serves to help with sight problems, though he built it to look "cool". While he looks imposing, he is in fact fairly awkward around other people and tends to be painfully shy especially around girls. Often to compensate he will continually work on new projects, most of which never work properly. He has a younger sister named Izumi who has the odd tendency to act like a robot. He has a deep and unrequited crush on newly transferred student Matsumi Shin.

Sanjit Chada


Name: Sanjit Chada

Age: 16

Clubs: Science Club

Favorite Subject: Biology

Least Favorite Subject: World History

The brother of Asha, Sanjit is far more serious then his sister. This often results in him becoming the butt of many of his sister's jokes, something which can result in short arguments between them in the classroom. He is best friends with Shuji and the two can often be seen talking together. His dream is to become a doctor and heal as many people as possible.

Shuji Koizumi


Name: Shuji Koizumi

Age: 15

Clubs: Astronomy Club

Favorite Subject: Math

Least Favorite Subject: Art

A good friend of Sanjit, Shuji has a love of everything related to the stars and space. For the most part quiet and not really a people person, he is none the less pleasant to those who ask him questions or ask for help. One of the smartest people at Mugen, he has a tendency to daydream in class, but somehow manages to keep up high grades in almost every subject, with odd exception of art. On off days, he can be found at the local observatory, trying to find out as much as he can about the worlds beyond ours.

Jun Yukimura


Name: Jun Yukimura

Age: 15

Clubs: Judo Club

Favorite Subject: History

Least Favorite Subject: Biology

Most often mistaken for a punk due to his bald head and piercings, Jun is in fact a very quiet and somewhat serious student. Born into a family of Judo practitioners, Jun decided to shave his head in an effort to protect himself in a match. The piercings were a result of realizing he needed something unique in order to stand out from others. Dedicated to his art, he takes an interest in transfer student Masaki, he was the one who convinced her to join his club, seeing in her great potential in the world of martial arts.

Kenji Hattori


Name: Kenji Hattori

Age: 15

Clubs: None

Favorite Subject: Literature

Least Favorite Subject: History

A student who most people don't seem to notice, Kenji is fairly nondescript at times with his interests and likes. Due to this, he tends to be ignored by most of the other students, especially when it comes to girls. He has a great love of reading and writing and hopes to become a novelist after he gets out of school. His life has completely changed when new transfer student Saki Suminaka showed up, for the first time talking to him and showing him some kindness. He is currently dating her, with her friends encouraging the relationship.