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Morrigan--article image.jpg
Morrigan Aensland
Biographical information

Unknown, generally kept secret to avoid reprisals

Family Lilith (younger sister), Katelyn (half-sister, deceased), Aensland clan

freelance succubus, information broker, and royal pain in the ass according to a select few

Physical description

Tanar'ri succubus



Hair color


Eye color



5' 8"


combat spells, whatever weapons she can get a hold of (prefers bladed weapons such as sabers and epees)


high magical aptitude, extensive repertoire of arcane lore, various demon-like powers, supernatural strength


Solarchos, Delmo Corporation (CEO-equivalent), Kitalia, Van Saar Federation, Humankind Empire Abh

First Appearance

Morrigan is a Tanar'ri succubus who runs the Delmo Corporation and closely affiliated with the Langister family.


Morrigan is a Tanar'ri succubus, a race of humanoid creatures that closely fit the descriptions of what Humans would categorize as demons. Like all Tanar'ri, Morrigan has a penchant for being manipulative and scheming, but also intrinsically inquisitive, sometimes antagonizing, and picking on strangers for the purpose of either testing their reactions or observing what their behavior may be. Her outwardly shameless and slutty behavior conceals a shrewd and observant intellect. She's fiercely loyal to her friends and full of little but scorn for her enemies. She also possesses a particularly quirky sense of humor. However, that sense of humor can border on callous, as Tanar'ri humor sometimes runs head-first into the humor race-barrier.

The Tanar'ri love pranks, but from a Human's point of view those pranks can sometimes go too far, especially if it involves such things as telepathy or polymorphing.


Morrigan's knowledge of spells is broad and varied. Among the Tanar'ri knowledge is power, and a Tanar'ri that knows a little bit about a lot of things often possesses far more influence than someone who knows a great deal within only a few topics. Morrigan's natural magical powers include the ability to charm and influence people with just her voice (a combination of psychic suggestion and subtle vocal inference), empathy, limited-range telepathy, polymorph into a humanoid form roughly the same size as her (it's how she walks among normal humans undetected), short-range teleportation (within 50 feet or so), energy blasts from her hands, and flight (regardless of her form). Her arcane knowledge is quite extensive, but her personal preferences tend to focus on spells of illusion, deception, manipulation, and protection.

As Tanar'ri

Morrigan is rather rebellious and insolent, moreso than the average member of her species. While Tanar'ri society tends to be rather open and wild (at least to non-Tanar'ri), at its core the Tanar'ri are fiercely loyal to their immediate families, clans, and related alliances, which can often shift and change quite suddenly, as rivalries abound. Violence is very rare, though; Tanar'ri do not kill Tanar'ri. This is due to the fact that the Tanar'ri as a species are not at all numerous or prolific. All Tanar'ri suffer from extremely low birth-rates due to some kind of ancient genetically-engineered retrovirus that makes it almost impossible for any of them to conceive (chances of any kind of pregnancies occurring are estimated to be less than 1%). Morrigan is no exception. Thus, the idea of any Tanar'ri killing another Tanar'ri, for any reason, is anathema to them - their race is already teetering on the brink of extinction. Morrigan, however, is something of a prodigal child who long ago distanced herself from her family matriarchs in order to forge her own destiny. Unfortunately, fortune did not smile upon her, and she landed herself in one bad situation after another. Since then, Morrigan has been secretly reluctant to return home, not exactly certain of what kind of reception she'd receive.

Regardless of her family/clan relations, Morrigan still has full access to the Tanar'ri intelligence network throughout the galaxy. Like all Tanar'ri, Morrigan is inquisitive and observant, and with her natural telepathic skills she is able to pick up on a tremendous amount of gossip, trivia, rumors, and information. Some of it is useful. Some of it isn't. Either way, Morrigan is an information broker of surprising skill.