Miyuki Collins

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Miyuki Collins
Biographical information



Date Unknown


Miki Kaze (Mother), Nickolas Collins (Father), Hector Collins (Brother), Sirius Collins (Brother)


Princess, "Knight"

Physical description

Quinoxian-Saturnian-Eanite Hybrid



Hair color

Dirty Blond

Eye color





Rhapsody Rapier


Air Manipulation, Spirit Power Manipulation, Nature Empathy, Healing abilities


Born the eldest child of Nickolas and Miki Collins, Miyuki grew up in a very happy household, surrounded by loving family. Very close to her grandfathers, Miyuki became enamored with the stories she heard of the Senshi Knights and soon began to wish that she too could become a warrior like they had been. She especially became interested in her saturnian side, wearing her hair in a ponytail like she had heard that saturanians (males actually) wore, even though as would later be pointed out to her, she did not need to do so. Still, she would continue to train herself to the fullest, especially focusing her attention on swordsmanship, ignoring the traditional Quinoxian spear in favor of a rapier. She also would become the older sibling to two brothers, Hector and Sirius.

New Meetings

At some unknown point, Miyuki met Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino. The details concerning this meeting are unknown and all information on it have been kept secret by the Quinoxian government.


Contacted by an unknown third party, Miyuki teamed up with Sasori O`Cain and Umi and Yuki Kaioh in an effort to capture Cressida for the total destruction of an occupied planet. After being defeated very quickly by Cressida as well as Paisley Pythia Peinforte, Miyuki discovered the truth and swore to get revenge on the person who tricked them. She would later return to the past to offer apologizes to the two.


Air Manipulation: Like her mother and grandmother, Miyuki can control air and all it's aspects. Miyuki tends to prefer to channel this ability through her weapon rather then use it herself. This, however, means she has very little experience in direct attack use. Those attacks she does use include:

  • Air Slash: By channeling her air powers through her blade, she can create a slash of energy which can cut through almost anything.
  • Air Dash: By tapping into the core energies, Miyuki can increase her speed to superhuman levels, achieving something akin to "flash stepping". Some theorize this may not be related to her air powers but instead a part of her hybrid nature.

Superhuman Strength: Due to her hybrid nature, Miyuki has a higher then normal strength level compared to a human, able to easily lift at least a ton without tiring.

Superhuman Durability: Thanks to her Saturnian genes, Miyuki can withstand a greater amount of damage then an average human.

Nature Empathy: Miyuki has an unusual connection to nature, able to feel the environment around her as well as in some cases "talk" to plants. While she can't actually manipulate the natural structures around her (as far as she knows), she can use this ability to feel changes in the space around her as well as sense the comings and goings of other forms of life in the area.

Healing Abilities: Due to her Eanite heritage, Miyuki has some healing capabilities. While not as powerful as her grandmother Rhea was, Miyuki can heal minor wounds with a touch as well as calm individuals down by pressing her fingers to their forehead.