Mercurius Shin

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Mercurius Shin
Biographical information

Earth, Quinox (adopted)

Birth March 12
Family Mizuno Ami (Fiancee), Emi Shin (Daughter), Matsumi Kaze (Sister), Matsuo Shin (Brother), Joanna Smithson (Sister), Minerva of Quinox (Mother)


Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Psychic abilities including emotional reading, telekinesis, and minor telepathy.


Mizunomics Corporation

First Appearance

A Forgotten Sibling


A New Life of Love

During a moment where Matsuo Shin found himself conflicted by his love for his wife Thorn and his love of his first "wife," the princess of Mercury, the prince of Quinox was drawn inside the Mind Gem. Within this space, he found his spirit tested, and after Devlyn of Saturn was able to reach out to him, his body was copied by the power of the Infinity Stone. This created a new version of himself, not simply a clone, but a creation of his own subconscious. This new Matsuo was teleported directly to the Mizunomics boardroom, where he directly tried to propose to Ami. After causing a bit of chaos in the process, he managed to escape, though was apparently sought out later and renamed Mercurius. He also took in Emi, Ami's daughter with the DNA of Matsuo, claiming her as his own daughter with the blessing of Matsuo.

Strange Love

On April 6, 2022, Mercurius managed to stop Ami from attempting to brainwash the entire planet using a series of Mizunomics satellites and freeing her from a dark force which had dwelled in her subconscious. Later that evening, Ami accepted Mercurius' marriage proposal.

The Truth

On July 24th, 2022, Maia revealed to Mercurius the truth about his origins: that he was not in fact a cloen but rather a "psychic twin" of Matsuo's given physical form. Mercurius was rather relieved by this revelation as it meant that he actually his own person and not simply a copy of another.

Powers and Abilities

Seemingly the same as Matsuo Shin.


  • Mizunomics Cybertronic Glasses: A pair of glasses specially made for him by Ami. Built within the frame is a wireless connection to the greater Mizunomics mainframe, allowing him to access any manner of information, which will be displayed on the lens in front of him. The lens also obscures his unusual eye color, making them seem more normal. To any outside viewer, it gives his glasses a swirled effect.


  • Mercurius lacks almost all of Matsuo's archeological knowledge, with his mental state closer to how Matsuo was when he first appeared
  • Due to his psychic powers, Mercurius can retain a far greater amount of knowledge then most Humans can
  • Has no official title with Mizunomics
  • Mercurius uses special hair dye which he only needs to refresh once a year
  • Mercurius refutes the idea that he is a clone, claiming that he is closer to a remnant twin given life. Devlyn theorized that he is the aspect of Matsuo that was in love with Mercury's princess and wooed her. This was later revealed to be the truth by Maia.

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