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Melanie Baskerville-Vessalius (formerly Asher)
Biographical information


Birth April 14, 1997 (found outside Montreal) September 21, 1997 (celebrated)
Family Jack (genetic donor), Glen Baskerville (genetic donor), Asher family (adoptive family), Vessalius Family (new adoptive family)

Paranormal Investigator (former), Music Box Artisan, Astronomy major (undergrad)


Mel, DreamSeer (investigation codename)

Physical description

Human, Half-Baskerville



Hair color

golden blonde

Eye color





healing, trapping people in their subconscious, seeing into the dreams of others


400 Baby Project, Pandora Paranormal Society, Vessalius Family, Baskerville Family

First Appearance

After the barcode on her shoulder was revealed under some very expensive coverup, Melanie was scanned and revealed to be baby 13 of the 400 Baby Project. Landing just outside Montreal, Quebec in Canada, on April 14th, 1996, she was soon found and adopted by Alouisa and Robert Asher. Glen accidentally stumbled upon her on Friday, September 21, 2012 after walking through the Random Door while half asleep and finding himself face to face with Melanie who was on her way to her parents' house.

Early Life

Melanie was very well cared for, her parents having been well-off when they found her but also because they believed they were incapable of conceiving a child of their own after having been unsuccessful for over five years. Rearing her as their own child, they gave her the love and attention they could before they were surprised when they found out they were expecting a child of their own a few months after Melanie turned 6.

It was shortly after this, that Melanie began to have strangely vivid dreams and her parents began to grow concerned as they were starting to find their daughter showing up in their dreams. Disturbed by this, and thinking it was a cry for attention, they sent Melanie to see several specialists, unable to find a reason or cause. One particular bad occurrence happened after their son was almost 3, when Melanie had been watching him as he napped, she somehow found herself locking the toddler in his own mind and was unable to immediately pull him back. Melanie awoke a few nights later, to find her parents talking in hushed tones in the hallway just outside her room.

The discussion was over a boarding school just outside Paris. Wanting to please her parents, Melanie agreed to attend the school, finding herself getting thrown out after just one year due to the amount of times she was reported being in the other girls' dreams in the dorms and how disturbed they all were by it.

Nazareth Académie

Soon after returning from the boarding school in Paris, Melanie's parents found out about a school in L'Île-Cadieux for "gifted" children. Thinking it was likely the best option, they enrolled Melanie without her agreement, sending her off to the island without any discussion about her own wishes. Finally gaining her own secluded room away from the other students in the far wing of the girls' dorm, Melanie found herself sleeping through the night peacefully, not invading the dreams of others in the girls' dorm. It was in this wing where she would find herself trained by senior members of the Pandora Paranormal Society.

At Nazareth Académie, Melanie excelled in her academic studies, surpassing most of the students, rising to the middle school quickly as she grew bored with the elementary level. Quickly finding the middle school boring as well, they found the only way to keep her from graduating too quickly was to give her self-study assignments. It was because of the self-study that she was allowed to join the Pandora Paranormal Society and learn more about her Dream Seeing ability.

Pandora Paranormal Society

Melanie found herself learning the truth of her adoption that she had suspected for quite a while through one of the many Paranormal investigations she was involved in with PPS in Paris when she was 13. She had kept her ability to see dancing lights that no one else seemed to see a secret before running into a descendant of Jack and Lottie's grandson Logan Vessalius while on her way to the location she was needed at. The girl that Melanie had run into simply asked, "You can see them? Then you're one of us." As Melanie didn't want to acknowledge that maybe there was a different place she belonged, a truth, she shoved the girl aside and continued on her way despite her foreboding feeling within that she truly didn't belong to the family she had known all her life.

Paris Investigation

On a later assignment with the Pandora Paranormal Society in Paris, Melanie entered the third story room in the building she and her team were supposed to investigate. For an unknown reason, her team abandoned her to the mercy of an angry spirit. Unable to defend herself against the entity; she was badly beaten and thrown out of the window, only to be rescued by Lacie and Alasdair Vessalius as they had followed her out of concern.

Accepting Heritage

Melanie came to accept her heritage as one of the 400 as well as being the genetic daughter of Jack Vessalius and Glen Baskerville shortly after recovering from her injuries with Lacie's assistance. As she recovered at the Vessalius estate, she got to know her genetic donors as well as their families. Finding herself feeling more comfortable and loved with them than with the Asher Family, she accepted their offer to become a Baskerville or Vessalius. Not wanting to chose between the two families, Melanie had her name changed to be Melanie Baskerville-Vessalius.

Melanie_zps21470b47.jpg Melanie after recovering


Still having trouble with controlling her ability, Melanie sought help from someone she once thought creepy and obnoxious, Paisley Pythia Peinforte. After training for roughly a week with Paisley, Melanie found herself able to control her ability and headed home to stay with her family where she could keep herself from invading their dreams with the control she now had.


Having wanted to make a difference and help Valeria, Mel chose to use her abilities as a dream seer to enter the other girl's unconscious mind. After being forced out violently on her first attempt, Mel waited to try again, bringing fresh flowers to Valeria's bedside each day.

On her second try, she managed to make it into Valeria's mind and was able to convince her to move forward with her life and to shatter the past by reforging her hammer. Having been through something similar in her own life, Mel had explained to Valeria that it was possible to make a new future. Being forced out a second time, Mel was well-aware that it was because she had made it through Valeria and she had chosen to stand up and wake up, to make a new future and a new life for herself.

This event has forever changed both girls, and Melanie has realized the true usefulness of her ability and how important her choice to move forward and leave her past with the Asher family behind.


Recently in 2014; after having been adopted by Lottie, Jack and Glen nearly two years prior, the Asher family had decided to challenge the court's ruling that the adoption was legal and finalized as the Asher family never answered the summons that were delivered. After nasty e-mails from the Asher family about how Melanie was only being selfish and ignoring the family that raised her with so much love after having found her as a baby, Melanie nearly threw herself into the Abyss as a form of suicide; only to be stopped by Alasdair, her brother-in-law. Having her hair cut short, Melanie was told to forget the past and leave it behind her, to move forward however she wished. After Lacie neatened the haircut, and then applied a bit of makeup to Melanie's face, she decided that it was time to completely change her look.

Melanie_zps29bbc3f9.jpg Melanie's new look


Descended from two musically-inclined men, Melanie herself has a bit of talent with music. She has been assisting with making music boxes as well as having talent as a vocalist. After a classmate heard her singing one day, she was dragged into the school's production that debuted their best musicians. After having extensions added to her hair and a wardrobe makeover, the make-up team did their own work on her, making her nearly unrecognizable.

DreamSongstress_zps3c84cdfc.jpg Dream Songstress