Mally Henson

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Mally Henson
Biographical information


Birth February 9, 2001


Physical description




Hair color

dark brown

Eye color





arts and crafts, fashion

First Appearance

Mally is the main character of a Lupa story set in the early-mid 21st century before Restoration. Please be aware that spoilers abound below!

Character and Personality

While as a child and young teen, Mally had a pleasant and amicable personally, and that is her base personality when not otherwise affected, around puberty she developed bipolar disorder not otherwise specified (BD-NOS) and while her base personality was as described above, she often experienced either hymomania (mild mania) or depression. She can therefore come across very differently at different times.

She's not one for making plans and this can make for a very erratic sleeps schedule. Tends to grab quick naps and probably doesn’t feel fully rested half the time. Also won’t sleep when she’s feeling creative, or in a manic mood. Her relationship with food is hit or miss. She doesn’t always enjoy food, and most foods don’t tempt her in the way they might other people. Doesn’t mind a bar or tavern, and prefers nutty alcohols. She’s equally at home in a high end café or dive, but usually doesn’t go into fancy, expensive restaurants. Often times will go vegetarian. Often really enjoys fresh tex-mex, Mexican, and Spanish foods, which she probably doesn’t get too often. Favorite foods include venison, grapes, melons, cucumbers, and anything in the onion family, while she dislikes pork, cauliflower, pineapple, and potatoes.

Most of her reading material is short stories and supernatural romance (Charles deLint, Patricia Briggs, etc.). Anne Rice is probably a bit heavier than she likes, and Stephanie Meyer too teenybopper. She probably reads 1 or 2 books per month, and is not a slow reader. She may or may not remember the book later, as she doesn't keep the stories in her mind--she mostly reads for entertainment.


Growing Up

Born in the Ahnung Pack in Minnesota, Mally grew up, attended high school before completing at home once her mental illness developed, and has now begun the process for certification for becoming a forestry & wildlife ranger on pack land and the nearby reservation. It was during middle school that she first showed symptoms of her disorder, although it was slight at first and left undiagnosed for several years, and she and her doctor and family are still trying to come to terms and figure out what works for her. Long having been known among the pack as crafty and having an eye for fashion, she has recently started a blog for several years, and is beginning to experiment with hand-crafted or remade vintage items.


Mally is of average height and build with fair to medium skin, nearly black hair, and brown eyes set in a round face. Usually she wears black and white colored clothing and boots, and had an array of knitwear for cold weather. While having the ability to appear very smart and sophisticated when she wished, she could usually be found in much more comfortable and simple clothing.