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The MG Course is a specialized class taught at the MSS (Mugen Superhero School) specially devoted to helping out young Magical Girls in finding their footing in the new world of Superheroes. The course is currently taught by veteran magical girl Matsumi Kaze.


  • Matsumi Kaze/Sailor Cosmos: The teacher of the class. Once known as Sailor Quinox, Matsumi has now taken on the role of Sailor Cosmos. Her power and abilities are currently unknown.
  • Hikaru Tsuki/Andro Mask: Class Supervisor and facilitator. A magic using alien from the planet Alpha, Hikaru is a former teacher who came out of retirement to act as a facilitator for the class.
  • Jeanne/Cutie J: A former high school teacher who transferred to teach the course, only to end up as Matsumi's teaching assistant. At night acts as the magical girl Cutie J. Is almost always late to class due to nightly drinking binges.


  • Suzuki Morimoto/Magical Witch Suzu: An inhabitant of a magical kingdom of sorcerers, Suzuki came to Earth to save it from an unknown villain. Almost never seen without her pet cat KoKo. Has a rivalry with fellow witch magical girl Megumi Satoh. Based off Little Witch Sally
  • "Megumi Satoh"/Megumi Mahou: A student from Witch World, she is the young niece of former magical girl Megu-Chan, intent on proving that she can become the rightful ruler of the dimension. Hyperactive and intensely proud of her abilities, she often clashes with the cooler headed Suzuki Morimoto. Based off Magical Megu-Chan
  • Sara Komori/Phantom Thief Lupin-Chan: A girl who found the discarded mask of a famous thief, Sara can now channel the powers of a master criminal through her. She is taking the course as a way for her to feel legitimate. Based off Saint Tail.
  • Fuji Amano/Shasha Aka-Kamen: A girl who accidently bonded with a magical chinese dragon statue, as Aka-Kamen she now fights to protect the seven guardian best crystals. An avid cook and lover of old fashion humor. Based off the Toei Fushigi Comedy Series.
  • Etsuko Watanabe/AquaEcho: Having been given an Aqua crystal by the now retired Rin Kazuko, Etsuko is destined to become the next leader of a new team of AquaRaizers, if she can find the rest of the members! Based off AquaRaizer.
  • Violet Chevrolet/Flower Princess: A transfer student from europe, Violet discovered a magical fairy flower which allows her to use various powers based off plants Based off Lunlun the Flower Angel
  • Yui Kobayashi/Runic Knight Yui: Having discovered a magical sword at her old school, Yui has taken on the role of a Runic Knight, protecting the city from intrusions from a magical realm. She joined the class in hopes of finding help in her task. Based off Magic Knight Rayearth
  • Heather Spellsister/Suspiria: A young exchange student from America. Based off Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

Temporary Students

  • Meggie Bjorkson/Cure Monarch: A mysterious young girl that the class found in Tokyo. She has no memory of where she came from or why but is currently searching for her lost "friend". Based off PreCure


The class is situated in a disused wing of the school, which Matsumi has been given free reign to redesign. Compared to other students, the girls have also been given their own set of uniforms, in order to distinguish them from the regular Superhero students.