Lydia D. Darkletter

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Lydia D. Darkletter
Biographical information

Establishment Centre

Birth ???
Family ???

Member of The Establishment

Physical description




Hair color

black with pink highlights

Eye color

color varies by mood and by eye




Folding parasol, kicks, punches, ???


freakish ability to dodge incoming actions



First Appearance

October 31st, 2014

" She is...a Weaver of tales far beyond the stories of our lives. That's the only way I can put it." -- Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino

Brief Biography

A Creator hailing from a realm far above our own so alien that there is no true point of reference-- where universes are merely stories, she reads and writes realities with the casual ease of an author putting pen to paper or a library patron checking out a book.

Like the tip of an iceberg appearing on the surface of the sea, she can intrude into the "story" of our universe, "reading" it by experiencing the events that unfold. To her, each universe is a book, and each book a universe, each life its own story in a river of Stories than combine to make ever larger Tales.

She does not want to control or change our universe-- in fact it fascinates her because of the multiplicity of minds working together to co-create it, and she wants to watch the Unfoldment of what she calls "The Great Story"-- a story she has no knowledge or hand in-- firsthand, so she can see something new being born.

She acts as watcher and adviser, but nothing more.

She has a past with Cressida Aino , relating to a major battle for the future of the Crystal Imperium.

On December 29th, 2014, she was bound to the mortal plane by The Black Covenant and pressed into their service, where she serves as the ultimate line of defense for their upper echelon. Despite this role, she will not harm those who stand in her path... unless they are too persistent. Like her opposite number, she is mindful of "breaking the world" with her power.


As to her, each universe is a book, and each book a universe, she is very keen on protecting and treasuring them. This is why she has a keen interest in the well beings of the Grimoires Bixia Yuanjin and [lol the other one i can't recall).

On March 13th, 2016, she revealed herself to be a member of The Establishment after the Daleks breached The HOTEL in another timeline, stealing Establishment technology, a feat which threatened to destabilize the entire Omniverse.


In theory she could rewrite the world but does not do so out of respect for the flow of the story. Some might call her a "Dhe Ehm", but that is a poor description that only relates to her projection in our universe. In a way she is a Time Traveler (because she can move between the pages of our Grand Story), yet not, because her movements do not involve time, but rather the turning of the pages of our reality.

In her pure form she never speaks with her mouth, yet her voice can be clearly heard. After being bound, she uses her mouth normally.

She moves with preternatural speed and grace, even faster than The Intern, and seems to instinctively know just how to move in order to avoid or block any incoming impacts. She also tends to reassert herself with perfect poise after every motion and does not move with any wasted motion.



She perceives the flow of events like this:


She is mischievous and aloof, but caring.

Weapon / Items

She carries an intricate, nigh-indestructable metal parasol that seems to have been stamped out of an alien metal foil.

Lydia also has a book she can touch to change the contents to any other book she would like to read. Only she can read the lettering, however.


  • She calls the Hotel "The Grand Stage" and "The Great Story".
  • Whatever means she uses to communicate, it is not telepathy, more like a direct soul to soul contact, or more precisely her Mind to our Reality contact. Even after being bound, she still has this ability.