List of Ultra Guardian Sailor Q3 Episodes

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Here is a list of all the episodes of Ultra Guardian Sailor Q3, the third series in the Sailor Q saga.

Episode #Japanese TitleEnglish Title
TV SpecialHanarete idō! Namida no sayōnara! Watashi no namae ha Matsumi Shin!!Moving Away! A Tearful goodbye! My name is Matsumi Shin!
Learning that she has been enrolled in a high school in Japan and under a different name legally, Mattie (now Matsumi) reflects on what had happened to her before in a partial clipshow. (only shown in Japan)
1Atarashī basho! Atarashī gakkō! Tōkyō no sērā Q!A new place! A new school! Sailor Q in Tokyo!
Arriving in Tokyo and living in a high class apartment, Matsumi attends her first day at a new school but soon finds it alot different then back in America.
2Monsutā!? Gōtō o yamero!A monster!? Stop the robbery!
Deciding to learn more about her new home, Matsumi inadvertently gets caught up in a bank robbery. However, she soon learns there's more to the robber then meets the eye! First appearence of Valdo
3Tomodachi o tsukuru koto! Tafuna on'nanoko to yutakana on'nanoko!Making friends! The tough girl and the rich girl!
Becoming the target of a bully, Matsumi soon befriends Saki Suminaka, a girl from her class. However, when Saki gets targeted by a Seed-Monster, Matsumi begins to suspect the school yanki, Masaki, to be behind the attacks! First appearance of Saki Suminaka and Masaki Minamata.
4Fushigina gakusei! Han'nin o mitsukeyou!The mysterious student! Find the criminal!
When a new student transfers in, Matsumi soon becomes suspcious of his intentions. Discovering the truth soon leads to a reunion with two very familer figures form her past! Reintroduction of Haruka Tenoh and Michiru Kaioh.
5Dōbu~tsuen ni oikakeru! Han'nin o mitsuketa!Chase to the zoo! Found the criminal!
With one of her fellow classmates taken hostage by the criminal posing as a student, Sailor Quinox is forced to track them down through the city but will Uranus and Neptune be wiling to help her? First brief apperence of Q Knight.
6Dare! ? Fushigina Q naito!Who!? The mysterious Q Knight!
With a kendo competition taking over the school grounds, Matsumi, Saki and Masaki decide to check out a performance running in a nearby park. However, when the concert turns out to be anything be safe, Quinox soon finds she may be in more danger then she thought! First appearance of Q Knight. Cameo Appearance by Hideki Kaze.