List of Senshi Parents

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Like any one, Sailor Senshi have parents. This article lists those individuals who have raised Senshi Children

Inner Senshi

Ikuko and Kenji Tsukino

Saeko and Unknown husband

Risa and Takeshi Hino

Hanako and Unknown Husband

Ai Aino and Kenji Tsukino


Kenji Tuskino, being a bigamist has two families, so Aino Minako is Tsukino Usagi's half sister.

Outer Senshi

Arisa and Unknown Husband

Akane (then later by marriage Arisu Kaioh) and Arata Tenou

Keiko and Soichi Tomoe

Megan and Arthur Smithson


  • Arthur is actually his middle name (unknown to him). He shares his birth name with that of his biological father: Shinjiro.
  • Megan and Arthur nearly met as they both attended the 1964 World's Fair at the same time but never crossed path.

Satellite Seshi

Akumo Inochi and Shion Inochi (nee Hakuyouno)