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Original promotion poster - 1991

In 1991, in an effort to shore up more money for the newly awoken Sailor V, Artemis sold the rights to the story to Naoko Takeuchi and Toei studios. Naoko held up her end of the deal by publishing a summarized version of Minako's adventures. However, while Toei managed to complete a 42 episode anime, only two episodes were ever broadcast over a satellite service before being buried by an incoming regime change in the studio. In 2009, desperate for money to pay for his child support, Artemis attempted to have the series re-released, this time straight to DVD, only to find that the masters were now tied up in legal red tape, cutting off his access to the series. It would not be till 2020 that, through a freak accident, the anime itself was rediscovered.

List of Episodes

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Episode #Japanese TitleEnglish Title
1Watashi wa Hīrō! Sērā V no tanjō!I am a hero! The Birth of Sailor V!
13 year old Aino Minako is an ordinary if tomboyish girl. After a mysterious encounter with a white cat named Artemis, Minako learns that she is in fact the reincarnation of Aphrodite, the hero known as Sailor V! Meanwhile, Minako has fallen in love with the mysterious older student named Higashi, who gifts Mina with a red bow. Much to her shock, she finds out that her beloved sempai is in fact an evil creature known as a youma, sent by an evil force. While she is forced to kill her first love off, Minako finds herself with a new well of strength and a new mission in life!
2Bōnasusutēji o kachitorou! Ākēdogāru Minako!Win the Bonus Stage! Minako the Arcade Girl!
When a new game shows up at the Game Center Crown arcade, Minako is dying to play it! However, her skills soon incur the wrath of the local gaming otaku, Taku. Sensing foul play, Artemis investigates, only to nearly run afoul of one of the machines! Saved by a mysterious masked man, the cat tries to warn Mina, but the girl, suspecting Taku to be an enemy, faces off against the Otaku as Sailor V! To her shock, he isn't but one of his gang is and tries to kill her! Finishing off the evil Vi-Do, Artemis wonders if she's learned her lesson about video games, only for the girl to immediately try to get the high score on an arcade game! Deciding to use this to his advantage, Artemis unveils the new Sailor V game to her, only to find, to his exasperation, she'd rather play the latest fighter.
3Nazo no kamen otoko! Fantomuēsu!The Mysterious Masked Man! Phantom Ace!
While playing the Sailor V game at the arcade (and losing badly), Minako hears a rumor of a mysterious man who has been spotted robbing houses at night only to disappear without a trace. Mina tries to convince Artemis to investigate this, only for the cat to suggest she's only interested in this because he's also been described as being strangely handsome. None the less, he agrees, and during that night, the two scout out a high class concert, which Boss suggests might be the next spot he is seen. When he does show up, the figure easily shows up Sailor V, leaving her with a bruised ego. Deciding she has to take on this rival no matter what (especially after the news mocks her clumsy attempt and a police detective critizes her on television), Minako tracks down the thief to an attempt to rob a concert, only to find herself in a trap! When all seems lost, Sailor V is saved by another masked figure, who calls himself Phantom Ace, saving her but vanishing soon after. Taking down the youma thief Goemoz, V is smitten with the mysterious Ace, claiming him to be her first love, something which Artemis can only sigh about.
4Kagayaku aidoru pandora! Minako no yabō!The shining idol Pandora! Minako's Ambition!
At school, Mina learns from Amuro and Hikaru about a new idol that has been making waves named Pandora, one who is about to put on a special concert for her fans! However, she is unable to afford the tickets, much to her distress. Minako is dying to get in and so tries to sneak into the concert studio under disguise using her mirror. However, Artemis soon suspects not everything is right with the idol and Minako witnesses Pandora's new assistant draining the energy from several fans. Desperate to save the idol, Minako takes on the assistant, revealed to be the youma HebiKross, defeating it with a new attack! The thankful idol gives tickets to V, who, later as Mina, enjoys the concert, deciding to revive an old dream of hers to become an idol. However, she is unaware of Pandora actually being on the side of the dark forces that has been plaguing her and swearing vengeance against the hero!
5Minako no hīrō! Wasure rareta YumeMinako's hero! A forgotten dream
When Amuro reveals that Pandora has recently announced that she will be taking on a backup singer for her latest single, Minako just has to take part and even more so when she finds out Pandora will be choosing via a contest! The next day, Minako shows up at the try outs, surprisingly managing to get in to the quarter finals! She is then assigned a coach and is even more surprised to find out it's the one and only Mira Norisuke, the singer once known as Mira-Mira. However, to her horror, she finds the woman cynical and rude, criticizing Minako's every move and badmouthing her fan worship of her. A heartbroken Minako tells Artemis how when she was little she saw a Mira-Mira concert on TV and that inspired her to be an idol. As the day of the final try out approaches, Minako tries one more attempt at getting through to Mira, explaining how important her songs were to her, but it seemingly falls on deaf ears. During the contest, Artemis finds one of the idols collapsed and realizes a youma has replaced her on stage! Warning Mina, Minako is able to save Mira from Doobie-Woo as Sailor V, before defeating the creature. The contest cancelled, Minako's disappointment is tempered when Mira reveals Mina's words, along with V saving her has reignited her passion. Minako swears to become an idol no matter what.
6Pandora kōgeki! Nazo no chan'neru 44!Pandora strikes! The Mysterious Channel 44!
Pandora makes an announcement that she will be putting on a series of concerts for the entire city and that not only that, it will be broadcast on channel 44, a special satellite station. Minako despairs as her family is too poor to afford any special set up for catching those sorts of broadcasts, until Hikaru explains that everyone is being given special antenna for free. Back home, Minako badgers her father to set up the TV for the first broadcast, much to her mother's annoyance. Meanwhile, Artemis gets suspicious, since no channel 44 apparently exists. Minako is not disappointed by the first concert, but the next day, she finds her mother obsessively watching the TV, even with no show on and when she gets to school, nobody is there. Lead by Artemis, Mina sneaks into the studio (partially to get Pandora's autograph) only to discover Pandora to actually be behind the strange behavior of the people in the city. Busting in as Sailor V, Mina finds the now monstrous youma Pandora to be tougher then she looks, only to be helped out of a tight spot by the sudden appearance of Phantom Ace! As Pandora is defeated, she tells V she will never defeat the Dark Agency. V then puts on a special broadcast telling the hypnotized people to destroy their TV antenna to free themselves. The next day, Minako wonders if she's in the news thanks to her heroic actions, only to find out nobody remembers due to the hypnotism. Meanwhile, the head of the Dark Agency orders a new enemy to continue their plans towards a final attack!
7Momona no aidoru! Puchi pandora tōjō!The idol of 100 names! Petit Pandora appears!
A new idol has appeared in town named Petit Pandora and much to everyone's surprise, she's requested Sailor V to act as her personal bodyguard for a concert tour! This announcement catches the ear of officer Wakagi, who has been stinging since V showed him up during the Goemoz incident. With the blessing of the police commissioner (a secret Sailor V fan), Wakagi tags along with Sailor V, who feels more then a little aekward about the whole thing. At the same time, Artemis gets a strange feeling of deja vu and with the help of Boss, discovers Petit Pandora is actually the sisters to the evil idol Pandora, who had been defeated by V before! After one concert, Petit Pandora manages to corner Sailor V after knocking out Wakagi, sending the youma Besalt against her. While she manages to stop the youma, Petit Pandora slips away at the last moment. On the TV, Wakagi blames Sailor V for being knocked out, something which irritates Mina, though she finds Wakagi oddly cute. Artemis wonders if Minako will fall in love with anyone at this point.
8Kagayaku petto! Arutemisu wa sutā!A sparkling Pet! Artemis is a star!
While coming out of the Crown Center Arcade after losing another game of Sailor V, Artemis gets noticed by some big name pet talent person and inadvieratly becomes a local star. Minako, after a mix of jealousy and trying to horn in on his new found fame, ultimately decides to give Artemis up to this new talent agent, thinking that's what he wants (even Arty has gotten a bit drunk on the whole experience), only for Artemis to leave it since he prizes her friendship more. It soon ends up the talent person is in fact being controlled by Petit Pandora, now calling herself Bunny Pan-Pan. After sending the youma Nekonunu, V is able to help defeat it with some help from Artemis himself. The next day, everyone has forgotten about artemis because of some new fad pet star, much to Arty's chagrin
9Tōkyō no tame no uta! Puchi Pandora vs Sērā V!A song for Tokyo! Petit Pandora vs Sailor V!
A series of new concerts are being performed around the city and much to Mina's confusion, they're only being advertised for male fans, which makes Minako just a little jealous as she wants to see the concerts as well. However, she's more then a bit worried when she thinks she recognizes the idol, Dor-ra-Pan. Back home, Boss reveals to Mina and Artemis that Do-ra-Pan is in fact Petit Pandora in disguise, something Minako is certain she realized right away, much to Artemis' amusement. Meanwhile, Petit Pandora has used her concerts to brainwash almost every man in the city, including Wakigi, Amuro and even Minako's father! When Artemis also falls under her spell, Minako rushes off to fact Petit Pandora as Sailor V. Nearly attacked by the youma's makeshift army, Sailor V faces off against the evil idol and with a brilliant use of her crescent beam, defeats the creature once and for all, leaving a very confused crowd of men. Back home, Minako tries to guilt trip Artemis over him attacking her into laying off on the homework speeches, only for him to remind her of her inability to recognize Pandora in any of her disguises. The sheepish Minako agrees to a truce.
10Aidoru ni narimasu! Akuma no hotaruishiI'm going to be an idol! Evil Manager Fluorite
While practicing for a volleyball tournament, Minako overhears talk about a new group of idols which are about to premier that day. Excited by the prospect of getting to see some new talent, and hoping to find out whoever is backing them so she can get her lucky break, Mina plans to try and sneak into the building that the shoot is occurring that very night. That evening, Artemis is having a discussion with Boss, who feels that it's time to reveal more to the young Minako, only for Mina to tell Artemis about her own plan, using the excuse that there being a lot of idol groups being very strange, something which Artemis doesn't exactly buy but reluctantly agrees to. Minako manages to use her mirror to disguise herself as a janitor and passing by much of the security, is annoyed to see Wakigi there, who feels guarding a bunch of pretty boys is a waste of time and wants to catch Sailor V instead. Managing to get past him with a distraction, Minako is at first elated by the chance to see a filming at work but is then shocked to discover the idols being youma in disguise, lead by a woman named Fluorite. Discovered by a mind controlled guard, Mina is forced into a confrontation as Sailor V and while she is able to defeat the now monstrous idol group, Fluorite escapes. Sailor V wonders if every idol group happens to be creepy monsters but her thought process is interrupted by Boss, who tells her she has something to discuss with her. Meanwhile, Fluorite returns to her office where she talks to a shadowy figure named Danburite, who she tells that all plans are proceeding perfectly.
11Yōma-gun ga fukkatsu shimashita! Dākukonsāto ga hajimarimasu!The Youma Army Revived! The Dark Concert Begins!
Early in the morning, Minako is lead to the arcade, much to her annoyance. To her surprise, Artemis manages to unlock the door and further to her surprise, she is suddenly dropped down under the arcade via a hidden door. There, she finds herself in a large base, where from a computer screen, Boss speaks to her. Minako is told the Dark Agency is an evil organization bent on harvesting the energy of the Earth for some unknown purpose and that their members are made up of beings which are not even human. While Minako is still taking in the advanced tech of the area around her and Artemis is trying to get her to take it all seriously, they're soon interrupted by a news broadcast, where Fluorite reveals on the air a new all star concert...starring the Pandora sisters as well as the idol groups she had defeated before! Before she can figure out what this means, Minako remembers what time it is and rushes to school. At school, she learns almost everyone in class got tickets and when Minako tries to dissuade them from going, they're more surprised by her uncharacteristic disinterest in the concert. Realizing she has no choice, that night, Minako and Artemis head towards the venue, trying to stop the concert before it can begin. However, when they reach the stadium where it's to play, she is shocked to find Fluoride there, waiting for her. After a short battle against the now revived youma, she is overpowered and knocked out. Waking up, the girl finds herself locked in a cage which begins to drain her energy, as well as the energy of Artemis to her shock. As the two struggle to free themselves, Fluoride begins preparations for the concert as people begin to line up outside...
12Watashi ni aiwokudasai! Sērā V no uta!Give me your love! Sailor V's song!
Sailor V struggles to free herself but her strength gets weaker and weaker. Much to her distress, she can see Artemis faring worse, almost near death. Just as she's about to pass out, the lock to the cage is suddenly sliced apart by a throwing card, which she recognizes as Phantom Ace's. With what little strength she has, Sailor V breaks open the cage and manages to free Artemis, apologizing for getting him into this situation. Above her, she hears the sound of voices and realizes the concert is about to begin and tries to rush upstairs. The crowds are massive and Fluoride is pleased by this, as it will mean a large amount of energy for her masters. Back home, Minako's mother is irritated by Mina hasn't come home yet, since she'll miss the concert, her father telling her mother she's probably already there. Hikaru and Amano are both confused on why they haven't seen Minako anywhere in the crowd while they wait for the music to begin. As the concert is about to start, Fluoride appears on the screens and announces the time has come to give their lives up to the Dark Agency, the idols beginning their music, which almost immediately starts to drain the life force across the city. The process suddenly stops, however, as a new voice calls out from above the stage, and to Fluoride's shock, Sailor V appears, weakened but resolute. Fluoride mocks her and sends the revived Youma against her and while at first it looks like she might once against get overwhelmed, Phantom Ace appears suddenly to lend a hand, much to Fluoride's dismay! Sailor V is able to defeat the creatures and seeing this, Fluoride takes on a monstrous form and tries to attack her directly, only for the hero to take her out with a well placed Crescent Beam, the monster calling out to Danburite as she dies. However, the people have still passed out, ill from the effects of the drain. With the encouragement of a nearly dead Artemis, Sailor V begins to sing out to the crowd, her words reaching out across the city and reviving them. The next day, everyone is talking about what happened at the concert, they they don't quite remember it. They do however remember a voice calling out to them with all their hearts. Meanwhile, Minako sleeps at home and while Artemis is tempted to try and wake her, he decides to allow her to sleep, thanking her for her hard work and curling up against her.
13Haisuko ​​ a o kachitoru! Dākuu~oriārugia!Win the High Score! Dark Warrior Lugia!
At the Dark Agency office, a new employee, Hibiscus concocts a plan to add more energy to their operations. The next day at school, Amano tells Mina and Hikaru about a new game which has been added to the Crown Game Center: Dark Warrior Lugia. However, when Mina goes to try and check it, she finds it overcrowded with customers, all wanting to play the new machine and, much to her annoyance, completely ignoring the Sailor V machine. However, that day, a home version is announced and thanks to Amano, manages to borrow a copy. However, soon people begin to become obsessed with the game, including her parents, causing the entire city to erupt in an uproar, Wakigi blaming V for the situation on TV. Suspecting foul play, Artemis and Minako find the one person she knows who knows anything about games, Amano, and after he inadvertently unleashes the youma hidden within the mother board of the arcade machine at his house, Mina as Sailor V finds herself sucked inside the game itself! After a chase through several video games, V takes on Lugia herself, ultimately defeating her in a 1 on 1 battle. Artemis soon after hopes Minako learned her lesson about not playing too many games but she's too busy trying to beat the high score a game she was lent.
14Mura o sukue! Minako no omoideSave the village! Minako's memories!
With her school break beginning, Minako's family decides to take a trip to Mina's maternal grandmother's village in the country. Once there, Minako almost instantly hits it off with her grandmother, a spirited old woman who constantly embarrasses her mother. Minako tells Artemis all about her memories about spending time during trips as a child but is distressed when she learns that a business group is trying to buy up the village to build over it for a new set of offices. When the bulldozers appear finally, the entire village, including Minako's parents, shows up to try and hold them off, only for the Dark Agency representatives to drain their energy. Mina, as Sailor V, faces off against them and after defeating their youma, Hayaiyai, forces Hibisicus to retreat with her group. As the trip ends, Mina says her goodbyes to her grandmother, only for the old lady to reveal to her privately that she knows she's Sailor V! Leaving, Minako thinks to herself about her past memories, waving goodbye as they drive off.
15Atakku Nanbā V! Minako no barēbōru torēningu!Attack no. V! Minako's Volleyball Training!
Minako has joined the rest of her Volleyball team on a weekend long training camp, Artemis following along in secret. There, she immediately butts heads with Sumiko, another player on the team, who accuses her of not taking the sport seriously. Minako along with a few other girls challenge her to a match, something which worries Artemis, since he feels he should be training rather then wasting her time like this, something which angers the girl. Unknown to either, the training camp is being sponsored by the Dark Agency, with Hibiscus acting as a coach in disguise. When the match starts, the two teams seem evenly matched, soon Sumiko starts to get better of Minako's team, causing the girl to start to question her ability. However, the two sides start to feel tired and Artemis realizes the ball is sucking out their energy. Getting it away from the girls just as they collapse, Mina transforms into Sailor V as Hibiscus and her youma, Parfi come to collect the energy. While she is able to defeat the monster after a quick game against it, Hibiscus gets away. After the teams recover, they attempt a re-match. While this time Mina does a better job, she still loses by a point. However, Sumiko is impressed by Minako's techniques and the two decide to work together to become better athletes, much to Artemis' relief in hiding.
16Mama to no tsuitachi! Mōru wa wanadesu!?A Day with Mama! The Mall is a trap!?
A new strip mall is opening up in Juuban and Minako is excited to go and check it out with her friends. However, she is exasperated when her mother insists instead on accompaning her, as she wants to do some shopping herself that day. Once at the Dark Mall, Minako and her mother start shopping, and though she starts to bond with her mother, she still wants to get away from her at the same time. She finds her chance when she spots her friends and making an excuse, ducks out of a shop her mother is checking out to spend time with Hikaru and the others. At the same time, Artemis investigates the mall, only to discover it's staff is in fact working for the Dark Agency. Meanwhile, Minako starts to feel guilty about abandoning her mother and also concerned when her friends start to get obessesed with buying any item in sight. When she tries to make an excuse to get back to her mother, her friends attack her in an attempt to force her to buy from the mall shops. Chased by a sudden stampade of maddened customers, Minako manages to find her mother again, only for her to be in the same crazed state. With Artemis' help, Mina manages to get away, transforming into V and discovers the source of the brainwashing, facing off against the youma Irasshaikon. Assited briefly by Ace, V is able to defeat the Youma, removing the spell over everyone. Back home, Minako's mother suggests the next visit she should go out with her friends, only for Mina to shoot it down, having had enough of shopping for the time.