Lady Hale

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Biographical information



July 2 (Currently 3532 years old)


Sharla (Daughter), Ayatane (Son), Flynn (Husband)




Archangel Hale

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color

Red (is blind, so she keeps them closed near-constantly)


6 feet 3 inches (190 cm)


Yggdrasil Staff, Altima (tome), Star Lord Spear


Angel strength and speed, elemental spells, flight, sensing, mastery of holy powers


Aliya, Michael, Raphael (allies), Nelius Raoul, Seraph Lamington

First Appearance

July 2014

Lady Hale is from Celestia, the world of the angels.

Small History

Being well over 3500 years of age, Hale has experienced the rise and fall of many nations, and been witness to many other events. Despite her physical blindness, she sees people and the surrounding environment according to a colored spectrum that is mainly influenced by demeanor and emotion.

She's a mother of two--Sharla, the elder child, shows a high proficiency with Bows and is notably energetic. Ayatane, the younger, is shown to be closer to magic, and is the quieter child. However, having become a mother has only served to increase her capabilities on the battlefield--she now has a new purpose for her battling, given that her husband of 1247 years, Flynn, gave his life to help get sensitive information to the Seraph.

Involvement with Suburban Senshi

While out making her rounds and preparing to be a candidate to replace the recently stepped-down Archangel Virunga, Hale came across a potently holy soul that appeared to have had the life drained from it. This was already enough of a shock, but what came next threw her for a loop: the soul had memories, not only of where it had come from, but of its past life and whom saved it.

Connecting with the soul, she saw memories of another world--a world where its Lord of Demons wished for cohabitation with the humans, but a vile presence from that world's past wanted eternal war. The soul had been fed to an abomination that fed off holy power, and used to birth more of the abomination's children, alongside being forced to attack innocents. It was through these memories that she saw three of her allies--Aliya, Michael, and Raphael--helping to do battle against the creatures, despite their disadvantage.

However, the memory the soul showed next was one of curiosity--a demon, one who seemingly held powers that ran in opposition to the soul, was the one to help free it. The soul was convinced that the demon was the reincarnation of a former foe-turned-ally-turned-foe-again that once ravaged the same world it came from.

Sometime in June, her three allies had returned, and the information they gave ran concurrent with the soul's story. Armed with this knowledge, Hale made a trip to Earth 1337-A, meeting the demon in question--Nelius Raoul, whom had helped get everyone from the other world out safely.

Since that time, Hale has made many trips to the Hotel, acquiring new knowledge of this Earth and making some new friends.

He's alive!

During a planned expedition to build a barracks in the Carnage Dimension, Nelius and Zotia found a masked Celestial being pushed around by several Carnage Demons. The Overlord and advisor/girlfriend sent the demons running, and took the Celestial back with them.

After recovering for several days, he was soon visited by Hale, whom managed to fit the trigger for the mask's removal--being a kindred spirit. As it turns out, the masked Celestial was none other than Flynn, Hale's husband who was shot down and thought killed in action whilst trying to get the aforementioned sensitive information to Lamington.


Being over 3500 years old, and recently promoted to Archangel, Hale possesses vast knowledge on old subjects, which she is more than willing to have updated. She can sprout up to ten large wings, a testament to her power. Aside from elemental spells, she is also highly versed in concentrating celestial power--her presence alone can make many evil-hearted beings begin to burn out of existence. Should she go full power, she can eliminate evil from an entire galaxy.

The Three Senses Staff she carries as a casting medium was modified to have a retractable spearhead on each end. Her Altima tome was a present from her grandparents, and the Ancient God Spear was personally claimed during a trip to the Land of Carnage.

She has since upgraded, now carrying a Carnage Yggdrasil Staff and a Carnage Star Lord Spear.

Unique Moves

Feather Rain: Detaching some loose feathers from her wings, Hale sharpens them and sends them flying through a group of foes, slicing them apart with holy power. An evolution of this skill allows the feathers to split into even sharper fragments for extra coverage and damage.

Carol of the Archangel: Hale concentrates her power, healing all allies within the vicinity and cleansing them of any ailments. This skill has essentially replaced Peta Heal and Espoir when it comes to large groups of allies.

Seraphic Starburst: Gleaning power from Seraph Lamington, Hale drops a massive column of explosive holy stars onto the enemy group.

Ultimate Skill--- Successor's Stream: Linking with the soul found from the other world, Hale ascends to a whole new echelon of holy power. She forms new armor, has all her wings on display, and for the first time, gains true sight. She then proceeds to eradicate her foes. Much like Nelius and his Belderiver form, she has been learning how to stay in this form for as long as she needs to.

Alliance Attack--None can Hide: Hale launches her holy feathers at the same time Nelius fires his Banishment shots. The feathers and shots align to target foes all around the map. This is essentially like Land Decimator, but without the risk of friendly fire. When Light and Dark intertwine, even those above the Gods will know true fear.

Alliance Attack--Graceful Dance: Haru Magichanges into her axe-form and follows Hale's lead, creating a beautiful but deadly dance that shreds enemies apart. If Zotia is present, she then joins in, bringing a whole new player into the attack.

Alliance Attack--Making it Rain: Hale launches holy-laced feathers at the same time that Flynn fires off plenty of needle-like arrows. The end result is the unfortunate enemy group becoming a bunch of pincushions.

Alliance Attack--Tri-reality Union: Hale and Nelius bring forth their holy and dark powers, combining them into an unbelievable sphere of power. Hinako then dives forward and kicks the sphere onto the foes, where it detonates against all of the foes. If Camilla is present instead, then the sphere is tossed onto foes. If both Senshi are around, then the sphere is punched onto the enemies, gaining extra attack strength.


Innate: Healing Mastery--Cure status ailments and heal an additional 50% of Max HP when using Healing magic.

Innate: Archangel's Protection--Decrease damage taken by adjacent allies by 50%.

Bolster--Increase DEF/RES of healed targets by 30% for 3 turns.

Spear Guard--Increase all weapon resistances by 25% when Spear is equipped.

Elemental Rod--Increase Elemental Affinities by 35% when Staff is equipped.

Stream-form Exclusive: Heaven's Shield-- Decrease all damage allies receive by 5% times the current turn number. (Maximum 85% Damage reduction)

Overload Skill (Revenge Mode Ability)

Evil's Elimination--Evil-aligned targets take 300% more damage from allied units, and have all stats quartered. This lasts for two turns.

With her tearful reunion with Flynn, Hale's heart finally found its resolution, her Overload evolving.

Regenesis--For three turns, all Evil-aligned and malicious targets have their stats and skills reduced to 1, and receive 1000% more damage taken from allied units. Allies also recover 20% HP/SP per turn for the Overload's duration.


Thanks to Kanri, Hale's braided hair now has flowers sprouting from it, almost as a sign of purity.

Hale was around 953 years old when she heard of a Celestian who cast off his name and willingly threw himself from Celestia-- this man would be known as Tyrios, Nelius' father. The Seraph at that time would later be succeeded by Lamington.

Being a Celestian, and thus largely only visible by those with high faith, she has managed to use this to her advantage in gathering intel on locations. You'd never imagine a six foot tall angel to be stealthy.

She's said to smell of lavender and fresh air.

Her alignment is Lawful Good, albeit she tends to focus more towards Good than Lawful. When asked why, she would cite several former Celestians (including ex-Archangel Vulcanus) whose law-leaning tendencies became a menace, as they never saw the entire picture.

Believe it or not, Hale is surprisingly good at dancing.

While her sensing ability would not allow her to pick up on purely mechanical beings (as they lack an organic energy to sense), she has been working with Naoto and Haru to find a workaround for this. Their research has been coming along very well.

Perhaps surprising to some, but Hale's knowledge of healing goes beyond recovery magic alone--she knows of many other techniques ranging from relaxing and healing sore/bruised muscles and shattered bones to soul recovery and aura channeling.

Normally Hale's eyes are always shut, due to her blindness. If she happens to open them, you have either surprised her, or pissed her off severely.