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Lacie Vessalius
Biographical information


Birth 1870s
Family Jack and Lottie Vessalius (parents), Lily and Vincent (siblings), Melanie Asher (half-sister), Alasdair (husband), children (deceased), Jillian (granddaughter), grandchildren (deceased)




Physical description

Human, Baskerville



Hair color

Strawberry blonde

Eye color

Emerald green




Energy manipulation


powerful healer, energy manipulation

First Appearance

Lacie is the oldest child of Jack and Lottie Vessalius, and looks like her mother. A gifted healer, she was famous in her own time for being able to filter bad energy and use it to cure physical ailments.

Early Life

Lacie was born shortly after her parents married, and was the epitome of high society lineage. As the daughter of a Vessalius and a Baskerville, she had anything and everything she could ever ask for.

As a child, Lacie's abilities were known from a very early age when she began experimenting with spells in her father's books that he kept in the study of their manor after having confiscated them from a family which had attempted multiple murder attempts on him and Glen. Upon finding out that she could use sorcery, Jack began having Glen train her in the art, wanting to make sure she learned how to use it properly.

Lacie was originally shown how to use energy manipulation, an ability she would be famous for later in life, by Glen, who held a weaker version of the same basic power. Shortly after the lesson in which she finally mastered it, she was tested during an accident in which she fell from the second story balcony onto the tile floors of the foyer. Her parents feared her dead, until Glen explained that she'd finally mastered the ability to manipulate her energy to occupy areas of her body which were not damaged. Fortunately, she succeeded with the help of a healing spell from Jack and a transfusion of Lottie's blood, which pulled a bit of her mother's natural healing ability to herself.

As she grew older, Glen taught her a new form of energy manipulation. This kind, while proving useful in many future situations, was the darkest power she ever developed. Instead of shifting her target's energy about their body, Lacie had been taught to remove it. She first used this ability on Jack, an event which traumatized her and frightened her severely she was removed from her training for several days afterwards.

Coming of Age Ceremony

Like all children of noble families in their country, Lacie was formally presented to society at the age of 15. This event went off without a hitch, and she began school at the most prestigious school of her time, Latowidge Academy.

Finding Happiness

It was two years later, during her brother's ceremony, that Lacie met the man she would eventually marry. He was a shy, well mannered young man from another country visiting relatives who'd been invited to the ceremony. It was love at first sight, and no matter how hard her parents tried to force them apart, their love was true. Alasdair belonged to a rival clan related to a diplomat Jack had killed in self defense many years before. Only when Alasdair renounced his family name and vowed to take Lacie's upon their marriage did her parents approve, and the two were engaged through their last two years at school before marrying after graduation.

Adult Life

Lacie was always there for her family, even comforting her younger sister through her own coming of age ceremony, which was bittersweet as her twin brother had been murdered when they were only toddlers. She eventually helped bring her sister Rachel back to a better state, making sure she fell in love with her childhood sweetheart and allowing her to name the twins she carried during her first pregnancy. Lacie accepted her sister's choices, naming her daughter Alathea (Thea for short) after Rachel's favorite book character, and her son Leo, after Rachel's murdered twin brother.

Lacie became the family's doctor, helping to heal their injuries, midwife during childbirth, and even tending to illnesses during pregnancy. The biggest downside to her powers was the inconvenient lack thereof when she herself carried a child, her abilities waning and even at times backfiring when she tried to use them. After a while, she began to fuse her abilities and the special abilities of select family members into medicines, creating helpful and sometimes blissful concoctions that had large masses of people flocking to her store.

Apothecary Vessalius

Lacie happily decided to engage in the profession of a healer due to her caring nature and successful track record. She opened her own store with her husband when she was in her mid 30's with the help of her daughter Hannah, who also shared her healing abilities. Though she'd been given a small sum of money by her family for living on her own, she soon amassed her own small fortune selling these medicines to the residents of Leville, the capitol city of their home country.


Sorcery - Starting at a young age and trained by Glen, Lacie is a master sorcerer, often times being forced to alter the spells in her father's spell book to fit the situation at hand.

Energy Manipulation - This ability originally manifested when she was a child, and she was trained by Glen to shift her life force around her body to avoid being killed by attackers and life accidents. As she grew older, she was taught a darker form of this ability: its use on others. Using Jack as a guinea pig for her first manipulation, Lacie demonstrated that she could remove the life force of another person, whether to calm them down from hysterics or to kill.

Healing - This ability takes two forms. The first is her ability to heal herself. Lacie is half-Baskerville, which enables faster than normal healing time for her when she is injured, but does not prevent the loss of blood from affecting her as a full blooded Baskerville would. If she is too heavily injured, she will die. Second is her ability to heal others. Combining her previous two abilities listed above, Lacie can bring a person back from the brink of death by cutting her hand, the hand of the intended target, and the hands of anyone helping with the spell. Using sorcery with this blood sacrifice, along with pulling spare energy from someone not involved with the spell (usually her husband), Lacie can close wounds and restore the energy needed for sustained healing.


This is a list of the most common remedies Lacie used

Morning Sickness - This medicine usually came in two forms: Baskerville and non-Baskerville. The ladies of her family had very different bodies from the general public, even those normal ladies who married Baskerville men. This medicine was infused with Lacie's energy manipulation ability and would help ease the illness when taken. This medicine can be found in her room for anyone who needs it at the Hotel.

Labor - As its name suggests, this is taken during labor to ease the pain of contractions. Infused with Lacie's sister Rachel's empath ability, the father of the child (or significant other with intimate contact with the mother) will be asked to channel his emotions to the woman while she is in pain, allowing the medication to spread through her body and the empathy causes the woman to feel at ease and peaceful through her contractions. This medicine is unavailable in the Hotel as Lacie has been unable to chemically mimic Rachel's ability.

Dandelion Conception - Knowing how much her family enjoys dandelion wine, Lacie created a concoction that combines her sister's empathy ability with the wine, along with her own energy manipulation to help induce conception. When taken, the woman is nearly guaranteed to conceive a child.

Pain Medication - Of course, Lacie makes standard pain meds, laced with her healing abilities and energy manipulation to help the drinker relax and recover through even the worst injuries.


Like many happily married couples, Lacie and her husband had several children.

Alathea - Lacie's oldest child and twin sister to Leo, Thea was always close to her aunt Rachel. Not much is known about her, but she married out of high school to a nobleman from another town and moved there with him, rarely seeing her family except for special occasions. Thea had the ability to channel one person's ability to another, and often times used it to help Alasdair feel the energy of the child Lacie was carrying. Husband: Alex ; Children: unknown

Leo - Thea's younger twin, Leo was named after Rachel's murdered twin brother as Lacie's attempt to help bring her sister out of her crippling depression. Once graduated from school, Leo traveled for several years before marrying a young woman he'd met on his travels. The two of them lived on the opposite side of the city from his parents, but still rarely visited as they were both incredibly busy. Leo loved to spend time with his sister Riku, who always enjoyed tormenting him. He had the ability to sense another's energy, and usually paired with his twin sister to channel his ability to their father when Lacie was pregnant. Wife: Unknown ; Children: unknown

Logan - Lacie's second son, Logan looked identical to his father, though his eyes always had a special shine to them. As he grew up, it became apparent that he would be the new Glen. He spent the next 18 years of his life training under his mentor, eventually taking over the title upon the deaths of his grandparents and Glen (when they fell into the Abyss, though their family always believed them dead). Logan married a young woman who had originally applied to be a maid in his house. He fell in love with her immediately, turning down her application and instead requesting to court her. With some help from his cousins Carmen and Arianna, along with Lacie, Logan won over Madison's love, and the two married shortly after. more info available later Wife: Madison Lorraine ; Children: Martin Baskerville, Claire Rainsworth, Corissa Ranuille (twin), Desmond Vessalius (twin), Jillian Vessalius

Hannah - The fourth child in Lacie's family, Hannah held the same talents as her mother, opting Lacie to open a second apothecary shop for Hannah to run herself once she was confident enough in her abilities to do so. Hannah fell in love with and married a local man after she hired him to help with the inventory in her shop. The distributors of her supplies had begun to cheat her, and once he'd helped her sort out the issues, they grew closer together as partners before they admitted their feelings. Husband: Sazh Estheim; Children: Natalie Estheim, April Estheim

Riku - The youngest daughter, Riku was born when her siblings were well out of high school, and she grew up living the life of an only child despite not being such. Of all the Vessalius children, Riku was the only one who favored her father, much to his delight. Riku developed a more honed version of Lacie's abilities, and could perform sorcery without the need for a blood sacrifice, a very powerful combination that made her the family's strongest healer. She was close childhood friends with Tatsumi Baskerville, and the two married when they were older. At the end of their final term of school, Riku announced that she was pregnant with her oldest child, Fae. She and Tatsumi live in Paris currently, running a new apothecary shop as an alternative medicinal practice to today's modern medicine. Husband: Tatsumi Baskerville ; Children: Fae Baskerville, Soren, Jacqui, Laura

Brandon - Lacie and Alasdair's youngest son. Brandon and his wife Leanne (one of the princesses of their country) together decided to live as merchants, running a bookshop and bakery instead of living as royals in the palace. The two live in Paris near Riku and Tatsumi. Wife: Leanne Alucien; Children: TBA

Nami- The youngest child of Lacie and Alasdair, Nami was born when her parents were nearly 50 years old, making her significantly younger than her siblings. Nami caught the eye of the crown prince of their country, the brother of Leanne, Alexander. The two met as young children while Lacie and later Riku served as the royal family's medical caretaker. When confronted by his parents to choose a young lady to betroth himself to, Alex chose Nami. Though not not raised noble, her status as a child of the Vessalius house gave her the opportunity to learn and lift herself to the status of princess, then later queen. The couple live in Paris currently, having given up (after much arguing and a threatened divorce) their royal ties to their oldest son, who stayed behind to rule in their stead. Husband: Alexander Alucien; Children: Alphonse Alucien, Sophie Alucien, Bianca Alucien

Mason- The first child born to the couple in their new life. Mason looks a lot like his father with his mother's eyes. He was born mid-August, 2013 in Paris.


Destruction of the Family

Unfortunately, the family's happiness didn't last. As is inevitable with Glen, Logan soon found an heir and was obliged to train the young man through the process of taking over as the head of the Baskervilles. Upon finishing the training, Logan died, leaving his family in the care of the new Glen.

Despite having known Logan's wife and children for the majority of his life, the new Glen did not approve of Baskervilles having families and banished Logan's wife and children from the family as soon as he'd taken over. To prove his point, he began to murder each family member who had established a family, including several of Lacie's nieces and nephews. Parents were killed, children and grandchildren left orphaned and alone until Alice, the B-Rabbit chain and Will of the Abyss, got the remaining family out.

Among those killed were Lacie's niece Arianna and her husband Max, whom Lacie attempted to save. As she attempted to heal Max, Lacie, as she always did during a healing, drew energy from Alasdair to channel to the younger man. However, it soon became apparent that the damage was done. Lacie could not heal him, and in the process, due to her husband's stubborn attitude and undying affection for his family, he allowed her to draw too much energy, and gave up his own life. At the sudden force of his energy snapping in her grasp, the energy draw backfired on Lacie, who barely managed to beg the new Glen to send her and Alasdair to the Abyss together before she could die herself. Their wish was granted, though they were separated in the Abyss. Lacie emerged 50 years later in the Hotel, while Alasdair remained recuperating in the darkness she later found him in.

Life in the 21st Century

Lacie was sent to the hotel by Alice, the Will of the Abyss. As she was a child of Jack, Alice wanted to make Lacie happy in any way she could, releasing her from the Abyss in the same time as her parents. She emerged 50 years after she and Alasdair entered, but soon found herself in a depression as she realized that he had not come with her. For her, he had just died only hours before, and as it was only 50 years, she would have to wait another 50 years for his return and even then, he would be reincarnated as a child she would have to hunt down. She began to restart her apothecary business, though at present, she only treats her mother an anyone else who requests work of her. She is working on ways to alter the recipes for her brews so she can use the ones requiring her siblings' abilities and has been helping her mother through her pregnancy every step of the way.

Return of Alasdair

In August 2012, after several months of deep depression and sadness over her parents' new life, Lacie was pulled into the Abyss once more by Alice, who wanted to surprise her. After an intense ordeal upon getting lost in the Abyss without a Baskerville guide, Lacie was rescued by Jack and Glen, along with several others who accompanied. At the end of the trial, after meeting Alasdair's chain Kodiak along the way, Lacie ran into her surprise, a confused but very alive Alasdair whose body had been recovered and repaired by Alice to return to Lacie.

After several weeks of working hard to bring her beloved's memories back to him, Lacie succeeded in fulfilling the request of her parents. In order to be allowed to marry him again, she would have to get him to remember all their children. It was difficult at first, but after many heartache filled days, painful recollections for Alasdair, and tearfilled nights followed by a reminder of his love for her, she finally succeeded. The two remarried in private, only Jack, Lottie, Glen, and Melanie present for the wedding.


Lacie was recently contacted to help with Project D'Artagnan in Paris, taking the role of healer for the team, as well as the nurse in charge at the Les Chattes Noir theater. As of December 8th, 2012, it has been known amongst her family and closest friends that Lacie and Alasdair are expecting a baby.

On August 13th, 2013, Lacie gave birth to Mason.