Kyra Sharlan

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Kyra Sharlan
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Birth September 2015
Family Amanda Sharlan (grandmother), Eilean and Jameson Atlas (parents), Mormeril Shadesong and Matsumi Kaze (grandparents), Konrad Sharlan (future brother), Kayla and Kaiden Sharlan (future twin sisters), Darien (future husband), Damien (future son)

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Kyra is the daughter of Eilean and Jameson Sharlan (Atlas), born in September of 2015. With brown hair, blue-green eyes, and an adorable grin on her face, it doesn't take much to become enthralled with this young girl.

Character and Personality

As a baby, Kyra is well known for being happy constantly. Very rarely does she cry, even when she wakes in her crib after a nap. She enjoys being in someone's arms, with her favorite someone's being her parents or grandmother. To watch Matsumi play with Kyra is a sight to behold.

In the future, Kyra is shown to be highly rebellious. Despite being centuries old by the time of future Quinox events, Kyra behaves much like a teenager with a problem with authority. She runs away from home, shirks her duties, attacks the palace guards, and even lies to her parents. She's married to a shy young man named Darien and they have a son, Damien. She's grown up a lot since she became pregnant.


Kyra was born in September 2015 to the young Jameson and Eilean soon after their wedding. While the young couple had not expected to be parents so soon, they took to parenthood happily with the help of Eilean's family and other hotel denizens.

She has already seen some drama in her young life, having been kidnapped by The Necromantress. It was at this time that Eilean traded a favor to Amia for the health and safety of her daughter. A combined effort from her parents and grandparents resulted in a successful retrieval of the newborn, and Jameson swore to never let her leave his sight again.

Powers and Abilities