Katsuki Sugiyara

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Katsuki Sugiyara
Biographical information
Birth 1987


Family Hatsuyo Sugiyara (father), Mihai Sugiyara (mother); adopted

Chemist, Immortal


Katsuki Toari

Physical description

Human Immortal



Hair color


Eye color





ancestral katana



First Appearance

Sugiyara Katsuki is a young Immortal born and raised in Tokyo by his parents Hatsuyo and Mihai. He's had little to no time with other Immortals and is relatively absent in the Game. He works as a chemist at Tokyo University, his alma mater.

Meeting Methos

Katsuki met Methos (as Peter) at the library of the university a few months before his first death. Of course, the ancient immortal could sense that the young man would one day be immortal and the pair got to know each other.

Methos (as Adam Pierson), was given the task by Joe Dawson to keep watch over Katsuki since he was the only Immortal in the area at the time and a Watcher would not be assigned until his First Death. While he wasn't keen on the idea, Methos agreed. Once Katsuki became Immortal, he would spend over 10 years alone before Methos would finally agree to be his teacher.

Chronicles of Katsuki Sugiyara: 21 April 2007

The young pre-immortal Katsuki is not the warrior type, but an academic. He is a very intelligent young chemist and I can only hope he dies of old age instead of joining the ranks of the Immortals who fight to live.

-Adam Pierson

First Death

On August 2nd, 2007, Katsuki was between classes when a distracted driver tore through campus. Unfortunately, several students were unable to get out of the way of the car and a dozen young men and women were run down. Among those killed was Katsuki, who died of his injuries in the hospital a few days later. He found himself frightened when he awoke in the morgue and the hospital did not release to the public that his body had gone missing.

Katsuki in The Game

For the first 12 years of his Immortality, Katsuki has kept himself hidden at his university and teaches Chemistry as a professor and researcher there. Under the alias of Katsuki Toari, everyone around him has completely forgotten that he had been injured in the freak accident.

Katsuki rarely finds himself in contact with other Immortals and often times flees or hides instead of confronting them. On the rare occasion that he is forced to, he does use a katana given to him by his father and defends himself when necessary. He has only taken a few heads in this time (see Significant Dates).

In 2019, Katsuki ran in to Methos once again when the ancient Immortal returned to Tokyo for research purposes. Methos was incredibly upset to see that a promising young man with a high degree of intelligence and little will to fight would be forced into the life of an Immortal and thus took him as his student. He felt it was his way of not only protecting Katsuki after having failed to do so, but to use his millennia of experience to teach him the subtle art of survival with or without fighting.

Chronicles of Katsuki Sugiyara, 2 March 2019

Regrettably, it seems young Katsuki did indeed find himself fated to become Immortal. I found him today on the University campus as he was rushing between classes as he appears to be a professor now. He was rather calm and collected and taught his classes as if there were nothing wrong. If there were any other Immortals in the area, he hid his senses well. Classes dismissed for the day at 6pm local time.

-Adam Pierson

Excerpt from the Journal of Methos

2 March- I hate being right. Katsuki appears to have died sometime between my visits as I sensed him and he sensed me while I watched him teach his lectures. I wonder if perhaps he understands how we became so close in such a short period of time. I'll be doing some research tonight to find out and record his First Death for the chronicles while we await the arrival of his first Watcher.

Significant Dates and Heads Taken

1987- Born in Japan and adopted by the Sugiyara family

2007- First death after being hit by a car

2007- First head taken when Katsuki was attacked by another Immortal at his apartment; kills in self defense only

2010- Begins teaching chemistry in Tokyo

2019- Meets Methos once again and becomes his student

More information to come.