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Kanorians were the predominate race on the planet Guardia Prime. The population of the species was extensive, spreading to the planet's four moons and other planets within the Kanor Star system. Prime Kanorians considered to be the most powerful, and were the fewest in number. They carved out a galactic republic within the vicinity of their star, bringing in other non-related races.




Skeletal System

Muscular System

Cardiovascular System

Energy Regeneration

Prime Kanorians are extremely powerful and heal at amazing rates. Each one has unique abilities that allow them to manipulate various effects.




Life Cycle

Prime Kanorians are considered immortals, creating by the powers to be for reasons not yet described. They can die however by enemy attacks or by their own will, however they will resurrect in the future. There is one way to kill them permanently, but it is so highly classified that it is believed to not even be written in any text.

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Courtship and Mating

For Kanorians, their courtship is similar to humans. Mating on the other hand...

Empowered versus Common

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Society and Politics

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Culture and Traditions

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Kanori, which is a mizture of Japanese and English, Japanese, English, Mandarin, Common, and others to be named.

Science and Technology

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Known Kanorians

Kevin Junia - Prime Kanorian

Aliana Junia - Prime Kanorian

Zeus Theronbolt - Prime Kanorian

Jana Mechel aka Isis - Prime Kanorian

Amaterasu - Prime Kanorian

Guan Yu - Prime Kanorian

Kenshin Junia - 2nd Gen Prime Kanorian

Yuri Kino-Junia - 2nd Gen Prime Kanorian

Kasagi Junia - 2nd Gen Prime Kanorian

Ayame Junia - 2nd Gen Prime Kanorian

Michael Junia - 2nd Gen Prime Kanorian

Ariana Junia - 2nd Gen Prime Kanorian

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