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Nobody has ever seen him. You immediately forget that you've seen him.

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Kaioh Ken
Biographical information



March 5, 1979


Kaioh Michiru (older sister),Ten'ou Haruka (in law), Tomoe Hotaru (adopted niece), Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino (aunt), Sumire Kanzaki & Ichiro Oogami (grandparents)




Neptune Knight

Physical description




Hair color

sea green

Eye color





Neptune Trident


ocean/water powers, absolute stealth

Ken Kaioh is the younger brother of Kaioh Michiru, as well as the Knight of Neptune. He is one of the most accomplished knights of the group but also the most forgotten.


The second born of the Kaioh family and the younger brother of Kaioh Michiru, Ken Kaioh was born in the shadow of his much more talented sibling. His parents sent him off to private school overseas, focusing all their attention on Michiru. He was not a popular child at the academy which he attended, and while he was talented in his own right, he often became a target of bullying. Eventually, through numerous dreams and vision, Ken awoke as the Neptune Knight and realized his role in protecting his older sister as her guardian, something which he was highly reluctant to do. After managing to transfer (through bribery) back to Japan, Ken made his way back home.

A Tragic Irony

Deciding to take the long way back home, perhaps due to his reluctance to once more see his sibling, Ken traveled via train back to Japan. At some point during his travels, he met the other Senshi Knights and became acquainted with them. The day before arriving back, Ken found himself forced into a battle against an unknown foe, the result of which nearly killed him, though he managed to put them down. Deciding he would never again be caught unawares, Ken delayed his return home to train himself heavily, in particular his own defensive abilities. After much hard work, he was finally able to unlock the talent known as "Silent Sea," which gave him the ability to become completely invisible to all senses, giving him protection from all attacks. However, after returning to his ancestral home and visiting his sister (now in a relationship with Tenou Haruka), he soon realized that while he had been able to activate the ability, he could not turn it off, leaving him permanently invisible to everyone around him. With nothing more to do, he attempted to go back to his normal life, as well as attend school, though he was completely unnoticed by anyone around him.

The Sanest Man Gone Mad

Ken continued to follow and protect his sister, fighting alongside the outer senshi in her battles against the Daemons and then protecting her afterwards as new enemies arose. When his sister and her lover, along with their adopted daughter Tomoe Hotaru, and friend/coworker/acquaintance Meioh Setsuna moved into a new home, he followed, managing to make a living space in the half finished basement.

However, as time continued, he began to grow bitter at his situation, becoming even more angered when Matsumi Kaze moved into the house, feeling that it was unfair for a stranger to be welcomed while he languished, forgotten by everyone. This bitterness grew and grew until he finally had a complete mental breakdown, deciding to get his revenge on everyone who he had felt had destroyed his life. Ken was able to procure the remains of a daimon solution along with technology left over by the Black Moon Clan. Using the daimon solution, Ken managed to super-evolve himself into a creature known as the Sea Lord, and planned to place the now primed bombs at several locations known to the senshi in hopes of killing them all. Now prepared to take his revenge, the monstrous creature stepped out, ready to destroy those he hated....only to be run over by Haruka backing out of the driveway, the pressure from the tires forcing out the daimon liquid from his body and reverting him to normal.

Still somehow alive and dazed, Ken attempted to go out and finish the rest of his scheme, but hadn't gotten far when he got caught in the middle of a battle between a creature and the other Senshi Knights, the result of which set off every bomb that Ken had been carrying (though the other knights assumed the rather large explosion had been due to the death of the monster). Barely alive, Ken crawled back to the house and spent several days letting his senshi healing factor kick in. The upshot of this time in recovery was he finally began to regain his sanity, giving up on his attempts at revenge and deciding to continue his work as the Neptune Knight, though always slightly on edge due to his inability to interact with the world at large.

Suburban Senshi

Due to the financial mismanagement of Haruka, the outers (bar Matsumi who had left a year before) were forced to move to a far smaller house, with Ken following after, moving into a tent in the backyard. He was there to bear witness to the various adventures which would occur, always lending them an invisible helping hand when needed and often fall victim to just as many strange things as the rest of them. When the house was converted into The Hotel, Ken managed to find an unused room in which to live (which may or may not be on the non-existent 13th floor). From here, he settled into a semi-retired life style, helping out in times of need but most often simply trying to live his life as best he could. His troubled existence was given a bit of a reprieve when he learned that he was observable by the likewise unnoticed Kenji Hattori and struck up an odd friendship with him.

A new guardian

Eventually Michiru ascended to a higher near god like level and gave up the role of senshi to Kaifuu Aoi. Remember his duties, Ken now protects the new Sailor Neptune from the shadows and may in fact have unknown feelings towards the new Neptune...



  • Silent Seas: An innate ability which Ken unlocked with training, Silent Seas makes him completely invisible to all detection, both sensory and electronic. While this power should be able to be switched off, Ken has yet to master this aspect.


  • Neptune Trident: A trident made of unknown material, Ken uses this weapon not only to strike at his opponent but also to transfer his energy through it, allowing him to fire water like power at a foe as well as use it to create small quakes when struck into the ground.


Normal Armor

  • Deep Vortex: A vortex of water shot from his hands able to engulf and destroy an enemy on contact.
  • Sea Guard: a shield made of water, able to blunt attacks against it.
  • Trident Stream: A water blast from the Neptune Trident.
  • Neptune Quake: Small earthquake created from the ground being struck by the Neptune Trident.

Super Armor

  • Ocean Reflect: A shining barrier from water which throws back most attacks flung at it.
  • Marina Enclose: A bubble made of sea water which covers and encloses an enemy.