Kaelyn P. Peinforte

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Kaelyn P. Peinforte
Biographical information

Polefry Beta, Earth

Birth September 8, 2012
Family Lucien Xadium Aino (Husband), Robert Arthur Peinforte (son), Arisa Paisley Peinforte (daughter), Adrienne Lorella Peinforte (daughter), Paisley Pythia Peinforte (Mother), Thrash (Father), Exeter L. Wakefield (Adopted Father)

Sorceress, Trader, Adventurer


Mother Pandæmonium, The 27th Lady Peinforte

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



Cane Sword


time sensitivity, heightened strength, magic sensitivity, Daemon science user, magical knowledge

First Appearance
Xadium-Aino Clan

Child of the Machine

Kaelyn's origins are forever bound to that of The Hotel. One of the products of Mango's 400 Baby Project, Kaelyn was number 186 of the batch, created through the DNA combination of the Time Lord Thrash and sorceress Paisley P.Peinforte. Sent out in a capsule into the time-space vortex, it seemed the baby girl was destined for some unknown destination.

However, in the middle of her journey, her ship was intercepted by a future regeneration of her father and brought on board his TARDIS. While he cared (in his own way) for his daughter, Thrash decided it would be in her best interest not to raise her himself. Instead, Thrash her to Pola Vanternass, a Gallifryian trader living on Polefry Beta, whom he had met during an adventure in his second regeneration. However, he would not forget her and would visit her on every odd numbered birthday. On her fifth birthday, she was given a locket by her father which contained a lock of Paisley's hair and a photograph of her, so Kaelyn would always know who her mother was. She would eventually be trained in the art of trading, as well as slowly gain an interest in the odd and unusual. At the age of 13 she would start traveling from planet to planet, gaining knowledge and plying her arts to other species.

Eventually, at the age of 16, Kaelyn would arrive at the Hotel, introducing herself to both her father and her mother, something which seemed to shock Paisley to no end. Noticing the lack of trade in the Hotel, Kaelyn decided to set up her own shop, Vanternass Emporium of Extraordinary Objects. After a few months, Paisley soon came to accept Kaelyn as part of her family and formally adopted her, the girl taking the last name of Peinforte to designate the rebirth. Learning more of her mother also started her investigating magic and the science of the Daemons.

Journey of the Sorceress

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The Ballad of Kaelyn and Ike

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On November 18, 2014, Kaelyn discovered/revealed that she was pregnant with Ike's child, the perhaps-inevitable result of all the sex they were having. Some time later, she gave birth to a boy, Robert Arthur Peinforte. Robert appears to be a normal Human infant and has not (yet) manifested any of his father's preternatural intelligence, something that all parties are of-yet grateful for.

On December 25th, 2018, Kaelyn discovered she was pregnant with a second child by Ike and is now preparing for this new addition in the family. Her daughter, Arisa Paisley Peinforte, was born on August 7, 2019.

Second Childhood

In an attempt to bring in a regressed Haruka (it's a long story), Kaelyn transformed herself back into a five year old, infiltrating Mugen and managing to wrangle her (though both were captured by teachers in the process). Learning there was only one shot left in the Age Ray that was behind the trouble and used it to restore Haruka back to an older age. After some soul searching, Kaelyn decided to remain a child for an unknown period of time, using the time to try and experience the childhood that she herself never could have.



Kaelyn is a practicer of the "Dark Arts", the black magics of the World, sometimes referred to as satanic or demonic magic and often called "Daemon Science" by higher beings. This magic draws on the darkest sources of power that lie within the universe, to some known as the "Dark Maths", to some the power of the Dark One and to others, the Shadow Psyche. Due to this Kaelyn can do a number of things, such as cast curses, manipulate the senses and manipulate the elements themselves. Originally, Kaelyn was restricted by the use of "Blood Magics" and sacrifices, as well as the utilization of a coven to allow her to cast her stronger spells, but after additional studies as well as time at the Scholomance, she can now perform greater spells without the need for such assistance. A downside of this is that Kaelyn cannot heal with her powers, as Dark Magic can only damage and destroy, not build.

With further training, Kaelyn has branched out into other forms of magic, which as a side effect has "healed her soul".

Circular Regeneration

Due to her half Time-Lord nature, Kaelyn has the ability of regeneration, though unlike a Time Lord, it requires an immsense amount of damage/alteration to her body. Her regeneration is unique, in the fact, that eight specific incarnations. These incarnations cycle through after the last incarnation is lost. Each incarnation is also somehow tied to the phases of the moon. On the night of a lunar eclipse, all eight incarnations manifest themselves in the same area. As well, each incarnation is specializes in a different form of magic.



  • Due to 90 deals she made with various Daemons and lesser magical beings, Kaelyn's soul is completely and utterly protected against all forms of attacks, magic, and control. She is also barred from going to the Netherworld when she dies due to these deals (as it would potentially cause a massive conflict and eventual war among their leaders). However due to Ike's Hallowing of Hell, these 90 contracts were rendered null and void, restoring her soul to it's full form. Oddly enough she still retains favor with these demons
  • Has two hearts due to her half Time Lord nature. However, she can't regenerate. This was later proven wrong when exposure to fairy magics forced her body to regenerate for the first time.
  • Kaelyn by nature describes herself a realist, though this may be partially due to her exposure to the darker sides of reality.
  • Speaks with in a very quick clipped tone
  • has a love for tea and actually collects various forms from across the universe
  • suffers from a mild form of Merinthophobia due to her experience with The Master
  • Is an expert with a cane sword, her original being made of a cold steel and iron mix, which was eventually destroyed in battle against the Levienthians. Her current sword is constructed of Cilsius Steel
  • is allergic to Ulanda fruit
  • is surprisingly able to expertly snowboard
  • Kaelyn's middle name is actually Paisley, taken from her mother
  • Kaelyn has postulated that while she may not regenerate, her body may still revive itself in some manner if she were to die. This was later shown to be false, as she does have regenerative capabilities.
  • Does not know how to drive
  • Kaleyn, unlike her mother, is a far more social creature and so in some ways is the "face" of the peinforte family in Windsor....for better or worse
  • Like her mother, Kaelyn is known to other magic users in the world
  • Kaelyn once threatened to burn the entire universe if her children were harmed. She recalls that "a typical tough day".
  • Has a doctorate in Antiquities and Latin Studies as well as a degree in litrature from Queen's College, Oxford.
  • Is a registered member of the London Magic User's Guild, Union member #5234
  • Speaks fluient English, French as well as Latin.
  • Claims that her soul is "linked" with Ike's
  • Is an excellent cricket player, having learned the sport mostly out of sheer spite.