Jasmine Serferi

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Jasmine Serferi
Biographical information


Birth December 16
Family Unknown



Sailor Pashiphae

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Hair color

black with a purplish hue

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The ability to use hail as a weapon


Shinju Kino, Kevin Junia, Sailor Jupiter, Satellite Senshi of Jupiter

First Appearance

Jasmine Serferi is the Jupiter Satellite Senshi Pashiphae, the Senshi of hail for the Jovians. She is an incredibly attractive and mostly serious individual who acts as the leader of the “Pashiphae” led retrogrades and Queen Shinju’s personal guard.

"You have business with the Queen? State that business if you wish to gain an audience with her."


Bringing the Hail

Jasmine Serferi was born to the Countess of Pashiphae approximately two years after Kevin, toward the end of the Silver Millennium. She was raised with the love of her parents, but they were also extremely strict with her. They sent her to the prestigious Jupiter Royal Academy when she was but 5, where she would learn the military arts as well as the nobility aspect. This was on top of the extremely ambitious academic learning program, which left little time for the young Jasmine to play.

Things would get easier over the years once the basics were mastered, allowing her a little more freedom. She would also run into the various other noble girls and boys from all over the kingdom, and even the royal family’s Makoto and Morisato would be sent, allowing her to develop a relationship with them. These relationships would serve her well, as would her own natural abilities that allowed her to be successful in her studies. While not the top of her class, but she was damn close.

She would return to her family quite often during off times and see various noble events. The most prominent of these was the Tournament of Champions that pitted the various Sailor Knights, the chosen champions of their planets, against each other. Jupiter had been in mourning after the assassination of Musashi, cousin to Crown Princess Makoto. Upon the final request of the fallen hero, his protégé, one Kevin Junia, would become the new champion. This caused a small uproar since his family was still considered disgraced from the Nobunaga incident so exceptionally long ago.

Kevin was very assertive but also very humble, and his prowess on the battlefield after having been just granted his abilities made everyone realize he was the right choice. He would become Princess Makoto’s personal bodyguard. This is also when Jasmine realized he had been enrolled at the academy as well--for a few years, in fact. He was quite good at laying low, it seemed, but his scores were outstanding in every category. He had earned a commission already in the Jovian Navy as a commander prior to his ascension to the chosen champion Jupiter Knight, which caused her to admire him.

Jasmine wanted to achieve what Kevin had, and this pushed her to excel in class. When she was 12, and he 14, she cornered him one day, which made him nervous until she explained that she wanted him to help her push her own limits to become better. He respected this drive in her and agreed to help her succeed. It was through this that she was able to dig deeper than she had ever done before. This caused her to be prepared way sooner than her classmates, and even upperclassmen, and she took on the Ta’latoh: The Ascension of Purifying Challenge.

She was blazing through the challenge, well prepared thanks to her secret teacher’s lessons. Said teacher was able to crush the challenge, which caused Musashi to know he was ready for his mantle. He was not the youngest at 10 to do it, but he was close. The royal kids had already completed it, as well as Euri and others. Unfortunately, the final fight had caught her off guard. It was raining hard at that point, and she had lost her footing against the veteran warrior. This proved to be devastating as the Knight smashed his weapon into her, sending her sliding into the mud. She was exhausted and started to cry, angry at herself for coming this far only to fail.

She thought back to Kevin, imagining him telling her to get up. She stated she could not, her body would not respond to her commands. Is this how you want to go down, to fail? Everything you worked for, gone? “No… No… No… NO… NO… NOOOOOO!!! I WILL NOT FAIL!!!” She clinched her fist and pushed herself back up, a tear streaming from her eye. As the Knight went to end the battle, that tear started to crystallize, and formed into a large hail ball as Jasmine started to glow. The hail ball smashed into the Knight, knocking him back before coming back to Jasmine.

Jasmine just stared with an intense look on her face as that ice ball took a new form: a transformation pen. Jasmine knew immediately what this was… her birthright, the powers of Pashiphae was beckoning her to accept it. She gratefully did so and transformed into Sailor Pashiphae, charging the Knight with renewed vigor and strength. The Knight was very quick, but Pashiphae used the mud and rain to allow her to slide under the Knight’s attack and quickly turned around, using her newfound hail abilities to assault the him from behind.

Before she could go for more, he turned to her and took a knee, holding his sword in both hands above him, one on the hilt and one on the far end of the blade. The Knight had submitted, and she had successfully completed her Ta’latoh. She was able to gain access to the court and the benefits of being a part of the nobility… and her actions had caught the attention of more than the staff and student body.

Bodyguard of the Queen

Kevin was the first to congratulate her, and she blushed while gratefully accepting his praise. She would say that she could not have done it without him, but he shook his head saying it was within her all along. He only helped her see it sooner. Jasmine realized that she was developing feelings for her sensei, but knew that he was in love with his own charge. She wondered if those feelings were those of a grateful girl or something more; however, she did not want to try to find out. She was too young to try, in her opinion, and she wondered if he would ever think of her beyond his relationship with her as her teacher and friend.

  • Declassifying


  • Jasmine has been Shinju’s trusted bodyguard and rarely seen without Shinju being around. She does get some time for herself, however.