Jack Dinsdale

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Jack Dinsdale
Biographical information


Birth January 8
Family Hiromi Kawanami (wife)

Paranormal Private Investigator

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Brain, Laser finger


Weak Spiritual Sense


Dinsdale Investigations

First Appearance

True Background

When Bad Wolf Xadium found himself debilitated by crushing pain and emotional suffering caused by the numerous betrayals in his life, he had his memories wiped by hino rei.bot in order to preserve his sanity. However, his existence as a temporal paradox threatened the stability of the entire causal nexus around Ten'ou House, so the Time Lords ordered Sakura Xadium Aino to kill him. As a compromise, she used a Chameleon arch to turn Xadium fully Human, giving him the implanted memories and experiences of a human named Jack Dinsdale. Dinsdale was captured by Sakura April and "melted down," his body matter used to form the new basis for what she had hoped would be her perfect Assassin, The Impresario.

Some time later, however, he reappeared, seemingly no worse for wear... while The Impresario was still up and about. It turned out that this Jack was a Nestene Duplicate of the original created by an unknown power as part of a masterplan, but he asserted his freedom, and, thanks to the power of Doctor Improbulous' Mysterium, gained a new direction in life, aspiring to be a Paranormal Private Investigator. He put together a team of investigators who research the paranormal in his new venture, Dinsdale Investigations.

Over time, he fell in love with and became engaged to Hiromi Kawanami. Because of his love for her, he sacrificed his Nestene nature and was transformed into a human being by Ultra Nyan, a move Impresario considered wrong-headed. (Plushie-chan had also been trying to restore him to normal by creating a Homunculus in his shape, but she never got a chance to finish it).

Manufactured Background

(Many of these details were roughed out at Sakura's Request by Yaijinden.)

Jack was a disaffected, but otherwise normal in secondary school and college. He grew up in the Bay Ridge section of Brooklyn, New York and is a casual New York Yankees fan.

After College, he moved to Japan to experience the culture, doing web design and translation to pay the bills. He ended up accidentally getting a job with the local Yakuza after helping one of their low-level members hack into a computer. He also first encountered Ten'Aino House at this time, doing a housecall to fix Haruka's virus/malware-wracked laptop. In the Yakuza, he met one of the higher-ups, a crazy, intense girl called "The Mistress of the Thirteen Blades," whom he returned to America with after three years of flirting and toying with the idea. (His job was gone anyway, the CEO of the company set the building on fire to regain insurance money, and is "I accidentally the company" excuse did not hold up in court.)

After two and half years, their passionate love was disrupted when she tried to stab him through the heart with her 13th blade, 'Crimson Sakura' after a series of arguments and battles where Jack tried to defend his friends from the ravages of her companion, the Micronaut.

Stunned/sickened by the betrayal, and yet still living in the afterglow of the intense relationship, Dinsdale fled America and headed back to Japan to try and forget--he could never return to New York for more than a week or two after that--and he found himself back here at Ten'Aino House to try getting in touch with the decent people he had met there.

[At some point Jack was sent back in time to an alternate universe by Hazel Ninegate as some kind of sadistic apology for the events of The Nonary Game, where he actually lived through this constructed life history.]

"Reset to Zero"

After seeing Hazel Ninegate take ever more reckless steps in her quest to prove Humanity a worthless species, Jack had Raihosha made him a new body that was 100% human, with no enhancements or power-up holdovers, determined to show her that Humanity wass worthy of its spot in history.


Jack is more impressed than he lets on that people have magic powers, but is glad threats tend to overlook him. He is a secular humanist with Buddhist leanings, and has some meditation/mindfulness training.


  • Has always had minor sixth sense, though is currently incapable of doing more than sensing "something is amiss" when it comes to magic/psychic/qi disturbances--the richness of sensation in Japan is one of the reasons he stays, though he seldom admits it.
  • Masters degree in computer science, lesser degrees in Letters
  • Cheap drunk and knows it, enjoys it.
  • Smokes a cigar every couple month or so, smoked more interesting things in school and has no source for such things in Japan.
  • Savvy with multiple programming languages, prefers *Nix systems but believes in programming for the masses.
  • US citizenship, fluent in multiple languages (English, Japanese, Spanish, German), has done freelance translation work before when cash is tight.


Jack was an excellent tracker of psychic/mental energies due to his true nature as a being of pure consciousness. Nowadays, being flesh, he has to get really, really drunk in order to make use of his othersight.

He knew a bit of 70's super Kung Fu thanks to The Funk Soul Brother, and some Gangam-Style Kung Fu before Reset Zero.


While an auton, Jack had auton guns hidden within his hands that could deliver anywhere from a stunning to a killing shot. However, that is no longer the case.


Pre-Reset Zero, Jack lost an arm in The Nonary Game when Paisley Pythia Peinforte cut it off to transmute it into a new heart for Marcus Deadman, as well as remove the threat of the Detonator placed in the watch on his hand. He was traumatized after Nonary Game II and thought the universe is out to get him. Also, due to Dimitri's infusion into him, he thought anything vampiric was cool.

The new arm was modified by Thrash to have a skeleton key in the pinkie, a compartment for documents in the forearm, and a laser pointer finger, which Jack had upgraded to a real laser gun.

These things have been taken away with Reset Zero. He just has a regular arm now.

Jack looks like Spike Speigel with his hat off.

Dinsdale smells like gun-leather, silk, and old spice.