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This is a list of the adventures concerning Doctor Xadium and Gemini Sunrise.

Pilot Season

S1E00: Broken Destiny

The Impresario faces his final fight as he squares off against The Corruptor in 1927, meeting Gemini Sunrise for--to her, anyway--the first time, leaving Gemini of the present alone to mourn him as she remembers his fatal encounter from so long ago, little realizing he would return as his old self, Doctor X.

S1E01: Night of the Magic Box

Taking a journey to Wyoming in 1861, X and Gems soon encounter a mysterious figure known only as The Magician. However, his tricks are far from safe and soon they discover that there is more then meets the eye with this man of magic, as his stage acts usually ended up with audience members dying several hours after volunteering to take part on stage.

In the process, Gemini was kidnapped and locked into a coffin, and X was tricked into thinking her neck had been snapped by hanging. Fortunately he was able to see through the illusion and save her, but the Magician escaped!

The Honeymoon from Hell Arc

S1E02: Nabbed in Naboo

Gemini and Xadium were just beginning to enjoy their honeymoon on Naboo when the Trade Federation decided to blockade the planet, and the couple found themselves taken hostage by hostile battle droids!

S1E03: Ailing on Androzani

After escaping the Naboo, the newlyweds make their way to Androzani Minor, where Xadium contracts spectrox toxaemia poisoning! Gemini has to battle her way to the cure all by herself!

S1E04: Confused in the City that never Sleeps!

Although initially enjoying themselves on New York15, X and Gemini are hunted by rouge catnuns that wanted to catch them for their mutated super antibodies, created by their exposure to the Time Vortex! X is cloned by a catnun, and Gemini has less than five minutes to decide which one to destroy...

S1E05: No Tulips for Rose

In Neo Holland, Gemini is forced to expel the six billion year old spirit of the Great Beast from Xadium after they accidentally free it from an ancient pottery vase being sold in a second hand shop.

S1E06: The Tyrant of Texas

Trying to safely finish out their honeymoon in Mustang Island, Texas, Xadium takes a rubber anti-tank rocket to the face when NeoUnionists decide it's a perfect time to restart the Third Civil War, leaving X stuck in a wheelchair with half his bones broken!

Season 2

S2E01: Return of the Magician

Taking a short hop to the city of St Louis in the early 1900s, X and Gems are stunned to discover their old foe, The Magician, plying his trade once more. However, he claims to have turned over a new leaf much to their dismay. While X investigates these claims, Gemini discovers an unknown presence stalking the streets. Is the mysterious man of magic as innocent as he claims?

S2E02: Customer Service

The planet Soldus is well known as a massive center of commerce and sale throughout the universe, ruled over by the mysterious Supervisor. Xadium hopes to find a new part for this TARDIS but finding a way to pay for it is not so easy. As Gemini finds herself the center of a new marketing campaign, Xadium is soon thrust into the role of a floor sales representative. He soon learns that he better make a profit quick or neither of them may leave the planet alive!

S2E03: Strain of the Daleks

Responding to a distress call, Xadium and Gemini are soon separated as a familer foe traps the unwitting Time Lord: The Daleks! Desperate to rescue her man, Gems soon turns to a newly arrived group of aliens for assistance. Why do the Daleks require Xadium? Why are these aliens so willing to help Gemini? A dangerous game is being played and only a few know the rules... (Part 1 of 2)

S2E04: Mark of the Mogellens

Gemini has been betrayed by her allies. Xadium has been infected by an unknown virus of Dalek design. As the two desperately search for one another, two armies soon begin to converge on the planet. A war has begun and if they don't do something, death will spread throughout the galaxy! (Part 2 of 2)

S2E05: A Perfect Town

Deciding to take a scienic route, Xadium and Gemini land in a calm and peaceful suburb somewhere in America. Everyone is smiling and everything seems completely idyllic. However, why is the town surrounded by power lines? Why does there seem to be no sign of electronic machinery outside radios and what happens at the midnight hour? As the two investigate, they discover the shining veneer hides a dark secret, one the inhabitants will hide at any cost!

S2E06: The Last Stand

Landing unexpectedly in the middle of a large Indian encampment, Xadium and Gemini soon manage to befriend the inhabitants with some difficulty. As Gemini becomes more attached to the people living there, Xadium begins to feel an encroaching feeling of doom. Of which he naturally should. The date is June 25th, 1876 and they have landed in greasy grass...better known as Little Big Horn!

S2E07: The Spirit of Christmas

Galzac III has always been a poor Earth colony and few of those living there wish to remain. However, Christmas has always brought joy and happiness to those who live there until this year. Mysterious hooded figures walk through the snow, frightening songs are being heard and people are vanishing. Now two strangers have appeared and Christmas will never be the same again!

Season 3

S3E01: The Glamour Trap

A regular shopping trip turns strange as a new idol comes into town. Kazu soon starts drawing in people, attracting them to him like flies. Even Gemini is not immune, much to Xadium's shock! As this new artist becomes more and more popular, Xadium becomes suspicious. An old enemy has returned to Tokyo, but can he defeat them without losing Gemini to their clutches forever?

S3E02: Chrysalis

A strange signal takes Xadium and Gemini to the small town of Anchor Point, Maine in the 1970s. Searching for answers, the time lord soon discovers a local high school teacher experimenting with strange crystals found at Bikini Atoll. Meanwhile, Gemini befriends a young girl with amnesia who seems be hiding some terrible secret. How are these things connected and does this fortell something far more terrible then either are prepared for? (note: sequel to Thrash Adventures episode "The Fall of the Old Gods" )

S3E03: The Great Sport

Deciding to take Gemini to her favorite city once more, Xadium pilots his TARDIS to the 13th New York. Landing, they're stunned to find the city in the midest of a battle between two forces dedicated to the strange sport of Omniball: the Redi Soxa and the Yahnkis. As the TARDIS becomes a prize for the forces, Xadium finds himself forced into the role of coach. Can he bring himself to sacrifice innocent lives for his ship or will he and Gems become just another causality?

S3E04: The Photon Jungle

The Ion Graxias. The largest jewel in the Exos galaxy. The North Lodge of Foamasi want it and will pay any price. They need someone who is ruthless, cunning and without mercy to steal it for them. They're just in luck that they've hired the right two people for the job: "Red" Gemini Sunrise and her cowardly lackey "Doc' Xadium. There's no way this heist can go wrong, can it?

S3E05: Xadium Must Die

Gemini has been haunted by nightmares, visions of a terrible event to occur. At the same time, Xadium learns that something has returned for him, something which will not stop till it has brought him to justice. As the stakes rise, Gems is forced into a terrible choice, one which will change her life forever. For the Earth to survive...Xadium must die! (Part 1 of 2)

S3E06: Ghosts of Venus

Gemini is on the run. The TARDIS is lost. Her friends have now turned on her and the one person she could count on is seemingly gone forever. With little choice, she is forced to turn to the one person she swore never to deal with again. She hopes to fix the mistakes she made, but can she truly? Is it possible to change history without having to destroy someone else in the process? (Part 2 of 2)

S3E07: Christmas Wishes

Nearly a hundred years ago, Xadium visited the Earth colony on the planet Tani, befriending a young girl in the process. Now to give Gemini a spectacular holiday, he decides to return to see how it has come since he was there. However, he finds his former friend bitter and silent and the people there less then pleased to see him. What event did Xadium set in motion that completely changed this little world? What is the secret of project Alpha? More importantly, can he save christmas?? (Christmas Special)

Season 4: The Quest

S4E01: The Paths of Time

Without warning, Xadium and Gemini are plucked from the Hotel and brought to an unknown dimension. There they are told by an higher being the the crystal of enlightenment has been stolen from the Guardians and shattered through time and space. Untrusting of the being, the travelers agree none the less. First stop: the planet Raxius, where a mysterious seer claims to see the which Xadium claims never happened and yet are coming true!

S4E02: The Electric Engine Man