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Birth The Dark Time



Ignis D Blac

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Firelight sword


Ability to detect/seal tear interdimensional & interverse rifts / time-active


Dr. Xadium

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Created by Rassilon and Arcal during the Great Wars with the vampires, IGNIS is a protovalidum construct. Her name stands for Interdimensional Gateway (or alternatively) InterGate Nullification / Infilitration System.

The full extent of her powers are unknown-- she was believed to be destroyed until encountered by Dr. Xadium 870 years ago (his lifetime) during his time at Arcal Academy on Gallifrey. More about their association is not known, except that IGNIS was thought to have been destroyed by him along with all remaining records of her existence and construction. In reality, however, Xadium released her from her seal under the Arcal academy and cleared her mind of a taint, the nature of which is not known.

IGNIS appears to have feelings for Xadium due to his saving of her life, and IGNIS has implied that they were reciprocated.

The image of the IGNIS appears on many worlds, and some lifeforms with connections to the spirit world have adopted her form for psychological reasons long lost to their ancestors.


IGNIS, despite being billions of years old, has only spent a fraction of that time awake; 18 years in the Great War with the vampires, then five after Xadium awoke her on Gallifrey until she was forced to flee. The next 870 years were spent floating inert in the void until she emerged and resynchronized with the Gallifreyan matrix to come up-to-date, thus when not being serious she has the mentality of a somewhat cheery 20-something.

IGNIS greatly dislikes being alone or in dark empty places because of her time in the Void where she was alone with not even the light of her inner fire to provide comfort. She is therefore very outgoing and appreciative of people no matter who they are. She is very sensate--she likes to eat constantly and experience new tastes. She seems to have an inordinate fondness for carbonated beverages of all kinds.

IGNIS sleeps outdoors on the sides of buildings in the busiest parts of the city the hustle and bustle of the life below reminding her she she's not alone.



Unlike rei.bot, IGNIS cannot move in time on her own or change shape, but she is self-described as "just as tough."

IGNIS is physically as invulnerable as rei.bot, but because of something that Xadium did to her she is far more empathic, feeling the pain of every hit she takes or sends out like any normal fighter, thus sufficiently strong blows can debilitate her even without doing her real physical harm.This empathy and greater emotionalism is what makes her far more human-like in her reactions and thinking than the normally pitiless rei.bot.

Hazel Ninegate has severely damped Ignis' ability to feel pain, bringing her more on par with rei.bot.



Her longsword Firelight, a five foot-long blade inscribed with ancient Gallifreyan runes, is made of the same substance as IGNIS. All other data about it has been lost.

IGNIS' hair can convert to something akin to a plasma-based flame instantly incinerating anything it touches.

Promotion to North Kaiou

IGNIS has been given the role of North Kaiou by rei.bot after the former abdicated the post to return home to Ten'Aino. While it may seem odd for her to live on a small deolate planet, the vantage it offers her to observe all of the galaxy leaves her endlessly fascinated and happy.

Death and Rebirth

Abandoning her post to try and save Neo Xadium from death in the Time War, she was killed (thrown in the Vortex) by The Corruptor who had tricked her into breaking into the War into order to allow him to take over Neo Xadium's dead body. She was later rebuilt / upgraded and revived by his daughter, Hazel Ninegate. She serves as Hazel's counterpoint to rei.bot, and still has memories of her former life, though she is much quieter and more subdued than before. At the end of the second Nonary Game IGNIS's control schematics were given to Arx Sylvanran as her prize for the game.

After this time, she decided to live on the Lookout with Piccolo and Dende, preferring to have company than sit alone outside the universe, ceding her job as God of the North Galaxy to King Kai once more.

Current Situation

Currently, Ignis is acting as the firewall for the Hotel mainframe system. She is specifically charged with keeping unauthorized AIs out of the system.