Guardia Prime

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Guardia Prime
General Information

The Kanoria System


7258.7 km


21% Oxygen, 78% Nitrogen, 1% other


Hikili (largest and breathable atmosphere), Toren, Lilia, and Masan


~3.4 billion


24 h/388 d


Guardia, Coalition Central


Kanorians, Humans, Nekonians, Canisians, others


14 billion

Places of Interest

Kanor (Capital city)


Sovereign Mai Nyoto (Nekonian), elected in new Kanor year 24.

Sailor Senshi

unknown, but Prime Guardian Jana Mechel claims herself to be Sailor Guardia (she does henshin)


Kanora (English-Japanese-other hybrid), English, Japanese, others

Guardia Prime is the third of four planets that rotate around the main sequence star Kanoria. The planet has four moons of various size that rotate around the planet, creating interesting but not extremely dangerous tidal conditions. The capital city of Kanor boasts a population of 16 million of various races, and beautiful beaches bordering its western side. The planet itself has eight major continents and has various temperature zones similar to Earth.

The weather is controlled by weather control devices spread throughout the planet. However, to prevent the weather from going crazy and overwhelming the devices, the effects of tornadoes, hurricanes, and other natural phenomenon are allowed to take place with their greatest negative effects intentionally used in unpopulated areas. Due to the proper manipulation of the weather, desert areas have all but been negated. Droughts and deluges are of minimal concern, leaving the meteorology field without much guess work.


The planet is the principal capital of the Coalition of the Guardian Republic, and as such many of the other planets take their lead from Guardia Prime. Generally, if a label could be attached to the people, they would be lawful good. As the original inhabitants of the planet are decedents of the original Guardian Republic, they helped maintain the ideals that the Guardian Republic (honor, courage, respect, and help the defenseless) went to before their fall (imperialistic ideals).

The Coalition has accepted some aspect of medieval Japanese culture. While this has influenced military affairs, it has also affected society and culture. A few families have actually been granted samurai clan status, including the Junia family and those who have sworn loyalty to them. This is to honor those families that have given much to the benefit of the Coalition, including protecting the freedom and safety of all the citizens that live under the Eight-Pointed Star Flag.


As the principal capital planet of the Coalition, it makes sense that the military headquarters is located there. To the south of downtown Konar is the primary Guardian Republic military building, nicknamed the Four Diamonds (similar to the Pentagon and the Kremlin), based on the design on the top of the tower that looked like four diamonds. Oddly enough, the Shogun Kevin Junia does not spend much time on this planet. The Deputy Shogun, however, stays at the Four Diamonds.

The planet is surrounded by numerous space stations, weaponized satellites, and a fleet of starships and starfighters for the defense of the inhabitants and those under the protection of the Coalition. Many of these space stations are outfitted to allow the starships and starfighters to dock with them, allowing for resupply, repairs, and anything else that might be required.