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Ginga TV, #ss2 alias GTV, is a media enterprise owned by one Aino Minako, and is one of the dominant television networks in the Tokyo area and much of Japan, offering a wide variety of programming, including such fine programs as Sporehammer 40k, Everyone Likes Yai, Shinjesus v Haruhi, and the Chibiusa Hilton Sex Tape. Ginga TV originated as the front for Sailor Galaxia's operations on Earth, but has since become a legitimate business. Well, mostly legitimate.

In honor of the American Screenwriters Guild's strike, many of GTV's personalities also stepped away from their posts. In the case of their two primary personae, this led to a sharp increase in coffee intake, as well as caloric intake, respectively.


Karasuma Akane and Aya Reiko serve both as news anchors and media personalities. Orlando Timberlake, Esq. serves as Minako's personal assistant and the head of the Ginga TV "Goons" who are a multipurpose army of black-suited employees who do whatever Minako requires.


Also on the payroll is SaiyaJimmy, a restaurant critic and general enjoyer of food.

Need a job? Minako likes to help people, but you'll have to work for it!