Geminine Sunrise

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Geminine Sunrise (prefers to be called "Sunrise")
Biographical information



June 21, 1911 (later falsified to 1984, then to 1974)


Mifune (Deceased), Lynne Sunrise (Deceased), April Sunrise (Presumed Deceased), Yang (Presumed Deceased), Gemini Sunrise (Complicated), Doctor X (brother-in-law)


Statesman Agent, Bounty Hunter

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Colt Single Action Army revolver, Adamantium plated Winchester Rifle "Wyatt Earp"


Strong Spiritual Power

"Unlike mah sis, Ah ain't got time fer pleasantries. "
—Geminine Sunrise


Nicknamed "The Demon of Texas", she is Gemini Sunrise's twin sister, given her own body via cloning and psychic surgery. She has a mental connection to Gemini still, as part of her soul still resides in Gemini's, never to be separated. She is 10 years older than Gemini due to Time Travel.


Originally she was to be born a twin along with Gemini, however,due to fetal resorption, her body was consumed totally by Gemini's with the exception of her heart, which grew along with Gemini as a tiny, functional vestige. Mentally, she grew alongside Gemini and would often "take over" her body in order to interact with the world. She received her own training by their master, Mifune. Gemini herself never knew of her existence until she got to New York where Geminine would dominate the body more often, due to Gemini's depression after arriving there.

Geminine is more aggressive than her sister and honors the samurai code. Initially, her fighting style was powerful, yet cold and merciless. She would attack with no regard for her surroundings or those in the area with her. It took Shinjiro and Gemini to convince her to be more mindful of others in her combat.


Once Gemini decided Gemini was going to marry Doctor X, Geminine was separated from her consciousness after mutual agreement. Professor Tomoe generated a suitable clone body and Paisley Pythia Peinforte provided the necessary psychic surgery to effect the separation.

A New Career?

Geminine left to explore her own destiny... but made an odd request, having Paisley send her back in time several years. Haruka determined, through a scientific ogling of "that fine Texas ass" that Geminine has adopted the moniker of Florence Welch, star of the band Florence + the Machine

Back to Basics

After Gemini went missing in May of 2012, Geminine abandoned her entertainment career, and picked up the gun once more,becoming a bounty hunter and setting out to find her sister, a journey which brought her back to The Hotel.

A Psychic attack on Gemini by a possessed Matsuo Shin revealed that a piece of Geminine remained in Gemini's mind after the Separation in order to allow Gemini to survive it, and this piece has been growing in strength once again. Geminine is connected to this piece in Gemini, and can tell her sister's condition though it.

"Rough Rider"

Geminine now works as an agent for the elite American "Statesman" organization, codename "Rough Rider" after the whisky.


  • Geminine can fire blasts of pure spirit power (her own) from her shotgun-sword or her pistol, but it wears her down quickly if she overdoes it.
  • To differentiate herself from her twin sister, she wears her hair down long and straightens it a bit more. She also speaks slower and in a deeper tone of voice.
  • Her toughest quarry was a rich mercenary named "Black Scorpion."