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Futurespawn is the not-quite-so-kindly term used to refer to the future children of regular characters in #suburbansenshi2. Many future children have a habit of time traveling to interact with those who frequent the Ten'ou House.

Futurespawn characters in #suburbansenshi2 include:

Ikari Momo
Lucien the Wanderer
Miara (Zaira and Jaxmin)
Miki Kaze (Matsumi and Hideki)
Minami Kaze (Matsumi and Hideki)
Nickolas Collins (Sean and Rhea)
Noriko marianna xadium (Dr. Xadium and Shaldra Darkness)
Sakura Xadium Aino (Dr. Xadium and Minako)
The Magistra (Eitak and Thrash)
Pinako (DD Girl Pink and Unknown Father)