Freya (Earth 1337-C)

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Biographical information


Birth April 11
Family Mother (deceased), Horus (Father, deceased), Toba (Foster-Father, deceased), Orion Felinus (Earth 1337-C) (boyfriend), Matsumi Shin (Earth 1337-C) (Adopted older sister)

guardian of Shin Matsumi (Earth 1337-C), Student


Freya Shin

Physical description




Hair color

brown, light brown fur

Eye color





henshin, object creation, telepathy


Juuban High School Students

First Appearance

Freya is the companion and friend of Shin Matsumi, a former guardian cat who now lives and work with the Sailor Guardian.


Silver Millenium

Only a few things are known of Freya's past. She is the child of the high priestess of Quinox as well as Horus, a representative from the planet Mau assigned to Quinox. When she was three years old, her father left to return to Mau, never to return again. It was only much later that her mother would learn of his death at the hands of an enemy. Horus' good friend, Toba, took care of both Freya and her mother, to the point she saw him as her father.

She would at some point become a friend and guardian to the princess of Quinox, using her half-mauian nature to become her guardian cat. During this time, the young Freya would befriend another young mauian girl named Luna. Both girls would bond over their shared pining love for a pair of older men, with Freya having fallen in love with a saturnian named Orion. Desperate to be with their loves, Freya and Luna would steal a disguise pen each, using it to make themselves appear older then they were.

After the fall of Quinox, Freya would accompany the princess to the Moon. When the Moon itself fell to the forces of Queen Beryl, Freya would be spirited away by unknown powers to present day Earth.

A Changed Destiny

After several months of trying to hunt down the princess's reincarnation, She was finally reunited with the girl just in time to warn her of the coming to the dark ones... Only for a portal to open up underneath them, Dropping them in Tokyo and accidentally killing the villain known as rubius in the process.


  • Though younger then the senshi by nearly a year, Freya was able to attend the same grade as them
  • Has a love of squid flavored snacks
  • compared to Luna, Freya is the more athletic of the two
  • is a member of the "Mystery Club" at Juuban High School
  • Freya is an avid gamer
  • Freya has been unofficially "adopted" by Matsumi's family, making her Matsumi's adopted younger sister. On Mar 22nd, she was legally adopted by the Shin family, making her officially Matsumi's sister.