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FlutterKnight PreCure is a team of magical girls which operated in the early to mid 1960s. Guardians of the Bonds of Life, the six members of the team are empowered by the magics of the Kingdom of Wings. After having mysteriously disappeared, the team would later be reunited in the early 2020s.


The Guardians of Life

Megan Bjorkson, a young girl, had moved to the small town of Oak Pond with her family, having been allowed to attend a private school. Interested in science, the girl had taken the praires and fields outside the city. After her first day at Golden Tree Academy, Megan had retreated to one of the fields to search for insects once again. After spotting an unusual butterfly, Megan decided to chase after it and soon after found herself in the middle of a mysterious forest. Trying to find her way out again, Megan spotted a strange small golden cocoon buried among the leaves. Picking it up, she was soon startled by a butterfly like creature, causing her to flee back out of the woods. Returning home, that evening, Megan is visited by the same butterfly who at first accuses her of stealing the object but when she tries to return it, they're both shocked when they find she can't get rid of it. Soon after, the town is attacked by a giant monster that the butterfly (a fairy named Leppy) calls a Hivegaina. Leppy then urges Megan to use the cocoon to transform into the legendary PreCure, the only one who can defeat the monster. More then a little weirded out, she does so anyway and while she struggles at first with her new abilities, she manages to put down the creature, turning it back into the baseball that it once was. Leppy then reveals that the magic forest she first visited was in fact the gateway to the Land of Wings, a place of magical insects and one connected to the life of the planet itself. Leppy explains that the evil forces of a group called Plague seeks to use it's power to destroy the bonds of nature and that it is up to the Legendary Precure to stop it, telling Megan that three other cocoons were released and to seek them out to help her in her task.

The first guardian she discovers is Athena "Thea" Potter, the smartest student in the entire academy. Due to being the only minority student in the entire school, Thea is at first very guarded around Megan when she tries to befriend her, due to the past bullying she has had. However, when Megan saves Thea from a Hivegaina attack, she is able to break through to her and in the process awaken her ability as Cure Dragon, the two of them defeating the monster.

After taking care of a few attacks on their own, Megan and Thea discover the next Golden Coccoon to be in the hands of Polly Carter, the president and only member of the Flower Lovers Club. After several misunderstandings and being forced to take part in the club's activities, Megan and Thea nearly abandon Polly due to her over enthusiasm but after realizing how lonely she is (like they are) and after dealing with another Hivegaina attack, Polly is able to transform into Cure Lady.

The three girls continue to fight together against the forces of Plague, eventually facing off against Plague sub-leader Hydra. The girls continue to deal with both school, their personal lives as well as new sub-leader Kurse. Kurse, however, found himself competing with another follower of Plague, Jackel, who desired to prove herself to their leader. In order to do so, Jackel infiltrates Golden Tree Academy, disguising herself as several students, each time trying to draw away and break up the friendships between the girls, while at the same time making sure Kurse's plans failed, until he was eventually defeated.

The Fourth Guardian

Jackel's plans would soon kick into high gear, forcing Megan, Thea and Polly to risk themselves more and more in order to find the Golden Wings, the objects keeping the bonds of life stable. Through an accident, Megan's father learns about the girls secret but decides to keep it to himself, but tells Megan not to keep it hidden too long from her mother. Jackel herself, meanwhile, struggles with keeping up her duties for Plague, having found herself bonding with each of the girls in her fake identities, while also slowly falling in love with the nature around her.

Things come to a head when Jackel overhears plans to abandon her due to her lack of progress and questions of her loyality. Desperate, Jackel manages to kidnap Leppy and escapes to the Dark Hive, the home of Plague. Following after her, the Cures find themselves for the first time face to face with the leader of Plague, a shadowy figure known as Blight. Blight demands that Jackel destroy Leppy and take the golden cocoons for themselves but Jackel falters, especally after Megan proclaims in believing herself to be a good person deep down. In answer to this, Blight stabs Jackel through the chest with a dark blade, stating her to be a waste of his time and mocking Megan's belief in the bonds of life itself. Megan weeps over the dying Jackel, who at last proclaims herself to be Megan's friend and regretting that she could not see a sunrise in a field of flowers before she went. As she dies, Megan's tears hit Jackel, suddenly summoning a new golden cocoon and reviving Jackel, transforming her into the fourth guardian: Cure Luna! At the same time, the girls each recieve a magical shield, the Wing Mirrors, which they immediately use to reflect back an attack from Blight and in combination, use it's power to perform the "Cure Gorgeous Wing Shine". Driving off Blight for the moment, the four are able to save Leppy but in the process lose three of the five Golden Wings they had collected so far. The girls proclaim they will reclaim the objects with the help of the now reformed Jackel.

Jackel then formally applies to the academy under her new name of Joan Smith. Needing a place to stay, Megan brings her home, explaining her to be a "cousin" of theirs who had just transferred to the school and needed a home. Sarah (obviously not believing her daughter) accepts Joan into the house and the two soon bond enough to consider each other near sisters.

FlutterKnight PreCure the Movie: The Brilliant Mysterious North Star!

The four girls decide to take a trip up north to visit a friend of Polly's family. While Megan and Polly are excited, Thea feels a bit out of place and Joan is absolutely confused by the differences between the northern part of the state and the central part. While there, the girls hear a local legend about a brilliant light that appears at an old abandoned lighthouse at midnight. Polly immediately wants to check it out and manages to convince the other girls to go with her.

That evening, the four girls manage to sneak out towards the lighthouse, Megan being more then a little creeped out by the surroundings. None the less, they stay there until midnight (falling asleep in the process), only for Megan to be awakened by a soft cry for help and see a young girl surrounded by fireflies standing near the lighthouse before she suddenly fades away.

The next day, Megan tells the girls what she saw and the other girls try and figure out what it might have been, with Polly thinking it was a ghost, Joan thinking it was a fairy (Leppy disagrees with that) and Thea suggesting ball lightening, which bewilders the other girls. As they chat, Polly's aquaentence tells the girls they might have seen the North Star Girl, who is said to always be gazing out towards the North Star at night, as if longing to return there. As they talk, for a brief moment, Megan thinks that she sees someone watching them, but when she turns to look, the individual is gone.

That evening, the girls go out once again and at the stroke of midnight, Megan once again hears the sound of someone pleading for help. This time the girls see the figure appear themselves and approaching her, discover her to be as before a young girl, dressed in an outfit that looks like a mix between a princess gown and an insect. Leppy immediately recognizes her as the Firefly Guardian, with the girl recognizing Leppy as well. The fairy explains that some planets also have their own guardians of life as well and that the girl is one such guardian. The girl is overjoyed and explains that she fell to Earth hundreds of years ago on accident after her world, a small asteroid known as the LightFly Kingdom, passed by the Earth. She's been waiting all this time for it to return and now the day has come when it will get to it's closest but without the light of a guardian, she can't get to it. She also fears the enemy who caused all this will attack her again. Leppy suggets the girls share their light with the princess, which would allow her to return back to the asteroid. As it approaches, the girls pool together their powers, transferring it to the Firefly Princess, which restores her to her full abilities. However, just as she's about to fly back to her homeworld, she is suddenly attacked by the mysterious figure Megan saw before, who reveals himself to be her brother, the Firefly Knight. He kidnaps his sister and to delay the PreCures, sets a small group of Hivegairas on them. The Cures, weakened by having given up some of their power, barely manage to fight them off and grab hold of the round spacecraft which the Knight uses to escape towards space. Though they are able to hold on as it goes out of Earth's atmosphere, they still pass out in the process, with Megan being the last.

They wake up floating in space, surprisingly still alive. They discover that before she went, she gave them half of the pendent she was wearing, which stored some of her own power in it. Deciding to rescue her from her kidnapper, the girls use the pendent to fly towards the asteroid, which is now partially orbiting the planet.

At the palace, the FireFly Knight reveals his plan to take the power from his sister and drain it for himself, revealing to her that he was the one who stranded her all those years ago. However, he is angered when he discovers that part of her pendent is missing, making it impossible for him to absorb her energies. It is then that the FlutterWings show up on the planet and he realizes that one of them must have the object of his desire. He then sends his minons out to capture them.

Exploring the apparently abandoned palace grounds, they are horrified to find the entire populace wrapped up in strange cocoons. It is then that they are attacked one by one by the Knight's forces, causing the girls to get separated from one another. The minions play mind games with them, but each manage to be defeated none the less by the Cures. However, at the last moment, Cure Monarch is captured and dragged away as a prisoner of the Knight. The other cures rush off in turn to find her.

Back in the throne room, Cure Monarch is brought before the knight, who tears away the pendent from her. When she acts horrified by his actions against his sister, he reveals his past to her: as the FireFly Knight, he and his sister were tasked with protecting the Kingdom of Light's Bonds of Life. However, no matter how hard he tried, his sister gained all the attention and acclaim, while he felt he was treated as just another servant to her. His jealousy and anger grew high enough that he abandoned his duties and then waiting for the right moment, exiled his sister, thinking that if he alone was there, the people would finally acknowledge him as the champion he always thought he was. Instead, they merly mourned his sister's loss and so he encased them all in eternal cocoons to act as his ageless audience. His sister tries apologizing for the pain he felt while Monarch tries to tell him that she is sure people still cared about him but he instead mocks their sympathy. He then uses the pendent to absorb the powers of his fallen minions and transforms into the FireFly Phantom, a being now driven purely by his anger and jealousy. The creature then tries to use it's powers to attack Cure Monarch, only for the other Cures to rescue her. The Cures try to fight the creature, with Monarch still trying to reach out to him, only for him to start to use his powers to crack apart the asteroid and finally kill his sister. The FireFly Princess, calling out to the heroes, transfers her energies to them, transforming them to FlutterWing PreCure - Sparkling Mode. Summoning their Wing Shields, they combine all their powers together and unleash the "Cure Gorgeous Wing Shine Sparkling Forever" attack, which consumes the Phantom and banishes his powers, as well as reforming the asteroid and freeing everyone trapped by the prince in the process. As the smoke clears, they discover the prince has been transformed into a stone statue, a single tear falling down it's cheek. Cure Monarch asks what will happen to him and the FireFly Princess belives that someday he'll be free once his heart is healed completely from the evil it felt. Until then, she will guard it and her people. With that, the Cures leave the palace to the cheers of the populace around them.

Returning to Earth, the girls are sitting near the shore when Polly's family friend walks by, asking the girls if they're waiting to see the North Star Girl, but Megan tells her that she's sure the girl found what she was looking for. Looking back up, they can see one of the stars sparkle brightly in the night sky.

Battle for the World

After several battles against a new sub-leader, Swarm, who especially targets Cure Luna as a traitor, they are able to regain the three missing Golden Wings and in the process, gain their ultimate form of Soaring FlutterWing PreCure. Leppy then tells them the importance of the wings: every 1000 years, the Wings are used to awaken the Great Flutter and strenghten once again the bonds of every lifeform on the planet and that that time is coming very soon. Entering the Kingdom of Wings on the day this is to occur, the Cures use the Golden Wings to help the Great Flutter to awaken from it's own cocoon. However, at the last moment, Blight appears, having found the way to the Kingdom by tainting one of the wings with it's essence. As the Kingdom begins to be consumed by darkness, the Cures are forced to chase after Blight to it's own Kingdom once again.

The four are soon seperated and forced to fight their own personal enemies and face against their own place in nature, as Blight attempts to destroy their bonds, but the girls prove ultimatly to be too strong and re-gather together, forcing themselves to the center of Blight's fortress, discovering in the process the entire Kingdom to actually be a part of Blight's own body. They are shocked when they arrive at the center of the room, only to discover a small grub like creature sitting on a throne. The creature reacts with fright at the sight of the cures and curls up. When they ask who this is, a dark voice around them reveals the truth...

Long ago, a small creature was born in the Kingdom of Wings. It could not fly and it was made of shadows and thus everyone avoided it, even when it sought out friendship. It soon after fled into the darkness corners of the kingdom. After a time, darkness crept into it's heart and warped it, turning it into a terrible creature who believed that all bonds were mearly a lie. Even as it began to heal from it's pain, even then the darkness would not let it go, spreading it across it's new home and playing out the revenge it had dreamed about.

Hearing this story, the Cures start to feel pity for the creature, even Cure Luna who had been killed by the creature in the first place. However, as soon as they get close, the Blight Shadow strikes against them, extending itself outside of the Kingdom and into the surrounding city. The girls won't give up and beliving in their bonds with each other start to using the power against the creature. When even this isn't enough, they start to remember everyone they had helped out and every animal and insect they have found in the small town and through it are able to not only drive the darkness back but purify it, restoring the entire Kingdom of Light.

Joan and Lemmy decide to return to the Kingdom of Light and help to make sure the Great Flutter awoke right. After tearful goodbyes and promises to come back to see each other, the girls go their own ways as a new day begins.

All Star PreCures Zero featuring Cure Flower

The FlutterKnight PreCure team was one of two other PreCure groups which were summoned to help the Stage Shine PreCures to defeat an enemy called Great Chaos Queen. During the battle, Megan bonded with the other girls, happy to know there were others fighting for justice.

Pretty Cures

Megan Bjorkson/Cure Monarch

Megan Bjorkson (now Megan Smithson) is the leader of the FlutterKnight PreCure. As a child she was cheerful and optimistic with a love of nature and science. Megan met Leppy in the forest gate seperating this world and the Kingdom of Wings. As an adult, Megan became the scientist she had always long to be, marrying and having three daughters. As Cure Monarch, her theme is a medieval Queen combined with butterflies, while her theme color is pink.

Athena Potter/Cure Dragon

Athena Potter was as a child the smartest student in Golden Tree Academy, the "Golden Student" with a love of mathmatics. However, as the only minority student in the school, she was often the subject of bullying, with Megan becoming her first real friend. She awoke as a Cure after saving Megan during an attack. As an Adult, Athena married (and later widowed) and had one daughter as well as several grandchildren, contining her mathmatic work. Like the others, her youth was restored when she was reawoken. As Cure Dragon, her theme is a medieval knight with dragonflies, while her theme color is blue.

Polly Carter/Cure Lady

Polly Carter was as a child overly happy and silly, always wanting to make friends and trying to drag others in participating in her Flower Lover's Club at the school. Much of this personality was to mask her deep insecurities. Awakening as a cure after meeting Megan and Athena, she was the most enthuastic of the Pretty Cures. As an adult, Polly married and had children, though her marriage ended in a bitter divorce. Her youth restored when she was reawoken, Polly has taken to this second chance at life. As Cure Lady, her theme is a medieval noble woman with ladybugs, while her theme color is yellow.

"Joan Smith"/Jackel/Cure Lunar

Joan Smith was originally Jackel, one of the creations of Blight. Dedicated to her master, Jackel was eager to try and please him, attacking the Cures at a moment's notice. However, Megan saw in her seeds of goodness, something she deneyed. Eventually Jackel got the better of the cures, only to discover that she was simply a tool of Blight, who killed her in the process. She was resurrected, however, by the tears of Monarch, revealing her to be the fourth Cure. Taking the name of Joan and the cover story of being a cousin of Megan's, Joan developed a kind if slightly naive personality, as well as a deep bond with Monarch. Out of the four, Joan has aged very little due to her non-human state and was the only who remembered being a Cure upon returning to the Kingdom of Wings. As Cure Lunar, her theme is a medieval wizard with Luna Moth, while her theme color is green.