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Just an ID by Love Demon Flonne.jpg
Fallen Angel Flonne
Biographical information

The Netherworld (Residence)
Celestia (Origin)


Vassal, Fallen Angel


Love Freak

Physical description

Fallen Angel (Originally Angel)



Hair color


Eye color

Red (Originally Blue)




Staff, bow


Flight, Magic, Special Skills.



"Love and Peace!"
"That justice loving love freak!?"
—Etna on Flonne

Flonne is is a young fallen angel with long blonde hair, red eyes, pointy ears, and a demonic tail and wings. She wears a white coat with detached sleeves, a red leotard, a red ribbon in her hair and red shoes. She has a tendency to wear very cute clothes in styles usually worn by young girls and is a fangirl of superheros, Toku shows, and anime. She's rather ditzy and sometimes not very bright, but is very genre savey.


Pre-SS History

At some point, Sereph Lamington sent Flonne to The Netherworld to assassinate Laharal's late father, King Krichevskoy. After a series of adventures, Flonne became a fallen angel and moved to The Netherworld. She's also made apperances in Veldime and Evil Academy.


Some time before, or shortly after, Etna arrived at the house, Floone was captured by Sailor Neggerra. Etna lead a team to rescue her and Laharal but only Flonne was successfully rescued.

Special Moves

  • The Power of Love
  • Holy Arrows
  • Divine Ray
  • Flonnezilla
  • Summon Dragon


  • Flonne's outfit as an angel was blue instead of red, as were her eyes. She also had rounded ears, feathered wings and lacked a tail. Also the ribbon in her hair was slightly different.
  • Flonne is able to annoy demons (and some Humans) into submission by talking about love. She doesn't seem to use this on purpose however.
  • While Flonne's cooking LOOKS entirely editable, it is not. Flonne herself admits "As much as I love food, I'm not that good at cooking."
  • Unlike other Disgaea characters, Flonne's handle is not her character class, but the title given to her by pretty much every demon.
  • Stats
    • Weight: 46kg
    • Sizes: B77 W53 H78
    • Likes: Love, Special effects, Hero animes
    • Dislikes: Anyone who goes against the spirit of love.