Esperanza Francisco-Guilla

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Esperanza Guadalupe Francisco-Guilla
Biographical information



September 1, 1464


November 15, 1485



Physical description

Human Immortal



Hair color

Dirty Blond

Eye color





Two long bladed sai with double edges, Originally Spanish Sword




Born on September 1, 1464, Esperanza was a member of the Francisco Guilla family, which owned a small ranch farm just outside the city of Toledo. One crisp day in the autumn of 1485, Esperanza was tasked with bringing a few horses into the city for the possibility of sale to a local noble. However one of the horses became spooked and in her attempts to calm the animal down, was soon trampled to death. Her family, overcome by grief, took the girl back home and buried her that very day. Later that night, the girl revived and dug herself out of her grave, wandering back into the city.

She soon was found by a local traveling merchant, in reality an Immortal who had sensed her birth and had wished to help the girl out. Confused and frightened by everything that had happened to her, Esperanza fled, only to run directly into another Immortal, who like the merchant had sensed her, but in this case was simply interested in taking her head. Attempting to flee the man, Esperanza got into a brief struggle with him, during the process of which, she accidentally cut his head off, thus gaining her first Quickening.

The quickening, however, had been witnessed by a civilian who quickly reported it to the Spanish inquisition. Brought in and accused of being a witch, the girl was sentenced to be burned at the stake. However, just as the flames were ready to consume her, she was rescued by the merchant, who took her away from the city. He taught her the rules of the Game, as well as how to defend herself from other Immortals. After several years under his tutelage, she left her teacher and ventured back into the world at large, far more experienced then when she had began.

Over the centuries she would have many adventures, as well as taking many heads of Immortals (see Signficant Dates). Her travels would eventually lead to the battlefields of Belgium and the Franco-Dutch war. On the trail of another target, she soon ran into a nurse of the Spanish army named Rhia, an immortal like herself who was also on the hunt. Both women soon ran into their targets and in the midst of battle, cut their heads off, resulting in a rare Double Quickening for the pair. Soon after a stray bullet hit Esperanza and in the confusion of the retreating armies, Rhia dragged the girl from the field, allowing her time to recover and revive. The two would become fast friends and would over the years meet each other several times.

Currently, Esperanza has arrived in Tokyo, once more meeting up with her dear friend.


Esperanza is an immortal who gains the powers of other similar immortals she kills, and this is able to absorb their abilities into her own skill set. She has significant experience with both the Spanish Sword and the Sais. She has the gift of foresight from one of her earliest victories.

Significant Dates

  • September 1, 1464 - Is born into the Francisco-Guilla family.
  • November 15, 1485 - Experiences first death after being trampled by a horse.
  • December 5, 1492 - Was seated in the royal court of Queen Isabella and King Ferdinand of Portugal upon arrival of news of Christopher Columbus’ explorations
  • 1494 - Marries first husband. After finding out what she was, he attempts to kill her but is caught in the act and killed by a local magistrate.
  • 1530s - Present in France during the time of the royal women's beheading. Heads taken- Francois Lemar
  • 1556 - Present in China during the Shaaxi Earthquake, the deadliest earthquake in Chinese history. Receives modifies Sais from grateful man she saved.
  • 1563 - Is infected by Plague for a short period, barely surviving another death to the disease.
  • 1567 - Befriended another immortal, approximately 50 years older than her, who betrayed her and attempted to behead her. Defeated her attacker, gaining the power of foresight from her foe. Heads taken- Nadya Torochev
  • 1570 - 1599 - Roams the battlefields of the Eighty Years War between her native Spain and the Netherlands. Heads taken- Adelaide, Maria Sanchez
  • 1620 - Journeyed to America on the Mayflower in 1620, curious about this new world that had been discovered.
  • 1623 - Returned to Europe.
  • 1674 - Met Rhia mac Gulia during the Franco-Dutch War.
  • 1692 - Visits Salem and finds herself, once again, on trial for heresy. She is an undocumented “witch” conviction, being privately hanged off the record and buried outside the city (then later dug up by a friend, who knew she was immortal).
  • 1780 - Was in France during the American Revolution, and had just volunteered to depart with the French fleets to help with the war efforts, but was found out as a woman and turned down.
  • 1782 - has second meeting with Rhia and encounters immortal Salvadore Piscano. Both barely escape with their heads.
  • 1812 - travelled through the American Midwest, fighting several other immortals. Heads taken- Jack Tramer, The Warrior, Maxine Fondue
  • December 16, 1812 - Witnessed the effects of the New Madrid Earthquake.
  • 1816 - Travelled to Mount Tambora to see the cause of The Year without a Summer.
  • 1856 - Last time she met with Rhia.
  • 1860 - Returned to United States, marrying a mortal. Heads taken - Jerome, Justice J.T. Thomas, Mr O'Malley
  • 1864 - Left United States after death of husband in American Civil War.
  • 1915 - Becomes a field nurse during WW1
  • 1918 - Witnesses several new Immortals born out of the Spanish flu epidemic and slays many
  • 1945 - Present in Hiroshima when the United States dropped the atomic bombs
  • March 26, 2013 - Meets Rhia once again while traveling through Japan.
  • January 1, 2016 - Esperanza celebrates the new year in Spain with her family's descendants
  • 2018 - Spent the year traveling Asia and comes across the immortal Huang Jung, whom she is forced to kill


- As of 2018, she is 554 years old.

- Her first Watcher was a Jesuit monk from Castille

- While her original language is Castellano, Esperanza speaks Catalan, Basque, French, English, German, Russian, Mongolian, Mandarin, Japanese, and Filipino with exposure to Arabic, Persian (Farsi), and Cantonese.

- Esperanza's current watcher is a young accountant named Chiang Zhang.