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The Empire of Ghosts is an unknown organization which is the enemy of the Rising Valkyrie Unit.


Black Skull

The leader of the Empire of Ghosts, Black Skull, appears as a man dressed in black with a ragged black cloak and a black metallic skull mask. His abilities and origins are unknown.


Yokai Dan

The first general of the Empire of Ghosts to appear, Yokai Dan was a man dressed in samurai armor with a poncho over it, a mask that was half oni and half northwest Native American, and a wide brimmed cowboy hat. He used a broken katana and a gun full of spirit bullets in battle.

Originally simply named Dan, he worked for the Confederate army alongside Patrick as a wizard, with Dan's abilities tied to guns. However, Dan got ambitious and planned to take over the Confederacy himself. Betrayed by Patrick, Dan was magically sealed into his armor and mask, forcing a sort of immortality on him. He was then chained up and buried in a box under the earth. He lay there for 147 years until freed by the Empire of Ghosts.

Yokai Dan had a pathological hatred of everyone not American and espcially forigners. He targeted Matsumi out of the entire unit for her "mongrel blood" and had planned to kill everyone in Japan, starting with Tokyo. He was destroyed by Matsumi's Rune Reiryoku Tasumaki.

Fighter King Sugata

The second general to appear, Sugata appeared as a large muscular man, with pupiless eyes, a jewel in the middle of his forehead and wearing large pants with a judo belt around them. He used physical strength and natural chi to fight in battles.

His real name was Sanshiro Sugata, the famous judo fighter. Growing stronger by the year, Sugata learned how to stop his own aging using the power of the chi within him. He soon began to challenge other fighters to find a worthy opponent but soon grew disillusioned when he could not. He even went so far as to train other fighters to challenge opponents for his own amusement (one of whom killed Kanna Kirishima's father). Eventually he grew tired of this as well, when he was approached by the Black Skull to join his organization, which he gladly did.

Sugata's plan curtailed the destruction of everything that he belived stopped people from fulfilling their true potential. Beginning with the destruction of major dojos in japan, he soon rose to attacking the police and military with a plan to destroy The Diet and thus the law he felt held back the strong. He was, however, defeated by Hana Sagusa, who's Dojo and brother was one of the victims of his plan.

The Jester

The third general to make an appearance, The Jester was exactly as his name suggested, wearing a Jester outfit that was half blue and half red. His skin was completely white and his eyes followed the same color motif as his outfit.

The Jester was in fact




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  • Armors: the main grunts of the Empire, Armors are powered by the corpses of the dead.

- Yokai Dan's Armors: Black in color, these armors were equipt with large steam guns.

- Fighter King Sugata's Armors: Red in color, these armors used blades in their attacks.

- Fenrir's Armors: Red in color, these armors use both blades and guns in battle.

  • General Lee: A large walking tank, the Lee has large turrents on its back, a gattling gun for one hand and powerful leg springs that allow it to leap far distances. It was powered by the collective energies of several Confederate figures: J.E.B. Stuart, Jefferson Davis, Stonewall Jackson, and of course Robert E. Lee. After all the corpses were destroyed, its outer armor would fall off, revealing more gun turrets and Gatling guns.
  • Tetsuya Kempo: A large and bulky spirit armor, the Tetsuya Kempo was built for hand to hand combat. While manly built for close combat, it had the ability to both fire it's fists at it's enemy, as well as drop rolling explosives. When it's fists were destroyed, it would reveal large magnetized claws.
  • Garm Fenrir: A giant three headed steam powered armor in the shape of a wolf. The Garm Fenrir could attack with bites from the three heads and claw swipes from both front legs. When the two side heads were destroyed, the central head could fire a concentrated energy blast from it's mouth.


- The Jester's Koumas: Partially mechnized Koumas.

  • Zenbargo: A combination of giant Kouma and machinery, Zenbargo was controlled by The Jester through the process of merging with it. The creature had to ability to birth live Koumas from its back, fire black flame from its mouth and fire energy beams from cannons on its shoulders. Also fights using claws and its tail.

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