Elemental Crystals

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The elemental crystals are crystals that supply magic to the world. There is one for each element. The classifications are for the readers convenience. Each is protected by one of the Elemental Civilizations. The time crystal is held at the Time Castle.

Primary Elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth

Secondary Elements: Nature, Light, Dark, Ice

Other Elements: Time, Spirit, Shadow, Holy

Elemental Warriors

At some unspecified time, a door appeared in the lobby of the Hotel, and those who matched the appropriate element or alignment of the crystal would receive a message. Upon opening the door, they would be transported to a chamber where the crystal matching them would appear. A smaller, pocket-sized crystal would appear for them to claim.

Yet, what purpose do these crystals serve? Why have they selected their current wielders? Only time will tell.

Here are the claimed crystals and their chosen:

Fire-- Gemini Sunrise

Water-- Michiru Kaioh

Air-- Matsumi Kaze

Earth-- Sailor Amalthea

Nature-- Brandel Idendon

Light-- Cressida Sumire Xadium-Aino

Dark-- Lady Mimas

Ice-- Nima Tsewang

Time--Eitak Razal

Thunder-- Chiyoko Shinkaze

Spirit-- Claudia Remeiux

Shadow-- Nelius Raoul

Holy-- Eilean

The Plight

With all 13 awoken, the reason behind them being chosen was made clear--- the Elemental Crystals of 1337-A are dying out, potentially at the hand of malevolent forces. If they should ever die out completely, the attached element would also die out with it, bringing about the potential collapse of reality. Already, several worlds have been feeling the effects of the Crystals' drainage.

The 13 chosen are the new Warriors of the Dawn, charged with re-lighting the Crystals and eliminating the evil that seeks to control the Crystals for their own gain.

Known locations

Thanks to the efforts of many of the HOTEL populace, the locations of the crystals were discovered. Here is what's known:

The following four crystals can be located on Earth 1337-A.

Fire-- Mount Vesuvius

Water-- The Ocean Depths

Earth-- Deep underground

Ice-- Antarctica

The other crystals will need extraneous resources to find.

Air-- the Planet Saturn

Thunder-- the Planet Jupiter (more specifically, its Great Red Spot.)

Light-- The Heart of a Star

Dark-- The Depths of Space (mainly an unknown at this time. Nivek suggests seeking out Zennay for more precise information.)

Holy-- Celestia (The Angels' world)

Shadow-- Overlord Salome's Netherworld

Time-- Gallifrey

Nature-- Emerald Dream (Azaroth)

Spirit-- Soul Society