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Earth 1337-PGSM is one of the multiple variations on the planet Earth that exist in the omniverse and is part of the 1337 Multiverse system. Like the other alternate Earths of 1337, they are all connected in some way to The Hotel.


The planet Earth in this universe has a population of approximately six billion. The technology of this Earth is less advanced then that of the other 1337 Earths, lacking much of the alien influence found on other variations. As well, physics are less "dynamic" comparatively, resulting in far less superhuman displays.



Similer to Earth-1337, the solar system was once home to the Moon Kingdom of the silver millennium. Much like what occured across the multiverse, Beryl attacked the moon kingdom, under the thrall of Metellia. However, after killing Endymion in battle, Princess Serenity in a rage used her power to destroy both the Moon Kingdom as well as the Earth Kingdom, dying in the process along with the sailor senshi of that era. Under unknown circumstances, the guardians as well as the princess and Endymion were reborn on Earth...

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Act Zero

Christmas 2002, upcoming idol Minako Aino is enjoying the holiday when she encounters a small white plushie cat who falls from the sky. The cat, Artemis, gives Minako a magical cellphone known as a Teletia S, transforming her into Sailor V. Quickly dealing with a thief, Minako fully embraces her role as a Sailor Guardian. Soon the new hero finds herself facing down a gang of robbers lead by the magciain known as Cutie Kenko, successfully rescuing a group of girls trying to pose as companions of Sailor V in the process. At the same time, she discovers another mysterious tuxedo wearing thief and in the process awakens to her true memories as well as a new mission, one which will soon take her in new and dangerious directions...

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon

A year later, fourteen year old middle school Usagi Tsukino is suddenly surprised by a plushie cat which drops down from the sky. The toy cat, Luna, later introduces herself to the girl and after giving her a magical broach, helps her to transform into the Sailor Guardian known as Sailor Moon, just in time to save her best friend Naru from a monstrous youma who had possessed her friend's mother. In the process she also meets the mysterious masked thief known as Tuxedo Mask. Not long after, Usagi's fellow classmate, the girl genus named Ami Mizuno would also be awoken as the Guardian of Water, Sailor Mercury, joining her in her quest to try and find the Moon Princess. Rei Hino, a psychic Miko, is the next to awaken as Sailor Mars, however, unlike the other girls, she refuses at first to have anything to do with the other guardians, though she would soon change her mind. With the awakening of Makoto Kino as Sailor Jupiter, the guardians would find themselves facing off against the combined forces of the reawakened Beryl's generals, Jaedite, Nephrite and Zoicite. After several close calls, the girls are stunned to not only learn that Minako Aino, the famous idol, is Sailor V but also that she is in fact the Princess of the Moon, the guardian Sailor Venus, defeating Zoicite in the process.

Trying to process all this, Usagi and Mamoru, a friend of the man who runs the karaoke cafe that the girls use as an HQ, meet a mysterious young man named Shin, seemingly with no memories of his own. Trying to befriend him, only for him to reveal himself as Kunzite, the last of Beryl's generals. While his attempt to turn Usagi into a youma is a failure, he is ultimately able to kidnap Ami, corrupting her with his power and transforming her into Sailor Darkury. It would be during this time that Rei would learn that Minako was in fact suffering from a terminal illness, something which she asked her fellow guardian to hide from the others. However, not all is well for the enemies as well, as cracks begin to show in their teamwork as the spirit of Zoicite attempts to reach out to Mamoru in order to awaken his own memories, while Kunzite desires to destroy. Things ultimately come to a head when Kunzite tries to attack Sailor Moon directly, only for Tuxedo Mask to take the hit. In her pain and anguish, Sailor Moon awakens as Princess Serenity, the true Princess of the Moon, revealing Venus to mearly be a decoy, revealing as well the Silver Crystal, an object which both the Dark Kingdom as well as Tuxedo Mask had been seeking out. As a side effect of this, Luna is exposed to the power of the gem, transforming her into a human child, as well as given her the power of a Sailor Guardian, Sailor Luna. At the same time, however, Sailor Venus warns against allowing Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon to join together, as their love is a cursed one, having been responsible for the fall of the Moon and Earth Kingdoms. The Guardians are ultimatly able to free Ami from the power of Kunzite, restoring her to her previous state.

While these victories help to boister the Guardian's confidence, dark times soon lie ahead. Beryl, seeking to destroy her hated enemy, creates a shadow of herself named Mio Kuroki to act as a rival to Minako Aino, as well as to try and destroy Usagi's confidence by posing as her friend, while bad mouthing her behind her back. As Usagi and Mamoru grow closer, Minako becomes more deseprate to try and prevent the past from repeating, even going as far as teaming up with Zoicite to try and keep the two apart. However, it seems for naught, as it only serves to awaken Serenity's wrath, in the form of the powerful Princess Sailor Moon. Though Usagi, now frightened by the power that she had witnessed and anger she felt within her, tries to avoid using the power of the silver crystal to prevent the destruction of the Earth from happening again, she finds it becoming more and more difficult to do so, especially after Beryl infects Mamoru with a stone to drain his life if he tries to even bond with Usagi once again. Minako, meanwhile, finds her illness progressing and though she is able to regain her Guardian powers after losing them for a short time, she decides to attempt to undergo a surgery, in order to find a cure. Much to the distress of the rest of the Guardians, however, Minako passes away seemingly during the operation.

Eventually, events come to a head. Mamoru, having absorbed Metellia into himself in an effort to destroy the hated creature once in awhile, is attacked by Jadete, the only general still loyal to Beryl. However, in the process, rather then destroying the monster, the power awakens the creature, who takes over Mamoru in the process. Mio, meanwhile, kidnaps Usagi from her home, taking her to the Dark Kingdom, the surviving Guardians chasing after to rescue their friend. However, the shadow of Beryl does not get far before she is destroyed by Metellia-Endymonin. Forced into combat, Sailor Moon is forced to kill the corrupted Prince of the Earth, to her sorrow. Consumed by her negative emotions, Sailor Moon once again transfoms into Princess Sailor Moon, who proceeds to destroy the entire Earth, killing everyone in the process. However, the spirit of Prince Endymonion manages to reach out to Princess Serenity and through his love, is able to convince her to restore the world once more. This comes at a cost, allowing them to finally cross over, as well as depowering the guardians. With everyone once again alive (including Minako), the girls once again return to their ordinary lives.

Four years later, the girls have all gone their separate ways. Ami is studying medicine in America, Rei is training in Kyoto as a Miko, Makoto has become a floral arranger and Minako has won an award in England. Usagi and Mamoru prepare to get married when Mio returns, having taken the powers of Beryl and become Queen Mio. Using the power of the Legendary Sword, the girls are once again able to temporary regain their Sailor Guardian abilities to finally bring an end to the evil that had been plaguing their lives. With that, Usagi and Mamoru finally tie the knot, their future seemingly guaranteed to be a peaceful one...

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon New Story: Pretty Guardian Sailor Q

In the thirteen years since Usagi and Mamoru tied the knot, the streets of Tokyo have been serene and tranquil in their normalcy. Matsumi Shin is an ordinary fourteen year old girl going to Juuban Middle School. After heading home one day, Matsumi hears a voice calling out to her and goes to investigate. She finds a small, brown, plushie cat on a trash bin. Before she can pick it up, however, she is interrupted by a phone call from her friends. Hearing about a new drama being filmed several blocks over, Matsumi agrees to meet her friends there. However, while watching the filming, a mysterious monster appears and starts attacking the crowd. Large, dark crystals start to grow around the area/from the ground, causing a panic. Matsumi gets separated from her friends and in her frantic search to find them she is confronted/stopped by the Brown Plush Cat from before as it lands on her face. The cat introduces herself to Matsumi as Freya and gives her a special wristwatch; Matsumi is told that she is the Guardian if Air , Sailor Q. Helping her to transform, the new Sailor Guardian is able to defeat the monster, only to be told by a man with bright red hair on how she has not defeated them, much to her confusion. Matsumi at first uses her new Sailor Q powers for selfish purposes until she nearly loses one of her friends to a monster due her foolishness. Matsumi continues to encounter the red haired man, named Rubius, who seems to be trying to grow strange dark crystals across the city. During one fight, Rubius accidentally loses a necklace he was wearing, which Q picks up. Desperate to get it back, Rubius is able to kidnap on of Matsumi's friends, after accidentally witnessing Matsumi de-transform earlier. Having infected her friend Saki with dark crystals, he forces Q to hand over the necklace. However, Freya leaps at the necklace, knocking it from his hands as soon as Q gets Saki, with Q grabbing it. Rubius in a rage fights the young Guardian, but in the middle of the fight, Q's Guardian Watch is suddenly upgraded to the Guardian Watch-S, allowing her to use a new final attack against Rubius, forcing him to retreat. Meeting with his leader, he pleads for another chance, only for the shadowy figure to drop him from the top of a building to his death.

Not long after, a new teacher arrives at Matsumi's school, who apparently takes an interest in the girl specifically. However, she is unaware that the teacher is in fact working for the same shadowy leader who had killed Rubius. When another monster attacks, a masked woman demands the Guardian to return the necklace to her. However, she is soon saved by a masked young man, calling himself the Q knight. Not long after, Matsumi bumps into a young man named Hideki who she starts to gain a crush on. When Matsumi is forced to take a night course to make up for her bad grades, the girl becomes the target of another monster, only to be saved by a young woman, who takes her to safety. The young woman reveals herself to be named Luna Tsukino and transforms into a Sailor Guardian herself in front of the surprised girl! Warning against her teacher, Luna vanishes into the night, leaving behind a surpisenly scared Freya. After this, Matsumi becomes more paranoid about her teacher, imagining her every word as having something sinister behind it. After getting a message from Luna to meet her at what had been the Karaoke Crown building. Against Freya's warnings, Matsumi is lead to a secret door, only to discover a large abandoned base behind the door. Luna Tsukino then tells Matsumi the story behind the moon princess and her destruction of the moon kingdom as well as the events of the earlier Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon. She also admonishes Freya, revealing that Matsumi was not meant to be awoken and that Freya is not the adult she claimed to be. This proves to be too much for Matsumi, who gives back her watch and leaves the base. After another attack which Luna is able to handle, Matsumi gets a pep-talk from Hideki, which convinces her to try and take up the role once again. However, Emerald manages to kidnap Freya, forcing Matsumi to face her near Tokyo Tower. Bringing along the necklace she still had and meeting up with Luna, the two are engaged by one of Emerald's monsters but with the help of the mysterious Q-Knight is able to take it down. Reaching Emerald, the woman threatens Freya, forcing Matsumi to give up the necklace. Merging it with her own, Emerald transforms into a dragon like monster, proclaiming that she will finally put time on the right path. While the Guardians try to fight back, the monster itself seems to be too strong, forcing Sailor Luna to sacrifice her own power to finally defeat the creature, transforming her back to an ordinary civilian. With the last of her energies, however, she gives what little power she has over to Freya, as well as her moon stick to Matsumi, before leaving but with a final warning to Matsumi to beware.

Soon, a pair of mysterious brothers start to go after Matsumi, trying to get their hands on the moonstick. At the same time, Seijuro Saphyr, the head of Saphir Industries (which showed up in small mentions and cameos throughout the series) introduces a new electronic earpiece in the shape of black gem earrings, which start to get popular around her school. Throughout this time, Matsumi also starts to get closer to Hideki and both figure out the other's secret identity during battle against the brothers. The two are able to defeat one of the brothers, but the other manages to get away, swearing vengeance. As the day to Saphir Industries' big announcement draws near, Matsumi gets more concerned about the spread of the gems around the city, with even her friends at school starting to wear them. At the same time, Freya researches what is left over of Emerald's necklace and learns that it comes from the future! After learning this from Freya and finding out that the same people might be after the Moon Stick, Matsumi decides to give it to someone she can trust and meeting with Hideki, offers it to him, confessing her love to the young man. However, the other brother then interrupts and manages to take the two by surprise, stealing away both Hideki and the moon stick in the process.

Matsumi is despondent, blaming herself for Hideki's kidnapping and for losing the moonstick, but Freya manages to cheer her up and reveals that the Guardian Watch-S can find the location of the Moon Stick. Following it's readings, Matsumi finds herself taken to the Saphir Industries building, where at that moment, Seijuro Saphyr makes an announcement about his newest device which is guaranteed to change the future and after stating this, inserts the moonstick into a large pedestal, activating the black gem electronics, beginning to transform the populace into Droids. Sailor Q finds herself soon attacked by the building employees, now monsters themeslves, though she is able to break through them after sneaking past. Reaching the the central room of the HQ, she finds Seijuro Saphyr, who in a rant reveals the truth to Matsumi: He came to a future where the Moon Princess had created a utopia on the Earth, one which he and his fellow Black Moon Clan members found to be abhorent. However, before they could make good on their plans to conquer the Earth, history was suddenly changed, forcing a handful of Clan members to travel back in time to survive. Now they plan to try and recreate the future that they had lost, no matter what the cost. Sailor Q is horrified at the suffering they're causing and even more horrified to find Hideki tied to a pole.