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Earth 1337-80 is one of the multiple variations on the planet Earth that exist in the omniverse and is part of the 1337 Multiverse system. It is one of the four "Time" alts, each of which are unique in that they are anchored in specific time periods. Like the other alternate Earths of 1337, they are all connected in some way to The Hotel.


The planet Earth in this universe has a population of approximately 4.4 billion people. The technology level of this planet is about the equivalent of 1337 during the decade of the 1980s, though there are some heightened levels of robotics as well as a slight rise in artificial intelligent levels. The existence of extraterrestrials are more or less known but are seen as less of a phenomenal thing and more of a fact of life in some respects, at the very least in Japan. The governments of the world are still locked in a cold war, though there are hints on this lessening.



As expected, much of the past matches up with that of 1337, however, as the fall occurred and the court of the moon fell, Queen Serenity attempted to use the silver crystal to allow the princesses to be reborn. At the last most, however, a single Youma soldier, injured but not killed, shot a final attack towards the queen. While she was able to deflect the blast, her focus was interrupted, causing the spell to reverse itself. As a consequence, the power of the crystal caused the Queens and Kings of the planets to be reborn rather then those of their children.

Notable Events of the Present Day

- The Time Lord Dr Xadium (going by the nickname Doc X), lands on the planet Earth, apparently seeking out an enemy who had fled to the planet. However, as is later revealed, his time machine merely broke down and he got lost, forcing him to land on the planet for repairs. He sets himself up as a small time business owner in the city of Juuban, Tokyo.

- Middle School student Hikari Hoshiko is discovered by the moon cat Luna to be the reincarnation of Queen Serenity, as well as her friends being reincarnations of the Queens of the Inner Courts. However, due to their lack of senshi powers, they are unable to become Sailor Senshi, though they show unusual magical gifts none the less.

- Sean’s capsule is accidentally activated due to construction in the Juuban gym disrupting the delicate circuits. He almost immediately blunders into the girl’s locker room and is forced to flee on foot from the area. He meets up with Orion Felinus, his magical cat guide, who explains everything to him. Sean settles into living in a disused shed on the Middle School grounds for the time being.

- An attempt at creating the very first robotic restaurant wait staff results in an outbreak of malevolent androids known as “Boomers.” This results in the founding of the AD Police force, as well as the vigilante team known as the Knight Sabers.

- Solarchos, a member of the Imperium’s Red Shoulder battalion, flees from his unit after a devastating battle and makes his way to Earth for safety. He is pursued by several former members of his unit.

- David O`Cain, a soldier from the former Moon Kingdom Army, awakens in the United States and makes his way toward Japan. He is devastated to learn that his former lover, Masaki, was not reborn.

- Beryl awakens only to discover Metellia has wasted away in her absence. The woman takes a position at Juuban Middle School in an attempt to make Hikari and her friends utterly miserable, with little success.

- Tokyo’s wealthy are suddenly plagued by an outbreak of robberies performed by the notorious thief known as Cat’s Eye.

- Sean meets the reborn Outer Court Queens and befriends them. He moves into a tent in the back yard of the reborn queen of Saturn, Jenn.

- Micheal Dee, a random man kidnapped by the forces of Baden and then rescued by the 10 riders, opens up a small bar/cafe dedicated to the heroes to thank them for their help. He later becomes the resident expert on the heroes as well as a self proclaimed “Golgom detector.”

- Doc X, in an attempt to defeat an unknown foe who threatens Tokyo, develops a multi-layer plan. First, he steals the program of a prototype holographic pop idol, reprogramming her to act as an anchor for a new structure, then “borrows” a partially finished shopping mall in order to stop the enemy. The end result of all this ends in the creation of The Hotel, the reprogrammed idol acting as the location’s “Concierge,” nicknamed Chateaux.

- A complicated series of events leads to the reborn queens and many others to settle into The Hotel, much to Doc X’s chagrin.

- Intergalactic troubleshooters Dirty Pair/Lovely Angels show up in an attempt to serve an arrest request on Doc X (who swears he didn’t do it). They instead end up camping in the Hotel and not leaving.

- The Hotel takes part in the Oni-Fortune God wars. The whole event is cancelled due to the sheer chaos.

- The Hotel is devastated when a young boy named Son Goku arrives, searching for the Dragon Balls, and proceeds to eat the entire food contents of the building.

- The Hotel members are accidentally summoned to “Video Game Land” and forced to help some kid named Captain N to rescue some princess. Minori successfully steals N’s jacket before they leave.

- Due to a misunderstanding, The Hotel is raided by The A-Team, Airwolf, and forces from the Knight foundation at the same time. The alcohol bill that evening was insane.

- Minori accidentally crosses over into the universe of Earth 1337-A’s Hotel through a hiccup in the time space continuum.

- The Hotel takes part in the Pizza Party Singularity and creates universal peace for approximately 1 hour.

Notable Inhabitants

  • Doc X: a Time lord from the planet Gallifrey, he's now stuck on Earth (or at least he has given no reason to leave it).
  • Chateaux: a former holographic idol, given sentience by Doc X. Now acts as the host of the Hotel.
  • Hikari Hoshiko: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Serenity.
  • Miho Izumi: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Maia of Mercury.
  • Noriko Saito: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Nike of Mars.
  • Shinju ____ : Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Shinju of Jupiter.
  • Aiko Kanda: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Aphrodiate of Venus.
  • Akira Kazama: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Veruka of Uranus.
  • Tomoko Kawasaki: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Thetis of Neptune. Willfully does not belive in anything unusual in Tokyo.
  • Setsuna Meioh: a mysterious woman who hangs out with younger girls and everyone finds just a bit strange.
  • Minori Tatsumaki: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Minerva of Quinox.
  • Jenn Collins: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn Queen Jenn of Saturn. Hot headed with a talent for the violin.
  • Trenton Collins: Middle school student who is in fact the reborn noble of titan.
  • Solarchos: A disgraced member of the Imperial Red Shoulders, he now resides in Tokyo.
  • Adam Powell: A high school student who is a genius in astronomy and secretly Black Bison of Liveman
  • Aki Yubari: A high school student who is a genius in robotics and is secretly Green Rhino of Liveman.
  • Nene Romanova: a member of the ADP police and secretly a member of the Knight Sabers, high tech vigilantes.


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