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Earth 1337-60s is one of the multiple variations on the planet Earth that exist in the omniverse and is part of the 1337 Multiverse system. It is one of the four "Time" alts, each of which are unique in that they are anchored in specific time periods. Like the other alternate Earths of 1337, they are all connected in some way to The Hotel.


The planet Earth in this universe has a population of approximately 3 billion people. The technology level of this planet is about the equivalent of 1337 during the decade of the 1960s, with some slightly fantastic devlopments in robotics. Aliens are rumored and in Japan at least, there has been reported sightings but nothing definitive. The governments of the world are in the middle of a cold war. It is important to note that on this Earth, it is always the 1960s, so specific dates are fairly meaningless (ala much of the time it is the year 198X).

Notable Inhabitants

The Sailor Guardians

A Group of teenage girls who were bestowed with special brooches which allows them to transform using the power of the planets, they choose to defend Tokyo from evil.

Ikuko Getsuko/Sailor Moon

A determined and kind hearted girl, Ikuko was given the power of the Moon to transform into the magical girl Sailor Moon. Ikuko is horrible at anything involve housework, though she is hoping to learn how to be a good cook at the very least. Her kind heart means that she befriends people easy. She looks up to Orion as a father figure.

Saeko ____/Sailor Mercury

Risa ____/Sailor Mars

Hanako ______/Sailor Jupiter

Ai ______/Sailor Venus

Megan Bjorson/Sailor Quinox

The New Guardians

Arisa _____/Sailor Neptune

Asuka Yaku/Sailor Uranus