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These are extra notes for the purpose of additional information related to Quinox and Quinoxian topics for the Sub Sen timeline.

The Dark Time

14.9,000,000,000,000 BC – The final battle between the ten Disciples of Light and The Beast occurs on the very edge of the dying reality. Though their attempt to destroy the creature fails, they are able to use all their powers and abilities to seal the monster within a newly forming planet. The Disciples perish soon after but allow their essences (as well as that of a power-less friend of their’s) to pass into the next universe, in hopes of rebirth…

4.6,000,000,000 BC – Solar System is formed. During formation a one in a million occurrence causes debrie from passing spacial objects to crush and congeal, forming a “super earth” planet on the far ends of the system.

The Sailor War

100,000 BC - Beings known as The Six who Came First create the city of Quinox on the tenth planet of the Solar System. The group settles into a silent rulership over the humanoid life which begins to rapidly develop on the planet.

95,000 BC – Silas, a member of the Mysn Clan, finds his people slaughtered by maurading raiders. Silas decides to seek out the truth of why his people were killed from The Six. Along the way he meets a young girl on the run from her parents and both decide to seek out the mysterious city of Quinox

95,001 BC – Having crossed the great ocean, Silas finally meets The Six, who reveal the event to be pure chance. The leader of the marauders is killed by The Six while the girl, Illmater is revealed to be a child of the leader of the beings. The Six choose to transcend beyond reality, taking their city with them. Illmater and Silas become the first rulers of Quinox.

92,200 BC – Seeking to unite the entire planet of Quinox, Queen Isas undertakes an expedition to meet all the clans of the world. Descendents of the marauders who destroyed the Mysn clan lead others hoping to gain revenge on her family. The First Clan War is declared as a result.

92,203 BC – The First Clan War ends at the Battle of Osa’re. Quinox is united for the first time under a single ruler. The marauders’ descendents retreat into the shadows, the clan reappearing again and again to plague the planet.

20,166 BC – The leader of the Selano’s Neptunian Court receives a vision of a mysterious crystal hovering above an unknown world on the edge of the Solar System. The Neptunian Court calls a meeting of the newly developed outer colonies to head an expedition to investigate.

20, 167 BC – A Neptunian expedition arrives on Quinox. An incident occurs (no one is certain who attacked first) and Neptune and its allies declares war on the planet. The War of the Loadstone begins.

20,168 BC – Pluto abandons the other Outer colonies in favor of the Quinoxian side. A Saturian soldier is captured and becomes the first outsider to become exposed to Quinoxian culture.

20,169 BC – Saturn abandons the war, choosing instead to act as a mediator in the hopes of peace. Neptune and Uranus fight alone in the war but steadly lose ground to the forces of Quinox 20,170 BC – The War of the Loadstone ends with the signing of the Treaty of Miranda. Additional pacts are signed between all the outer colonies and Quinox.

20, 172 BC – Quinox officially joins the Selano kingdoms and colonies, becoming its tenth member. Quinox signs a special pact with the Kuiper colonies, honoring them as close allies.

15, 210 BC – Troubled by visions of a horrible future, Queen Moranna of Quinox shuts down all access to her planet, breaking off all diplomatic ties with the other planets as well as starting a systematic denial of all basic rights on her world, hoping to ferret the danger out. The Kuiper pact is permently severed.

15,212 BC – Queen Moranna is deposed by her daughter Selan with the backing of a popular revolt. Taking the throne, Selan attempts to reestablish ties to the other worlds. In the confusion, the Kupier pact is forgotten about.

The Silver Millennium

10,430 BC – The being known as Necros arrives at the edge of the solar system and attempts to feed on the energies of the planets there. The rulers of the Outer Worlds engage the creature in battle and use their combined powers to seal it away in pocket universe.

9, 443 BC – Quinoxian general Garmus-Hel attempts an uprising against the Quinoxian royal family, feeling their ties with the Moon Kingdom has left the planet weak. The revolt is quickly squashed and Hel is banished past the frontier of the solar system.

8,123 BC 2/3 – The Princess and Prince of Quinox are born.

8,119 BC 5/15 – Garmus-Hel returns from the edge of the solar system, having made a pact with an unknown power and displaying strange abilities, begins a take over of Quinox and planned take over of the outer worlds.

8,119 BC 6/2 – Garmus-Hel’s followers take control of Uranus and Neptune, while the rulers attempt a counter attack. The inner worlds are requested for assistance but security worries prevent them from intervening.

8,119 BC 6/25 – Garmus-Hel and followers are finally defeated. Garmus is sealed within a special constructed stone prison (shaped like a small asteroid) and launched beyond the solar system, in hopes he will never return again.

8, 105 BC 12/1 – During the early hours of morning, Quinox is suddenly engulfed by a wave of burning energy. Queen Minerva only has enough time to send her daughter and son, as well as the Knight of Quinox and her close companion Freya off in an escape vessal, bound for the Moon Kingdom. Outside these survivors, as well as a soldier off planet at the time, all Quinoxians are killed and the planet is rendered lifeless.

8,105 BC 12/2 – The Quinoxian escape pod reaches the moon. News of Quinox’s destruction begins to raise tensions between the worlds.