Doctor Xadium (1337-X)

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A former member of The Establishment's Shadow Cabinet, Xadium became stranded on Earth-1337-XB and fell in love with Vienna Ritz-Carlton, having a daughter and then a granddaughter with her, Cressida X.Carlton. When that universe's Hazel Ninegate destroyed that timeline, he escaped to Earth 1337-XD, where he tried to start a life again with Red Mage, having a daughter and granddaughter with her as well. But again, Hazel struck, destroying everything. Finally, he ended up on Earth 1337-X, alone and broken, only to find the affections of Jenny Summers, who struggles to master her own dark past. Obsessed with the notion Hazel is still alive, X struggles to live the life he has now versus the revenge he wants for all the family he's lost.