Dinsdale Investigations

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A team of Paranormal/Supernatural Investigators composed of the following:

Jack Dinsdale - Lead Investigator/Comic Relief fall guy

Harriet S. Weinberg, Esq. - Researcher/"Fixer" who can get anything needed (part-time)

Meioh Setsuna - Extremely bitter Receptionist

Former members

Noriko Marianna Xadium - Magic/Temporal Sciences advisor/healer (medic)

Sakura April Shinguuji - The Muscle/Advanced Science advisor (left for Torchwood)

Paisley Pythia Peinforte - Expert on Magic/Healing/Temporal Issues (left for Torchwood)

The Dinsdale Building

Jack, Paisely, Harriet and Sakura April lived in different suites on the middle floors of the building. The top floor was an observatory/occultarium, with the bottom floor being a standard office for recieving clients. The underground housed "The Vault," which is a massive room shielded from spacetime, where Jack keeps suspicious items and recovered artifacts from cases.

On June 6th, 2011, the building was destroyed by an unknown adversary.


Investigation 1: The Book of Spirits


Jack Dinsdale, looking to secure $5,000,000 in funding for his new investigation team, is hired by Michael Sunnyside to raid the great archives of Soul Society's Shinigami Research Institute, the objective being to uncover information pertaining to the manipulation of Spirit Particles.

After gaining the location of a Senkai Gate from Furu L. Amoros, Dinsdale and his team breached the security of Soul Society and found the requested information, which Sunnyside put to use in his Project: PHOENIX. While in Soul Society, Dinsdale was forced to face and come to terms with the spectre of the love who abandoned him, who appeared as a thirteen-armed Asura. Sakura April confronted the spectre of her creator, and, in defeating her, finally learned that she had a soul, and broke her programming. Noriko received a premonition of her own death, but did not reveal this to anyone.

Having secured the funds, Dinsdale began construction on the Dinsdale Building and formally started his business.

Investigation 2: In Deadly Dream


Contacted by a frightened young woman constantly besieged by nightmares, Harriet Weinberg referred her to Dinsdale, who discovered that every night, she was being drawn into another dimension populated by the Great Old Ones, wherein a mad scientist, Doctor Hugo Strange, who had learned to penetrate the Spiritus Mundi, or Collective unconciousness, was hoping to use their power in order to drive world leaders to war. The investigation crew was able to stop the scientist's plot, but he continues to lurk in the Dreamscape and the crew journeys there frequently to track him down.

Investigation 3: The Rat Pack


The crew is hired by The Stabateur to find Legendary Pokemon Mew Two ostensibly so that the members of Stabateur's organization can "make peace with it." Neither Jack nor Paisley believe this motive in the slightest, but seek the Pokemon anyway, hoping to stay one step ahead of the Organization's true plans...

Out of Business

Dinsdale Investigations was destroyed in June 2011, and most of its staff moved on to found Torchwood 7.

Jack Dinsdale, P.I.

After the destruction of the building, Dinsdale took some time off, finally getting back into the PI Business helping Potamos investigate the activities of Abstergo Industries. He now works out of a suite in The Hotel.

Investigation 4: The Bratty Barrister

Status: FAILED

On the trail of a stolen first Edition Black's law Dictionary, Jack tracked down "Justin Case", a Personal Injury Lawyer with a propensity for crime, but Case got away at the last moment.

Investigation 5: The Harmful Hippie

On the trail of the Maltese Hamster, Jack hunted down and caught Nosmo King, a Hippie whose mood rings caused gangrene on anyone who wore them due to their shoddy construction.

Investigation 6: The Livid Lawyer

After trying to steal Monet's "Water Lilies" from a traveling exhibition in Tokyo, Justin Case is finally tracked down by Dinsdale and imprisoned. Hw vows revenge.

Investigation 7: The Bellicose Belle

Jack apprehends the sultry "Professional Southerner" Betty "Auntie" Bellum after she stole a powered barrister's wig from the British Museum. She tried to seduce him, but his love for Potamos foiled her plans.