Diamond Dice Darkness

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Diamond Dice Darkness
Biographical information
Family The Fates

Fate of the Third Corder, Cheif Opperator of #ss3


3D, Atropos, Triple D

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none needed


absolute control over life and death in our corner of the universe


The Celestial Bureaucracy

First Appearance

Diamond Dice Darkness is a powerful force for fate, life, death, and die-slinging.


Head Fate of the third corner of the universe, Diamond Dice Darkness is a semi-benevolent goddess who is responsible for seeing to the proper determination of mortal existence. Her level of power is orders of magnitude beyond other deific figures in Suburban Senshi, making her the closest thing to supreme being of this universe, next to perhaps the validium miko known as rei.bot.

Dice seems to look at mortal creatures as a cynical shepherd might watch their flock, irritated and long burdened with the individual's and herd's behavior. That goes against her better knowledge, but also not without a certain affection. Dice is roughly as old as our own universe, her age dating roughly before the first mortal creatures to live and die passed within it, and is responsible for marking the life and death of all living creatures. Most of her notes are kept in a book usually kept in close proximity, and every so often she finds her way to other places to at least nominally relax. Lately, that place has been the Ten'ou House. This was a terrible idea on her house and her more recent visits have been more along the lines of damage control.

Dice is the only member of her cadre the four fates who can see without her sunglasses, a change likely propagated by a sexy girl-on-girl kiss with rei-bot. Dice is omnisexual and is liable to get it on with other deific entities that attract and or interest her.

Fate's Epitaph

Terrible things happened in the late season of 2006 and stretched into 2007. Mostly inasmuch as the boss--supervisor over the fates and over the fate-systems of many other universes--foresaw the coming of rei-bot and the wholesale damage that would come as a result of her battle with rei.bot. Rather than allow this catastrophe to occur, the boss triggered what was supposed to be the end of the universe, setting the four fates to kill all mortal life in their respective quarters.

Dice received and acted on this program as she was commanded and would have extinguished all life as we know it if it hadn't been for the intervention of Slots, her fellow fate. Dice and the other two fates were subdued and contained until the boss was defeated by an intrepid group of adventurers from Ten'ou House, her kill-switch undone.


Dice is now currently subordinate to none within the celestial bureaucracy; this does not seem to have affected her work ethic, thankfully, and the world is continuing to churn on its ordained path.