Delilha Gelus

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Delilah Inochi
Biographical information

Unknown Earth-like Planet


September 8, 2012


Euri (Mother), Matsumi Kaze (Mother), Hachi Hakinochi (half sister), Nobu (half brother), Silver (half sister), Miki Kaze (half sister), Eilean (half sister), Giselle Bellerose (half sister)




Ocean Eyes (childhood nickname), Delilah Gelus

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color



5'6 1/2


Ice manipulation, Air manipulation, Spirit energy manipulation





One of the 400 babies, Delilha was rocketed to another planet where she was found by a local villager. Raised and taught blacksmithing at a very early age, she was given the task of making a delivery for the first time at the age of 7-8. However, she fell into a nearby river during a storm, plunging through a portal into our world. Found by Matsumi and learning her true origin, she was taken to Euri, who while at first not pleased with the reality of the young girl (she felt she had been cheated out of raising one of her own flesh and blood) soon warmed up to her and treated her with the same love a mother has for any child.

The Week Between

Joining her sisters, Delilha moved with Euri out of Acadamy City, a place she had known for several years, joining her mother as they moved back Tokyo. She has also gotten more used to the modern world, though she has also clung to her past in her interest in horses and blacksmith work.

Journey to Power

Getting ready to sign up for middle school, Delilha has also made friends with Kaifuu Aoi, also known as Sailor Triton. Unknown to her, Kaifuu has other plans for the young girl, ones which will change her future forever. Eventually, after several adventures, Kaifuu chose Delilah to become her successor to the title and in a large ceremony, became a sailor senshi like her mothers. She currently is working to be a good leader to the other Neptune satellite senshi.


  • Like her sisters, Delilha has a fragment of a Sailor Crystal within her, which if fully charged can cause her to become a Sailor Senshi.
  • Of the three "Daughters of Q," Delilha is the youngest at 11-12 years old.
  • Has a love of horses and horse back riding.
  • Of her three siblings from Matsumi, Delilha is close to both Eilean and Giselle.
  • Refers to Euri as "Mama" and Matsumi as "Mother."
  • While mostly passive, Delilha has great skills using knives in a fight.
  • Delilha loves snickerdoodles.
  • Delilha has little hair bangs on the side of her head which move and change with her moods.
  • Due to the way the TARDIS translation circuits work, Delilha sounds like she has a Welsh accent.