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Delilah Inochi
Biographical information

Unknown Earth-like Planet

Birth September 8, 2012
Family Euri (Mother), Matsumi Kaze (Mother), Hachi Hakinochi (half sister), Nobu (half brother), Silver (half sister), Miki Kaze (half sister), Eilean (half sister), Giselle Bellerose (half sister), Caligo Shadowmoon (half brother)

Witch in Training


Ocean Eyes (childhood nickname), Delilah Gelus, Sailor Triton

Physical description




Hair color


Eye color





Ice manipulation, Air manipulation, Sand manipulation, Spirit energy manipulation, Magic

First Appearance





One of the 400 babies, Delilah was rocketed to another planet where she was found by a local villager. Raised and taught blacksmithing at a very early age, she was given the task of making a delivery for the first time at the age of 6. However, she fell into a nearby river during a storm, plunging through a portal into our world. Found by Matsumi and learning her true origin, she was taken to Euri, who while at first not pleased with the reality of the young girl (she felt she had been cheated out of raising one of her own flesh and blood) soon warmed up to her and treated her with the same love a mother has for any child.

Academy City


Wanting to keep her children safe, Euri chose to move both Hachi and Delilah to Academy City, a large scale self contained education facility which specialized in those with special abilities or "espers." While Hachi flourished in this environment, Delilah struggled badly, partially due to her apparent lack of powers. She only had two friends at this time: Jun, a girl who like her showed little potential in abilities and a young boy who while he did have a greater amount of power, still was kind to the two girls. Unknown to her, however, teachers at the school she attended began to notice strange occurrences around the girl and under the excuse of being extra lessons, performed several experiments on the child over the course of her time at the school. By the time she was 11, they had come to the conclusion that she had within her some unknown power and going to both Matsumi and Euri, asked for them to hand her over for further experiments, even to the point of it being suggested she be dissected, with a promise of monetary compensation to make up for their loss. Disgusted and horrified by the idea, Euri pulled Delilah immediately out of the school system and left Academy City with her, only choosing to allow Hachi to remain due to the girl's insistence and the realization she would be far safer at Academy City compared to her older sister.

The Week Between

Joining her sisters, Delilah moved with Euri out of Academy City, a place she had known for several years, joining her mother as they moved back Tokyo. She has also gotten more used to the modern world, though she has also clung to her past in her interest in horses and blacksmith work.

Journey to Power

Getting ready to sign up for middle school, Delilah has also made friends with Kaifuu Aoi, also known as Sailor Triton. Unknown to her, Kaifuu has other plans for the young girl, ones which will change her future forever. Eventually, after several adventures, Kaifuu chose Delilah to become her successor to the title and in a large ceremony, became a sailor senshi like her mothers. She currently is working to be a good leader to the other Neptune satellite senshi.

Sailor Senshi Squad

One day at High School, Delilah finds herself stalked by one of her classmates, something which leaves her extremely unnerved. Eventually, after the girl follows her home and being confronted by Delilah and her sister Hachi, the girl, Hikari Kato, reveals herself to be a newly awoken senshi, Sailor Sycorax, though she is accidently launched into the air following the encounter. Hikari continues to hound the older girl, asking for her to train her in how to be a sailor senshi. After a week or so, Delilah finally seems to lose the girl's attention, only for her to show up once more at The Hotel, this time telling Delilah about how she discovered another senshi at the school. Leading her to a small house, Delilah meets Kumiko Kasuga, a spooky girl obsessed with the occult and in actuality also Sailor Themisto. While the girl is far less outgoing than Hikari, Kumiko also wants to learn how to be a sailor senshi. While Delilah doesn't feel she's up to the task, she finally is worn down by Hikari's insistence and eventually opens a new club at school, allowing them to work together as a small team while at the same time getting to know each other better.


  • Cryokinisis: Due to the spirit power she inherited by both her parents, her "spirit energy" manifests itself naturally as the ability to manipulate ice. Though for the most part suppressed, this ability has a tendency to be unleashed in times of stress.
  • Sand Manipulation: Having taken on the mantle of Sailor Triton, Delilha has also gained the ability to control sand, which includes and not limited to: the ability to move sand at her whim, able to use sand as a transport system, change the density of sand to create rock hard barriers, create duplicates of herself and others out of sand, create illusions by bending light through sand and so on.
  • Psychometry: Delilha has a unique form of Psychometry, allowing her to read "patterns in the sand" aka the motion of previous individuals on sandy ground.
  • Underwater adaptation: one of her more obscure abilities she inherited as triton, Delilha can survive the ocean depths far longer any a normal person can, as well as swim faster than most.
  • Old Ones/Elder God Immunity: For some unknown reason, Delilah is almost completely immune to the mind breaking effects of being near the Old Ones/Elder Gods. The source of this immunity is still unclear.
  • Hand to Hand combat: Delilah has a limited degree of hand to hand combat training, allowing her to take on a low to medium experience fighter on single handily.
  • Magic: Delilah apparently possesses some form of raw magical energy within her. The source and capabilities of this energy are at this moment unknown.


  • Triton Horn: a Counch Shell like Horn, the Triton Horn can instantly call and summon any Neptunian Satellite Senshi in the immediate area. On rare occasions is can be used to fire the Triton Sonic Call, a devastating sonic blast.
  • Trident of Triton: a weapon of unknown origin, Delilah found the Trident within an underground grotto beneath the ocean. Originally with only two prongs, the weapon somehow regained it's third prong in battle against the Deep Ones. The Triton is near indestructible and can store sand within the red gem on it's staff. Delilha can use it to perform the finisher Triton Cutting Typhoon.


  • Like her sisters, Delilah has a fragment of a Sailor Crystal within her, which if fully charged can cause her to become a Sailor Senshi. This eventually came to pass, allowing her to become Sailor Triton.
  • Of the three "Daughters of Q," Delilah is the youngest at 18 years old.
  • Has a love of horses and horse back riding.
  • Of her three siblings from Matsumi, Delilah is close to both Eilean and Giselle.
  • Refers to Euri as "Mama" and Matsumi as "Mother."
  • While mostly passive, Delilah has great skills using knives in a fight.
  • Delilah loves snickerdoodles.
  • Delilah has little hair bangs on the side of her head which move and change with her moods.
  • Due to the way the TARDIS translation circuits work, Delilah sounds like she has a Welsh accent.
  • Has a talent for sculpture
  • Has trouble speaking her mind at times
  • At 6'2, Delilah is the tallest of Matsumi's children
  • Delilah is a fan of the lite novel series "Reborn in another World with a broom and as a part timer"
  • loves Jazz music
  • Will sometimes do the cooking for the family, having been taught by her parents
  • Delilah had an esper rating of 0 due to showing no visible powers when she was at Academy City.
  • Her favorite color is blue.
  • Has a cat familer named Hestia.