Daniel Kakaku

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Daniel Allan Kakaku
Biographical information


Birth November 26, 1994
Family Kakaku Family

Odd Jobs

Physical description




Hair color

Brunette, blonde sheen in bright light

Eye color






First Appearance

July, 2016

Is a member of the Kakaku family who recently moved to Japan along with his entire family.

Family Tree

  • Daniel Kakaku II
    • Daniel Kakaku I (Father, 1974-2005): Died in hospital by poisoning--caused by Diabets
      • Mary Lou Kakaku (Grandmother, b. 1952)
      • Ross Kakaku (Grandfather, b. 1944)
    • Soue Liang (Mother, 1979-2004): Died in explosion after crossing the Delaware River--caused by Diabets
      • Judith Liang, nee Lang (c. 1940s-1999): Died of natural causes.


For an adult, Daniel is a bit playful, can be a bit serious at times.


A typical 22 year old with brunette hair, although it shines slightly blonde under bright light.


A Father's Teammate's Revenge

Around the spring of 2004, Daniel's father had plans of chaperoning a school trip to Cold Spring Village, but had to pull out at the last minute to attend to some business. When the bus arrived at its destination, Daniel noticed his father's car in the parking lot and heard some fighting noises in the distance, and ran off from the group, prompting the teacher and other students to follow him. What they all found was more traumatic than they would believe.

Cloned by 70's Technology

Knowing that he would probably be tracking down Diabets a long time, Daniel elicited the help of some of his grandmother's contacts to construct a clone of himself. While the clone would have his memories up to the point of cloning, possibly due to the era in which the machine was built, some of the clone's natural inhibitions were "turned off" and thus needed some readjusting (especially when it comes to courting a girl). This clone also takes over for Daniel in the typical day-to-day life he has to live.

The Tournament and the outcome

Sometime before July ended, Diabets announced a tournament at Papaya Island, due to the Budokai for 2017 being cancelled called "The King of Fighters 2017" under the alias "Mr. D", the tournament took place on July 31st, beating out such favorites before spotting Diabets and coming into the Final Battle with the killer, The original and the clone were doing battle against Diabets, despite not having any formal training, despite the odds, they both triumphed and finally killed Diabets with a rarely seen move mentally passed down, known as the "Kakaku Fist", when Diabets finally passed, Daniel took a look and found a piece of paper on a cabinet, what was inside would take him on a long, twisted journey!

Surprise CEO of the Enemy Company!

Weapons & Tech


  • Flycycle: Ancient technology that is dated to be from 10,000 years ago, it is what it says on the tin, A flying vehicle that resembles a moped.


  • Bow and Arrows: Your standard bow and arrows, made of self regenerating wood and arrowheads.
    • Red Arrow: Arrows that engulf the target in flames. Has an orange tip.
    • Green Arrow: Grows a thorned vine trap from the point of penetration.
    • Yellow Arrow: Makes lightning fly out in all directions from the target before returning to shock the target.
    • Dark Blue Arrow: Makes the target explode and petrifies the remains.
    • Blue Arrow: Inundates the target with water. May cause showers.
    • Light Blue Arrow: Ice arrow which freezes the target.
    • Red and White Striped Arrow: Heals the target.
  • Sword and Shield

Newly Acquired Assets

  • Douglas-Stewart Corporation (given up to Crystallo)
  • Kung Feng Pharmaceuticals
  • Fi Xiao Toys
  • 5 bases in 3 countries
    • two in China
    • two in the U.S.
    • one in Japan
  • Launderer Network (Recently disbanded after getting it)
  • Research and Development group
  • International Network of minions