Daniel's Light! The Universe Alights!

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Episode Data

Daniel Kakaku and Creselian embrace each other
Original Episode
Name (Kanji/kana): ダニエルの光! 宇宙を照らす!
Name (Romaji): Danieru no Hikari! Uchuu wo Terasu!
Name (Translated): Daniel's Light! The Universe Alights!
Name (Ginga TV Dub):
Episode Number: 180
Director: Zenigame Aosuke
Writer: Zenigame Aosuke
Animation Director: Unknown
Air Date: February 6, 2014
Air Date (Ginga TV Dub):
Previous Episode: Chibi-Priceman Awakens! Final Battle for the Universe!
Next Episode: None
Hoenn Region English Dub Episode
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  • This is the last Episode involving the Wildwood Warriors/Pokémon Knights, Daniel Kakaku, and Creselian.
  • Like Some episodes of the Third Season, There are two versions of this episode.
    • Version 1 is 37 minutes long, and contains a 11-minute long Ending credits sequence, complete with clips from "Pocket Monsters", "Digimon Adventure, and Zero-Two" and all (Then) 6 Seasons of Twin Monsters. The Credits are set to full versions of "Mezase Pokémon Master", "Butter-Fly", and "Moonlight Densetsu", This version was Aired first, and is available on DVDs.
    • Version 2 is 24 minutes long, Containing a Truncated and Sped-Up Credits sequence, Only containing Clips from The first 6 seasons of Twin Monsters, They are set to TV Sizes of the Aforementioned songs in the same order, This version is aired in reruns and in all International Versions, This is considered to be the Edited Version as some scenes from Version 1 are not present.
  • Although the Truncated Credits were in the International Versions, The Songs were changed in the Following Dubs.
    • Chinese Dub, Moon Revenge (Which was Also Truncated)
    • German Dub, Original Music
    • West Johto Italian Dub, Prezione Illuzione (Pricing Illusion, Opening Song in the Italian Dub)
    • Sinnoh Korean Dub, Credits Replaced with the normal Credits Sequence.
  • The End scene shows Creselian's Last name to be "Kakaku". Some fans took this as an indication that Daniel and Creselian were siblings as well, however there were wedding bells in the background, so it's more likely (And more recently, Confirmed) that Creselian actually Married Daniel and took his last name.
    • For those of you wondering, Daniel and Creselian In-Box, are From After the scene before the credits, but Before the End Scene, This marriage could very well take place in the Suburban Senshi Box. This is no longer valid due to the reboot.