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The Danger Room.

The Danger Room is a training center for people to hone their powers and skills. It is in the basement/underground of The Hotel. It was created by Ryan based on the famous room used by the X-Men and using the same alien Shi'ar holographic technology he stole to create the ultimate battle simulator.

Specs and Models

The Danger Room contains four high-capacity Shi’ar computers that generate room-filling, 32-bit color images at 300 gigabytes per second, creating hard-light laser constructs of anything imaginable that are virtually indistinguishable from reality. Mobile laser cluster heads are moved over the Room’s surface to facilitate the placement of gravity lenses and associated effects, allowing for the creation of solid surfaces by means of accurate surface texture modeling laid on polygonal surfaces formed by overlapping a series of lenses.

Extensive modeling programs allow for a great variety of realistic environments, as well as atmospheric and dust effects, while realistic wind and exhaust effects are created using progressed waved tractor beams. Projected pinpoint gravity lenses allow simple laser beams to be redirected as other light sources, with acoustic engines providing accurate noise level and frequencies. Projectiles are composed of rapidly moving, tightly-focused pressor beams. The Room’s World View Model Library has digital models of over 50 million objects and their attributes, including weapons, vehicles, buildings, and aliens.


Many people around the Hotel use the room for various functions, but most notably for fighting practice and as a gym. Some people, like Miara, use it every day, while others use it more occasionally. It has also been extensively used for one month each year for the Astral Seminar which takes place once a year.

Known Programs

The Hotel denizens use many different programs, some of which are listed below. Programs with an asterisk cannot be used without access permission from the program controller.

Archery Trainer

A standard archery program with various skill and location settings.

Ballet Trainer

A program with both basic studio for warm-ups, bar work, classes, and practice, and also programs for the stage performances of several of the most famous ballets. There is also an alternate setting for a less structured contemporary dance studio.

Gym Trainer

This is the standard gym program with all standard gym equipment and supplies, space for various sessions, and weapons available.

Gymnastics Trainer

This is the standard gymnastics program with all standard gymnastics equipment and supplies for women's, men's, and rhythmic gymnastics.


This is a high-rise construction site style program used for training, similar to what can be seen in the Noir anime. This program was originally created by HK for use in Miara Mitsuki's training, and then developed further by Miara herself. There are a few different versions of this program saved for use at different skill levels by others, notably new Miara, Svetlana Vladimirovna Volkova, and Nima Tsewang. Each version is restricted to the user, and Uffago currently has control of the program as a whole.

It should be noted that this program has the ability to remove the safety settings.

Lupa Group Program

This program is a xcheamo-style field which moves into forest used for the Lupa group sessions on Tuesday and Thursday nights and Saturday mornings, as well as the seminar.

Magic Room

A large room for practicing various sorts of spells and magics, equipped with basic supplies for incantation-style spells and dummy targets.

Miara's Weapons Locker: Subprogram

Miara M. created this program resembling her real weapons collection, which can be called up in any other program as needed. It has a wide variety of weapons available. Although she's left the local time period, she transferred the program into Uffago's control for the use of others through the seminar, and it has since be set as a free program. Miara has also created her own version of this program.