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The acting troupe that performs regularly in the New Grand Imperial Theatre, also covertly known as the Rising Valkyrie Unit. In October 2011, the troupe known as Senka was officially founded, made up of more experienced theatre members.


Note: all information from the official Cosmos Revue guide 2011.

Matsumi Kaze

Head of the New Grand Imperial Theatre, Matsumi Kaze also joins the other actors on stage in various roles. When not acting, Matsumi teaches English and Literature at the prestigious Mugen Academy. Known for her strong acting ability, Matsumi excels in powerful charcter roles, bringing a gravitas to the stage. It is her firm belief in the role of the actor as the fulfiller of dreams and her goal to bring those dreams to life on the stage.

Age: 34
Blood type: O

  • Paul Bunyan - Pecos and Paul
  • Marley's Ghost - Scrooge
  • The Wanderer (Odin) - Great Hero Siegfried
  • The Mad Hatter - Alice in Wonderland
  • Kentaro, Interpol Agent - Lost Night in Thailand

Voice Range: Alto

Masaki O'Cain

Rough and hard, Masaki O'Cain shows a physicality unparelled on any stage in Japan. While often acting maily in supporting roles, Masaki puts new meaning to the phrase strong acting. Starting off in small roles, Masaki brought her agressive style to the role of Scrooge in the production of the same name. With a firey heart, Masaki O'Cain brings vitality and spirit to the Japanese drama scene.

Age: 34
Blood Type: B

  • Lumberjack/Cowboy - Pecos and Paul
  • Scrooge - Scrooge
  • Fafnir - Great Hero Siegfried
  • Chesire Cat - Alice in Wonderland
  • Thai Club Owner/Daisuke - Lost Night in Thailand
  • Devia/Sin-Jin -Sera-Myu: Sailor Q: An American Senshi

Voice Range: Alto

Hana Sagusa

Coming from the city of Zama, Hana pairs a firey heart with a remarkable singing voice. Though young, Hana has shown remarkable ability on the stage and a naturalistic but flowing acting style. While starting off with small roles, many see the girl as the break out star of the Cosmos Revue and are certain that soon she will take the lead in many a production of the Grand Imperial Theatre.

Age: 16
Blood Type: B

  • Babe the Blue Ox/Widowmaker The Horse - Pecos and Paul
  • Young Scrooge/Tiny Tim - Scrooge
  • Siegfried - Great Hero Siegfried
  • White Rabbit - Alice in Wonderland
  • Kiyoshi Tabata - Lost Night in Thailand
  • Natsumi/Sailor Q - Sera Myu - Sailor Q: An American Senshi

Voice Range: Soprano

Anni Esko

From the far north country of Finland, Anni comes to Japan to not only learn of the art of theatre from this country's schools, but to experience the art on stage. With a calm outlook on the arts, Anni seeks to unlock her own talents as an actress and writer, as well as share them with the audience.

Age: 16
Blood Type: A

  • Lumberjack/Cowboy - Pecos and Paul
  • Crachit - Scrooge
  • Mime - Great Hero Siegfried
  • Knight of Hearts - Alice in Wonderland
  • Dr. Meg Lansing - Lost Night in Thailand

Voice Range: Soprano

Kizoku Hakinochi

This girl from sendai, Kizoku, or Euri to her friends, infuses each role she creates with a sense of glamour and cheerfulness. While no stranger to the hardships of life, Kizoku is there to make sure the theatre is a place where dreams truly do come true and the troubles of the world can be left behind.

Age: 24
Blood Type: O

  • Slingfoot Sally - Pecos and Paul
  • Isabella/Mrs. Crachit - Scrooge
  • Brunnhilda - Great Hero Siegfried
  • Alice - Alice in Wonderland
  • Akira Gou - Lost Night in Thailand
  • Queen DarkSkull - Sera Myu - Sailor Q: An American Senshi

Voice Range:

Lara Sorenson

Newly arrived from Denmark, Lara joins the Cosmos Revue in their annual season of drama and comedy. Hailing from a noble family, Lara brings a shot of youth into the productions, with a promising start as a young actor.

Age: 10
Blood Type: B

Voice Range: Soprano


Note: Information from Special Senka Guide 2011 (sold during Fundraiser Revue)

Gemini Sunrise

With a large heart, Gemini Sunrise rises to the occasion in bringing joy to the stage. Named after her grandmother--famous American stage actress Gemini Sunrise--she works just as well off the stage as she does on, acting as the Grand Imperial's Head of Maintenance. No matter what sort of production it may be, Gemini is there to make sure the sun always rises on the grand stage!

Age: 27
Blood Type: O

  • Pecos Bill - Pecos and Paul
  • The Ghost of Christmas Past - Scrooge
  • The Wood Bird - Great Hero Siegfried
  • The Dormouse - Alice in Wonderland

Voice Range: Mezzosoprano

Sakura Shinguuji

Descended from the famous actress of the same name, Sakura Shinguuji carries on the work of her predessor on the stage. Combining the unique view of a country girl with the glamor of the theatre, Sakura shows that acting talent can truely be a family affair.

Age: 30
Blood Type: A

  • Erda - Great Hero Siegfried
  • Humpty Dumpty -Alice in Wonderland
  • Girl - East of the Sun, West of the Moon

Voice Range: Soprano

Erica Fontaine

Coming from the city of love itself, Paris, Erica splits her time as a nun with bringing the joy of theatre to the masses. This girl shines on the stage just as brightly as any angel from the heavens!

Age: 28
Blood Type: A

  • Mother/East Wind - East of the Sun, West of the Moon

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