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??? (appx 3250 yrs)


Strategic Analyst, Co-Ordinator


Co-Ordinator Kelliphan

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Time Lord



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Time travel, Temporal Kata, Correlative skill


Celestial Intervention Agency House Aracthahold

First Appearance

August 9, 2015


A Senior Strategic Analyst in the Celestial Intervention Agency, she was responsible for many great victories against the Daleks in the Time War, but fell out of favor after she failed to predict the fall of Arcadia. Laboring in obscurity under Cardinal Norom, she was placed in charge of the Pre-Cog division by The Actuary and then chosen to stand in as her substitute Co-Ordinator when the Actuary became gravely wounded in battle against DMX. She still blames herself for the loss of Arcadia and questions her suitability for the role of Co-Ordinator, and is resented by Dead-Eyes, who felt passed over by the selection. She is known as "The Spider" for her propensity to create multilayered traps for her foes.

Role in the Omniverse Incident

In an attempt to cancel out the dual threats of Simon Kerrick and The Renegade Actuary. Kelliphan made a tactical gamble--to build a copy of Actuary's Reality Drill and then strategically keep Gallifrey occupied with Actuary's diversions until both Simon and Actuary annihilated themselves. To that end, she rescued The Facilitator and kidnapped this universe's Actuary to make them build it.

Her plan was derailed when our universe's Actuary and The Facilitator escaped, but nonetheless she continued on with its construction.

Unfortunately for her, while Simon was bested, the AU Actuary was able to barely cling to life, and ultimately used the Reality Drill Kelliphan had commissioned to destroy Gallifrey and precipitate The Omniverse Incident.

After the damage to the universe had been restored, even though Kelliphan's miscalculation had doomed the universe, she was still awarded the Medal of Rassilon and made the permanent head of the Celestial Intervention Agency, because, as The Scalpel put it, "If no heroes can be found, it is always necessary to invent heroes."

While she is humbled by her miscalculation and defeat, Kelliphan strongly believes she chose the right course in trying to have the two end each other, as there was no way Gallifrey could get out of its treaty with Simon.

President Kelliphan

"You are the living embodiment of the Peter Principle" - The Actuary

After an incident of domestic terrorism that left the Supreme, High, and War Councils of Gallifrey dead or MIA as well as the President, Kelliphan declared herself Lady President due to the lines of succession. While most suspected her of either engineering the incident or allowing it to happen so she could gain the summit of Gallifreyan political power, in truth she was just the last person standing, and has been promoted far above her actual training or capacity, a fact which worries those closest to her, even if she claims to be fully prepared for what lies ahead.


Practical and efficient, she dislikes politics of all stripes and just prefers to get the job done, but as she has taken on the role of Co-Ordinator and later President, she has quickly learned to play "the game of Rassilon."