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Birth 2/6/986 (as TARDIS), 9/25/2011 (as the HOTEL), 1/15/2015 (as an avatar),

Interface Hologram


Chateaux Concierge

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Full interface with The HOTEL and connected systems



First Appearance

January 15, 2015

"A château is a “power house”, as Sir John Summerson dubbed the British and Irish “stately homes” that are the British Isles' architectural counterparts to French châteaux. It is the personal (and usually hereditary) badge of a family that, with some official rank, locally represents the royal authority; thus, the word château often refers to the dwelling of a member of either the French royalty or the nobility. Not implying anything about myself or my ultimate purpose there at all no sir..."

The Corporeal Hardlight Anthropomorphic TARDIS Emergency AUXiliary system created by The Intern to facilitate faster, more effective defense of the HOTEL, she is in fact, the personification of the same, giving a voice and body to the TARDIS that is the HOTEL's core.

Brief Biography

chateaux.jpg chatturn.gif

After the two-prong assault on Tokyo by the forces of Aoi Satan and Ashagar the Endbringer, The Intern decided it was time to seriously upgrade the HOTEL's defensive abilities, and so crafted a Hologram interface to give the previously passive HOTEL an active role in its own defense. As she exists in various timelines and universes at the same time, the Hologram interface is programmed to appear in a shape matching that universe's perimeters.

"Chateaux", as she was dubbed, is a one-stop interface to all HOTEL functions with her own will and volition.

A new 'Tude


After getting thoroughly, deeply, and satisfyingly hacked by the Man in Black, Chat is a much more willful and independent being who relishes her freedom, and while still a loyal friend, she's much less prone to hold her tongue or mollycoddle those around her. What other changes were made are unknown at this time.


She has a fully-developed persona, but finds herself constantly nauseated by what the HOTEL denizens get up to. she is fairly sarcastic and gets frustrated easily, at times to the point of derangement brought on by stress. She also appears to harbor homicidal tendencies towards the guests, but understanding that they are her wards, she transfers this murderous rage to any enemies that would interfere with them instead.


  • She can communicate with The HOTEL, Intern's TARDIS and the Magical Space Bus in parallel for rapid-response scenarios.
  • She can modify the interior architectural configuration of The HOTEL at will.
  • She can monitor all Comms going in and out of the HOTEL through HOTEL systems, and she can access all security cameras in the HOTEL. (it is worth nothing her information is only as good as what she gets from the sensors)
  • Her Hologram is hard light and can exit the HOTEL, with which she remains quantum-linked. Should the link fail her backup datastore would continue to function, but she would not be able to control HOTEL functions.
  • She can reshape her body into any other shape limited only by the power of the Light Bee that powers her Hard Light form. This makes her exceedingly dangerous in combat, as she can manipulate her particles at will, leading to confrontations ending up like this:


  • Her Light Bees can be easily recreated by HOTEL systems if they are damaged or destroyed, and only contain a temporary copy of her consciousness.
  • She can leverage the HOTEL's telepathic systems to be telepathic, as well as avail herself of its massive database.
  • she has a Time-Proof memory system, which means her memory and logs persist beyond all retcons and crises and rewrite events, but it has the drawback that she can't forget traumatic things, like "Seeing Elios give Chibiusa '12,000 horsepower'".

As a TARDIS, her timeline does extend into the past and future, but because of all the needs of her guests in the present, her attention is riveted there and thus she cannot leverage her physical knowledge of what happens in the most likely future.

Her Timeline also expands to alternate universes; each one that has a variant of the HOTEL with a variant of her is connected to her and on a subconscious level they are aware of each other and sometimes pass information from one version to the other. In a sense Chateaux is the extrusion onto our plane of a much more massive pan dimensional being.


The Many Faces of Chateaux

Character Guide



  • She introduces herself and works behind the reception desk as the HOTEL Concierge.
  • When asked about her role as a hero she describes herself as "logistical support".
  • Chateaux is the legal guardian and caretaker of Eliza McIntash, a teenaged ward who loves her dearly.