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The Insignia of the Celestial Intervention Agency

The Celestial Intervention Agency, or "CIA" is a secretive Time Lord organisation. Its motto — "the story changes, the ending stays the same" — is also its primary modus operandi. CIA operatives protect the web of time by ensuring, by whatever means, that the net result of history remains constant, even though the finer details that make up events might change. Because they often violated the Time Lords' non-interference policy, they operate in secret so as to give plausible deniability to the High Council.

Origins and Nature

The CIA were a group created as a covert arm of the High Council to safeguard the Time Lords' interests, originally drawn from a core group of Rassilon's guards. They functioned as spies and were so devious that it was often said that they "don't even know which side they're on." The CIA was originally formed to deal with minor issues that the Time Lords viewed as being beneath them, but they eventually grew to be a very powerful organization. The CIA is the most influential of the interventionist movement and believes that the Web of Time should be adjusted whenever it suits the needs of the Time Lords. Their moto is "They story changes, the ending remains the same." (ie you can do what ever you need to as long as recorded history remains the same). Their HQ is located in the Citadel Constraint Block and is sometimes refered to as Gallifrey Central.

They are pledged to uphold the Laws of Time and prevent alien aggression where the indigenous population (and the Web of Time) is threatened. They also protect lesser species from Time Active races. They also carefully monitor other species research into time travel and act to prevent unauthorized time travel.

The CIA is obsessed with titles and positions. Though the President is the nominal head the effective leader of the Agency is its current Co-Ordinator. Once they imprison someone not even the President can overturn the judgment.

Covert CIA Investigators lose all traditional rank and connections to their colleges when they join. CIA robes are simpler than other governmental robes and usually either gray or black. However their bio-data extract will never mentions that they are affiliated with the CIA. They appear to join until their final death day.

The TARDISes used by the CIA's Field Agents have enhanced Recall Circuits and remote self-destruct systems. To insure the existance of back up copies, top secret message sent from Gallifrey to agents are routed through the TARDIS closest to the receiver (they are of course encoded).

Agents are are equipped with detailed histories, complete wardrobes, false identification, documents of authority (including Psychic Paper), and curancy for various temporal nexus points. Many agents celebrate being able to eat various foods from the outside universe.

The CIA prefers conspiracy and manipulation to open confrontation. Their agents are trained in Smallest Effective Change Principles (i.e making changes that are extremely subtle in order to effect a much larger wide-scale change).

The CIA can delete entire planets without leaving Gallifrey and even have the ability to freeze time on Gallifrey.

It has also taken on the tasks of the Order of the Weal, an organization founded by President Morbius and based at House Ixion that was tasked to ensure Gallifreyan culture survived.


The CIA began to fear the number of temporally active races, so they began experimenting with various temporal technologies, including the TARDISes, in an attempt to move the minds of (newly created) TARDISes within the minds of aliens taken from over 50 planets. Time Lady Professor Klyst oversaw this experiment.

The First Great Time War

At some point in the lead-up to the War, some elements in the CIA became worried that they might be erased from history (or caught in the crossfire) between the Time Lords and the Enemy, and therefore created Mictlan, a world outside of time and the universe for themselves to hide within. However, they also needed to remove themselves from the universe of physicality, and therefore turned themselves into The Celestis.

The Last Great Time War

A CIA operative by the name of Lord Ferain was sent by Co-Ordinator Vaxilan to appear to the Fourth Doctor to send him on a mission to Skaro to avert the creation of the Daleks, an incident which would trigger the Last Great Time War.


  • Sentris was head of the CIA for a time before discovering how many people she had sent to the Oubliette of Eternity. Upon discovering the number, she threw herself into it.
  • Coordinator Harom was head of the CIA for an unknown period of time.
  • Coordinator Vansell was head of the CIA during Romana's presidency until he encountered the Neverpeople.
  • Coordinator Narvin took over as head of the CIA following Vansell's death aboard the time station.
  • Bulek was head of the CIA during the resurrection of Morbius.
  • Lord Vaxilan took over the CIA prior to the start of the Last Great Time War
  • The Actuary took over the CIA after defeating Vaxilan and imprisoning him in Shada.

Known CIA Personnel

CIA Agents Nizhaladax, The Intern, "Dead-Eyes" Xarctrixmenalazixaganonerat, and Hollichemizanthasom, enjoying some downtime outside of the Capitol.


  • Coordinator Kelliphan
  • Coordinator Actuary
  • Coordinator Romana
  • Coordinator Vaxilan
  • Coordinator Sentris
  • Coordinator Vansell
  • Coordinator Narvin
  • Director of Allegiance Ferain
  • The Voice of the Agency
  • Cardinal Norom
  • President Niroc
  • Councillor Sardon
  • Councillor Ortan
  • Councillor Ratisbon
  • Almoner Crest Yeux


  • The Intern
  • Dead-Eyes
  • Hollichemizanthasom
  • Young Time Lord
  • Nizhaladax
  • Doctor Xadium
  • Commander Torvald
  • Gandarotethetledrax
  • Cavisadoratrelundar
  • Glospin
  • Mortimus
  • Serena
  • Kurst
  • Levith
  • The Doctor

CIA Assets

  • The CIA developed psychic paper technology.
  • Space Station Zenobia
  • Space Station Omicron Theta (A Black hole research facility)
  • The Oubliette of Eternity - a device which was supposed to remove people from history, but instead made them Neverpeople.
  • A Vortex Ops unit which scans the Time Vortex for any anomalies.