Carnage Dimension

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Also known by some as the Land of Carnage, the Carnage Dimension is an alternate reality where extreme power is the order of the day.

Seriously, if you don't measure up quickly, you're gonna be corpse compost.

Wait, power?

Yeah, power. We're talking universe-shaking/destroying power here, and that might be a lowball estimate, not to mention the other obscenely high attributes of those who dwell here. The demons and other assorted denizens of the Carnage Dimension have been around for hundreds of billions of years, perhaps even longer.

What do they do all day? Train and shatter all kinds of limits, of course. Power, speed, technique--if you can think of it, they'll have found several ways to surpass it. It's not too much of a stretch to say that they've become god-tier or higher through sheer level grinding alone. Gotta admire their dedication.

Who'd go to such a crazy place, and WHY?!

Those with a truly vested interest in surpassing their limitations would feel right at home in these blood-soaked lands. Many Overlords dream of coming to this place, and fewer have made it here. Even the lowliest of Prinnies can become truly fearsome if they manage to survive in this place.

In fact, there are many, MANY Prinnies here that have lived quite a long life, training and becoming stronger. Assuming they don't turn their beaks up at you (at which point you should toss them about and make them explode, or kick their beaks in to show them who's boss), they'd be willing to part with some information, training tips, or items.

How do you even get there?

There are several methods of reaching the Carnage Dimension.

During the Veldime Incident, there was a map that lead one there, but it was divided into 16 pieces and divvied up among several Item World pirates, all of whom had their own quirks. This was the initial discovery of these legendary lands.

During the Evil Academy and Hades disputes, there lay a flip-sided world called the X-Dimension, not unlike the Dark World in Veldime. Those who showed promise by clearing these mirror worlds would be granted access via a special ship.

However, the most direct way to get there came about during the War with No Victor. It turns out that from time to time, the Carnage Dimension denizens like to slip into other universes, seeking out promising individuals. They could be like those who find the map or clear out the X-Dimension, or it could be someone of renown that the Carnage Denizens catch wind of.

However, these recruitment missives also double as a test for the world/universe they come to. If the defending forces don't measure up, their reality collapses on top of them.

No jokes here--they've casually ended entire realities because their opposition wasn't up to snuff. If you have to face a Carnage demon, much less an entire squadron of them, you absolutely need to bring your A-game: anything less and you will die. Then everything you love and cherish will join you on the other side.

What do I expect once I'm there?

As already mentioned, the Carnage Dimension people are crazy powerful. Not only are they incredibly strong, any equipment you manage to find there (usually found on the corpses of the slain) will be thousands of times stronger than their regular world counterparts--the Carnage Dimension even holds exclusive gear that you must search for. Have fun Item World diving!

It's also said that managing to defeat Carnage Denizens will, in addition to the power gained from training, allow you to obtain a portion of their strength. The stronger the denizen, the greater strength you can obtain. Generally speaking, the longer they've lived, the stronger they've become.

If you manage to play your cards correctly, you can escalate in all attributes very quickly--just be extremely careful whom you decide to challenge, as they will not tolerate delay tactics or escape attempts. Once you're in battle, you either win or die.

Those who have proven themselves worthy are often granted the prefix titles of [Carnage] or [Shura], denoting them as being high-ranked individuals. Generally it's a good idea to steer clear of them, unless you're very certain of your abilities.

Other information of Note

There was an individual whom claimed to be the Overlord of the Carnage Dimension, but he proved to merely be a grunt among the ranks. Nobody has ever seen whom the true Overlord of the Carnage Dimension is--if they did, they're either dead or too afraid to reveal the information. Of course, this is presuming one exists.

A recent rumor states that an even crazier power lurks deep somewhere within the Carnage Dimension, something that goes so far beyond breaking limitations that it's basically said to utterly eliminate the concept from the being(s) that unlock it. However, as to whether this is just a rumor or it has truth to it remains to be seen.