Carlos Icelean

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Carlos Icelean
Biographical information



October 12


Kevin Junia, Sean Collins (sworn brothers)


Commanding Officer of Mercury Squadron (Guardian Republic); Mercury Knight, Sailor Mercury's Senshi Knight


Captain Icelean, Mercury Knight, Lady Killer

Physical description

Human (Latino)



Hair color

Midnight Black (Currently bald though, except for facial hair)

Eye color

Midnight Black




Mercury Ice Axe, various Guardian Republic weapons


Can take down battleships with his one Starfighter alone... oh wait, that wasn't... I mean, has similar abilities as Sailor Mercury, except unlike the more defensive Ami, his ice attacks are more offensive orientated.


Coalition of the Guardian Republic (For the Honor), Senshi Knights

First Appearance

The Battle of USC in Los Angeles during the Red War.

Carlos Icelean is what many call a lady's man or lady killer (not literally). His suave and debonair nature and attitude help this immensely. Born in a large suburb outside of Los Angeles, he never suspected the country of his birth would fall victim to a major assault by Communist forces. He is the oldest of the three Oath Brothers where Kevin Junia is the middle, and with Sean Collins the youngest. He used to slick his impressive black hair back, but as he has gotten older, cut off the hair and grown out the facial hair.


Beginning's and the Red War Comes Home

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Joining the Coalition and Encouraging the new Sovereign

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Stripped of the Starship, Home in the Cockpit

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The Birth Wars

The "Birth Wars" is the nickname given to the four wars shortly after the conception of the Coalition of the Guardian Republic. These wars are the Glacien War, the Doominia Civil War, the War of Lava, and the Jordini-Kanorian War. These wars took place all within five years of each other. They would be the warmup that would lead into the Rolinian War.

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Chasing Firestar and the New Beginning

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Becoming Mercury Knight

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A Universe History

For the most part, Carlos Icelean's history remained similar to his main counterpart. However, without the events of Unholy Vows and Junia's Promise, things were going to be different this time around.

Of Tyrants and Love

While oath brother Kevin Junia was starting to find himself, and oath brother Sean Collins recuperated from his ordeal involving his starseed, he happened into the Hotel for a night of "chasing tail" (his words, not mine). Boy no one saw what would happen next when Carlos enchanted Purple DD Girl, and the two left for the night together. They hadn't been seen for over a week, when the two returned to the Hotel. Aliana made the discovery that Purple was pregnant with Carlos's child, a discovery that Purple and Carlos both seemed to confirm. No one knows if the baby is going to be male or female yet.